Blinged Out Batman: Awesome Comic Book Inspired Jewelry

Did you just look at your calender and go into panic mode realizing just how small the space between “now” and THAT day is? Are you feeling trapped in a bad dream with zero ideas what to bestow upon your special lady on THAT day? What if you’re not a comic book geek but your significant other is? WHAT ARE YOU TO DO?!

THAT day is obviously Valentine’s Day, and we have a little over a week before the commercialized holiday of love hits us. If you’re dating a comic book nerd, you have lots of options (check out the article I did last week about geeky V-day cards). Jewelry, flowers, and chocolate are typical Valentine’s gifts – but why not add your own little twist to it? If she opens up a jewelry box on the 14th to find a rhinestone encrusted bat symbol, it will probably be her best Valentine’s day ever.

I took the work out of looking for comic book jewelry out of it for you – now all you have to do is check out the list below! Aren’t I helpful?


 Noir Jewelry’s DC Comics Collection

Found here

Oh, that aforementioned blinged out Bat symbol ring can and IS a reality. Noir Jewelry has an awesome, AWESOME collection of high fashion jewelry they designed for DC Comics. As a fashion forward lady, I covet every piece from this collection with a sort of rabid fervor (and wish that more jewelry companies would partner up with comic book companies this way!) The jewelry is sophisticated enough that it can be worn every day (or every night!), but it still has a comic book geek edge. Yum.



Wonder Woman Cuffs

Found here

Wonder Woman is one fashionable lady, and her gold bullet deflecting cuffs are an ideal fashion accessory. These bracelets can be worn without being obviously “comic booky”, so the normal person (or someone who has been living under a rock) has no idea that the wearer is actually a badass Amazon.


Mockingbird and Hawkeye Pendant Necklace

Found here

A necklace featuring one of the most endearing comic book couples ever, this is definitely a statement piece. The pendant is pretty big, and the seller also has a bunch of other options to choose from in the same style (Superman, Wonder Woman, etc)


POW Hair Clip

Found here

A lot of people overlook hair accessories as jewelry, but headbands and hair clips are just as much of a statement piece as a ring or a pair of earrings. This adorable hair clip has the iconic comic text reading “POW!” on it, just in case the wearer really likes to head butt things.


I Love Comic Books Necklace

Found here

A simpler and sweeter statement does not exist: I love comic books. But rather than wearing that love on one’s sleeve, it can be worn around the neck for the world to see.


Ramona Flowers Ring

Found here

The wearer of this ring will truly be a sex Bob-omb!


Comic Book Bracelet

Found here

This bracelet is made out of upcycled comics pages, making it a unique and environmentally piece of jewelry.


Comic Bib Necklace

Found here

Bib necklaces are super trendy, and this necklace adds a geeky twist to it – like the above bracelet, it’s made out of upcycled comics! I’m lusting after this one, myself.


Superman Earrings

Found here

These earrings are truly SUPER, and come with the added bonus of not being susceptible to kryptonite. Awesome.


BAM! POW! Earrings

Found here

Statements hanging from earlobes are a surefire way to show comic book love.


Now go decorate your lucky lady (or yourself!) with awesome comic book jewelry!


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  1. Wear one superman earring backwards…BIZZARO.

  2. has many DC comics silver rings. I have bought several, including an Aquaman Justice League ring. Very cool.