Brian Azzarello and Jim Lee on BATMAN: EUROPA

Coming in January, Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets, First Wave) writes a 4 issue mini series with co-writer Matteo Casali.  The story is described as Batman about to lose the big battle to a virus, an the only one who can help him is the Joker, who gave him the virus in the first place.  Then Batman teams up and searches Europe.

Yeah, yeah. All well and good, but why are people going to really show up? The interiors on the first issue are by none other than Jim Lee himself.  Subsequent issues will be drawn by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Diego Latorre, and the amazing Jock!

Check out the first cover by the co-publisher himself:

Check out the DC Source for more.


  1. Ah DC, you got me again with another mini that sounds awesome, and will be… oh soooo pretty. 

  2. i need that drawing!

  3. Despite both being awesome, Azzarello and Lee’s Superman story from a while back wasn’t that great. But I have high hopes for this!

  4. Sounds like a trade wait.

    Didn’t the Superman story they did together was a real bad comic? In terms of story I ment, obviously art wise it had to have been great.

  5. I’m actually not a huge fan of 4 different artists per mini.  It seems like it could get awfully moody and perhaps not all artists are good for the same story.  Maybe it’ll be meant to be that way, but I’ll definitely take issue one.  I love me some Lee.

  6. Azzarello yes! Jim Lee, no! Yet, I’ll get on board for this bad boy.

  7. Oh shit son, this just got real!

    *walks around throwing his arms up in the air behind Jim Lee*

  8. Azzarelos Joker OGN was good. Hopefully he implements some of that Joker into this mini.

  9. Could be good. Azzerelo has the ability to go off the deep end too though 


    What ever happened to DC first wave, by the way?

  10. This is how I like Batman, in beginning middle and end stories.

    This sounds like it’s out of continuity, which is even better. I’m not a fan of in-continuity Batman.

  11. must have.

  12. No offense to Jim Lee, if DC Comic claims he’s going to be drawing the first issue; i’ll believe it when I see it. Some of us are still waiting for some semblances of a conclusion to All Star Batman and Robin.

  13. Too…much…Batman.  I love Batman, but damn, with all these Return books and new series dropping in the next few months, I think I’ll be on Batman overload at that point.  If it gets tons of buzz, I’ll be there.

  14. @WilliamScurryJr – Jim Lee, yes!!! Brian Azzarello, no!!! I got burned too badly on that god awful Superman story he barfed up. I question anything he is attached to after that.

  15. Man… I hope that first issue don’t affect Lee’s commitment for Dark Knight: Boy wonder.

    Well, I think Dark Knight will start on April, so it should be fine.


    …I hope!.