BREAKING: Adrianne Palicki is Wonder Woman

Deadline is reporting that Friday Night Lights' Adrianne Palicki has been cast in David E. Kelley's Wonder Woman pilot for NBC.

You can check out my review of the pilot script here.


  1. On the same day I see her on YouTube in the John Woo-directed “Lost in Space” pilot for the WB that never got picked up?  Weird.  Will she be dying her hair?  She’s always been a blonde in everything I’ve seen.

    Come to think of it, wasn’t she also in the “Aquaman”/”Mercy Reef” pilot that never went anywhere? 

  2. Has anyone read the treatment? It sounds horrible.

  3. She’s 5’11”. Amazonian stock for sure! Cool! 

    Clear eyes! Full hearts!  

  4. @AquaPimp82  Yes.

  5. Ok, this is the first thing I like about this new Wonder Woman show.

  6. I am in

  7. If Coach Taylor shows up I will not complain.

  8. Ah great, she’s aesome on Friday night lights, so this is great news. 

  9. A shame that she’s not starring in the movie of Whedon’s script.

  10. Better luck to her in the superhero game than her co-star Tyler Kitsch.

  11. I hope she is getting Wonder implants.  She is no Lynda Carter.

  12. Watch the last season of FNL. Dark hair, and fine in the…chest…department. Besides it’s the Jim Lee outfit. I’m looking forward to seeing her in a leading role.

  13. Reading that treatment made me long for a return of the WB’s TARZAN.

  14. Cool, waiting for FNL to air on NBC (apparently it premieres in April a week after the dvd hits; okay). 

    If they Tom Welling to guest star as Superman, I’ll watch.  Clark only has eyes for Lois.  Diana goes home to eat ice cream and listen to Taylor Swift.  This shit will write itself.

  15. I love you Tyra.

    I also love you Riggins.

    What beautiful babies they would have.

    I think I’m off topic.

  16. Like the Superman choice, I have no idea who this actress is.

    I’ll wait to see actual footage before judging. 

  17. nice

  18. Great casting. Still getting over the FNL finale. Going to miss that show.

    Palicki was great on the show. And looked good as a brunette when she returned. After Cobie Smulders, who was just cast as Maria Hill, this is about as good of casting as you could get.

    Now if only we could do something about the crappy David E. Kelley element.

  19. So Tyra is Wonder Woman, Riggins was Gambit, and Jason Street was up for the role of Captain America. What’s next? Landry as Aquaman?

  20. Lyla Garrity is one of the new Charlie’s Angels.

  21. but the most important question… wonder pants or wonder-kini

  22. Good Actress. Decent idea of making WW a Lawyer/CEO (Whatever she is), but Bad script. I hope they get better writers, or the writers stop writing stereotypical characters.

  23. She was the original Supergirl on Smallville and was known to be a huge comic fan. Fun stuff

  24. @zefyr  According to the script she’ll be wearing something akin to the new costume.

  25. @conor – You mean pajamas?

  26. The more recent pics i see of her w/ dark hair, the more i can see it.

    I still like that this is her 3rd DC Comics role!  Definitely liked her as Kara back in Season # of Smallville… I will agree w/ an earlier comment… GET TOM WELLING ON AS A GUEST TO PLAY SUPERMAN!

    This show better be good, cuz when SMALLVILLE ends, i need a new show to watch for another 10 years!!!

  27. So long as she’s wearing pants….

  28. Try a google image search. Wa wa wee wa! This might work after all…

  29. My only exposure to her is from Robot Chicken and the Robot Chicken commentaries.  She seems like a fun, nice person.  Good luck to her.

  30. I want her in the classic NON Jim Lee look for WW.  Burn the jacket & bring the bustier & star covered panties on the new tv series.


  31. I never even read any Wonder Woman comics & I am interested in this. I might even start picking some up now, where should I start? Is JMS’ run alright? Or Gail Simone’s?

  32. mmmmmmmmm….Tyra

  33. @SpiderTitan  As weird as it sounds a great place to start would be the animated movie DC put out on DVD and Blu Ray last year. It was awesome and really great for those familiar or unfamiliar with the character.

  34. AND Coach Tyler is in the new film SUPER 8? I’m stoked to see some of the cats from FNL continuing their well deserved careers! For a dude who hates sports, I’m shocked at how much I love FNL.

    I just hope this show is good! We need a good comic show on the air

  35. Linda Carter should play her mother

  36. All the talk of if she looks good enough, or her chest being big enough. Who cares? I just want to know if her acting will fit the part and how it would come off. Didnt we learn anything from Megan Fox? Looks are great BUT doesnt make a movie great.

  37. @SpiderTitan  I would also try the Rucka run from the early 2000s. One of the best WW runs I have read.

  38. She is beautiful! Wow!

  39. @JohnHarris  Agreed. The Rucka run is the best. The Simone run was somewhat of a mess, actually.

  40. Seconded on Lynda Carter playing Hippolyta.  And get Julie Taylor to show up as Cassie.

    The word is: synergy.

  41. @RoiVampire Yeah I saw that & I was so impressed. As a Greek I felt that they nailed a lot of the Greek mythology.

    @JohnHarris Oh yeah I’ve heard of that run, I hope that there are trades available for it, I might just checki it out.