BREAKING – “The War of the Supermen” Hits DC in May 2010

DC Comics's 2010 announcements roll on over at the DC Comics blog. Following on the heels of yesterday's "Earth One" tease, we've got more Superman news for you.

May 1, 2010 will see the release of War of the Superman #0, a Free Comic Book Day issue that will kick off the big Superman event in 2010. Here's the cover art by J.G. Jones:


War of the Supermen #0


According to Superman editor Matt Idelson, "War of the Supermen" will follow the pattern set forth by the most recent DC events and will stay contained, for the most part, to the Superman family of books. The event itself will be anchored by writer James Robinson and artist Eddy Barrows, who kicked serious ass in his brief stint on Action Comics and again on the Blackest Night: Superman mini-series.

If you're like me you're really excited (and also intrigued) by this news. The Superman family of books haven't been this strong, creatively, since the whole New Krypton saga began, in recent memory, perhaps even in my lifetime. Geoff Johns and James Robinson told us in interviews that they were creating a massive, years long Superman family story that was going to weave through all of the books before culminating in a big, capping event and it looks like "War of the Supermen" is that event.

It's also interesting to note that DC seems to be going in a very family-oriented direction with their major characters. And by that I don't mean that they are making their books family friendly, rather they seem to be building up a stable of like-minded and powered characters around their heroes. Batman has his family. Green Lantern has his corps. The Flash family is back. And now it looks like they are heading in a similar direction with Superman. I would not be surprised to see, once the dust has all settled, that Superman will find himself with a super powered family of his own.


  1. I probably won’t buy all the issues of this (too soon after Blackest Night and I’m already suffering from money-related panic attacks over that), but I’m certainly intrigued. I still think they need to de-age Chris Kent (Zod’s son) so that they can have a new Young Justice with Damian Wayne and the new Impulse.

  2. The thing that got me into Superman comics the first time was the Reign of the Supermen storyline. Could War of the Supermen get me back in again? It’s possible. I’m looking forward to hearing more about this as we approach it.

  3. MEH on the dreadful cover.

    Wait and see if this whole Superman vs the Daxamites thing pans out. Is it going to be New Krypton saves Earth from an invasion that heals the rift and gets Superman back on Earth.

    Is it tied into the Death of Lex Luthor hints that have been going around.


  4. Cool news!  I was wondering where the Superman books were heading after WONK wrapped up. Hopefully this pays off well. With a name like "War of the Supermen" it‘s bound to be crazy.

  5. Monday at DC: Hey guys, we’re going to try a brand new format, see if we can reach out into new markets and maybe even change the way that people approach comics.

    Tuesday at DC: Dont worry guys, still producing the same old shit.


    1/2 so far, little more hopeful about the rest of the reveals.

  6. This event sounds interesting, but I’m not particularly fond of the Superman supporting cast.  World of New Krypton has really dropped off (in my opinion) recently and that has decreased my excitement for all things Superman.  I hope Mr. Johns is able to inject a bit of excitement back into the story.

    It may just be me, but that cover looks odd.  The supermen look like they are made of plastic.  Some of them have rather odd proportions (even after taking into consideration perspective).  Particularly the one just to the right of Superman.

  7. I hope it’s good.

  8. I cant help thinking it has something to do with Nazis when I hear War of the Supermen. Reign of the Supermen is worse, but war of the supermen sounds like some kind of Nietzschean nightmare. 

  9. Wow a new event already? Well I’m not a huge superman fan so I’ll be giving this a miss. But it did intrigue me when I clicked on the article name.

  10. This sounds more interesting than most of DC and Marvel’s other events. Hopefully they don’t go crazy with the additional one-shots. I enjoy how self-contained the Superman books have been so far.

  11. I’ve been surprised by how much I’ve been enjoying the Superman books since New Krypton. I never cared about the character(s) before but now I eagerly anticipate each new superman book. While I don’t always find each one to be consitent in quality, I’m still reallye excited to read them every week. This storyline seems like the logical progression of the New Krypton story. I just really hope that once this story concludes, these Superman books can maintain the momentum they’ve carried for past year. Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Flash: it’s a good time to be a DC fan of the big guns. Now if only they can make Wonder Woman a hit…

  12. also: WONK is a horrible accronym

  13. one other thing i want to add: From the looks of it, DC is sticking to the "character event" approach rather than "universe wide events" Good on them, if you don’t read or care about superman, hopefully this won’t creep into your favorite books. lets hope they continue this approach

  14. This might intrigue me for a little while, but I have to see if I want to fully follow the whole story.  I’ve never been a big Superman fan, but I obviously understand his importance in DC lore and the way his books have kind of faltered as of late, this might be the push he needs to get his name back up there with Green Lantern and Batman.  My worry here is if we’ll care more about Superman’s family more than we care about Green Lantern’s or Flash’s.  The latter two have a more established history that got reinvigorated as of late. I’m not sure if DC has enough time to inject the same kind of boost here as these other titles.

  15. I like this. As long as Robinson (or Rucka or Gates or Johns) are still steering the Superman ship at that point, it has promise.

  16. I just can’t wait to see what Conner Kent’s role in all of this will be

  17. Conner will probably be twiddling his thumbs over in Adventure comics making lists and having teen angst. Maybe Krypto will lend a hand.

  18. the only thing i got out of this announcement is…finding out that superman survives the blackest night. 🙂

  19. This gives me the same feeling that Siege does. It sounds really exciting and could be an intriguing concept, but I’m forced nowadays to let the comics speak for themselves. I have been tricked into excitement far to many times, now I am forced to feign excitment at my comic book store when asked about the next big event. Would rather not about the book in retrospect, rather than in… futurespect?

  20. Called it! 😉 Cool beans. I like the "group event" idea. However, I’m really not sure I’ll be getting this. I’ve sort of lost interest in the overall Superman line. I’ll Probably stick with Supergirl and whatever book Kon-El shows up in. 

  21. Interesting but not earth shattering.  I’m still getting that queasy feeling the rollercoaster of "events" that never stops.  Sometimes I think titles/families of titles should just be allowed to breath a little.  And wasn’t the last Superman line crossover Codename: Patriot?  And wasn’t that a little, um, shall we say underwhelming?

  22. Dear DC (And Marvel–don’t think I’ve forgotten about you guys),

    You know what I would really love, and make me truly excited to read your books?  I would love it if I could follow a character or series without having to read 4 other books.  That would be swell.


    Kory – fan since ’93 (But I don’t know how much longer)

    P.S. Sorry ifanboy to get so negative, but I really am sick of these non-stop events and "non-event" status quos.

  23. I certainly here the whole "event-fatigue" argument, but I am still excited for this. The Superman books have been pretty good since the New Krypton stuff started so I’m suresly going to see the rest of this event through, and with the creators involved I have faith it will be pretty good. I am, however, tired of feeling like monthly books are simply there to tie-in with a current "event" or lead into the next "event" that is right around the corner.

    Oh well, still looking forward to this. If for no other reason than hoping it gets Superman back in his own book as the star, and in Action as well. Then I can drop Supergirl and not worry about Patriot, Nightwing or the lot of them. It’s been a good ride for the most part, but I’m ready to get things back to the way they were for the most part.

  24. So is WAR OF THE SUPERMEN going to be a miniseries or just a one-shot setting up another one of the Superbook crossovers that DC has been doing lately? I’m hoping for the latter. I already read all the Superbooks, so not having to buy another mini would be nice. Of course WONK (I agree with mikegraham6 regarding the suckiness of this acronym) is ending, so a new mini would just be replacing that. 

  25. But WONK is funny. LOL.

  26. Hmmm, with as uninterested as I’ve gotten in Superman lately (dropped Action and Superman for suckiness, only finishing WoNK because it’s so close to the end, and liked Supergirl, but dropped it because of all the crossovers) I might actually skip this one.

    Also, WoNK is a wonderful acronym. 

  27. Hmmm, even I don’t believe what I just said…

    Except the part about WoNK being the best acronym ever.  I’ll fight that to the grave. 

  28. that is one shitty cover

  29. D-O-P-E! DC looks to have a big 2010 for this guy.

  30. This is Great!  I have been using Superman: Secret Origin as a jumping on point in the DCU. (Blackest Night just seemed too BIG)  I’ve really been enjoying it and since Johns and Robinson are in on this years long plan together, maybe Ive found my DC "event".

  31. Oh, yes. This new epoch of Superman comics is fantastic. I am happy the potential of the character’s greatness is being meet by equally great creativity

  32. Did the Supermen have some kryptonite wasabi?

  33. J.G. Jones does some great covers. This is not one of them….

    I just hope this is the beginning of the end of this New Krypton business. I want to get away from this and enjoy the Superman titles again. No more focusing on boring Mon-El and Nightwing/Flamebird. Plus I can finally get on to reading Supergirl which has sounded amazing since Gates has taken over.

  34. THat cover suggests there will be a war…a war against constipation! Ughhh

  35. Seriuosly, why are you bitching about the cover? it’s one cover. what about the story?

  36. damn, I told myself I was done with Superman for awhile because of how boring WONK has become, but Robinson…Barrows…Kryptonians at war…damn, I gonna have to decide when I pick up the FCBD issue

  37. I agree that DC has reinvigorated  Superman  in a way that I would not have thought possible a few years ago. I’m forty, but was in college when John Byrne’s  re-vamp of Superman was underway in the late 80s and early 90s.

    I really enjoyed reading the Superman titles then, and am glad that he is having a resurgence of popularity.

    That being said, my concern about the current direction is this:  part of what made his re-boot successful after Crisis on Infinite Earths was the re-focusing of the fact that there was only one Kryptonian left in the universe. This fact, along with Superman’s unwavering moral compass, made him unique.

    While Geoff Johns and the rest of the current creative team are very skillful,  they will not always be writing Superman. Of course other creators will eventually take over, and with a multitude of Krptonians now present in the DCU,  I think it is a very real possibilty that what made Superman truly special will be forgotten.

  38. Damn… I’m really interested, but I have been disappointed w/ Robinson and don’t care for Barrows.

  39. Given that I’m trade-waiting on all the recent Superman stories I’ll probably be reading this around 2015.

  40. I’m not a big Superman fan so I don’t know if I’ll get into this event. I’ve been thinking about getting the trades for World of New Krypton to get me back in, so maybe.

  41. I’m really excited for this.  I hope that it ties together and caps the past year of Superman books without Superman.  I’m ready for big blue to come back.  Great promo art!

  42. Sounds badass if you ask me.

  43. This too is hilarious.

  44. Sounds good to me! Can’t wait!

  45. Sounds fun to me. Don’t see any place to complain. Good Superman books and you don’t have to read all of them (I stopped reading Superman starring Mon El months ago, hasn’t affected any of the enjoyment of the other books.)

  46. So did anyone else notice that Conner Kent (Superboy) wasn’t on the cover? 

    Could he die in Blackest Night? I know they just brought him back, but could it be to sacrifice himself again? 

  47. @supertrackmonkey: He hasn’t really been involved in the New Krypton storyline. He’s off doing his own thing.