Bergen Street Comics in last night’s BORED TO DEATH

All right thinking people (who have HBO) watch Bored To Death because it's one of the funniest shows on television. On last night's episode, Bergen Street Comics made its long awaited appearance, as Zach Galifianakis' Ray (an indie comic book creator who once drew X-Men) stopped by to pick up the money made from his self-published semi-autobiographical comic book, Super Ray.

Here are some screen caps:

Bergen Street Comics is not only my local comic store, but it was also the venue for out New York Comic Con party this year. It's a great shop and fits perfectly into Bored To Death's aesthetic which is not so much New York-centric as it is Brooklyn-centric. It really nails the little Brooklyn, and even more specially the little Park Slope, details.

Those of us who shop at Bergen Street and know the owners, Tom and Amy, knew that this episode was coming for a while. I was in the shop when the art direction team was taking photos of the store and I was there in the aftermath when they were assessing the damage the shoot did (which was, I believe, repaired by the production company.)

In reality Bergen Street Comics is a very progressive, forward thinking shop that caters in large part to the indie crowd and the graphic novel crowd (while not at all neglecting the super hero crowd), so what was interesting, and ultimately not at all surprising, about the show last night was that they portrayed the owner (in the glasses and the Captain America t-shirt) and the customer (in the elf ears) in that typical way the mainstream media often does: geeky, socially awkward outcasts. It was not surprising, but it was a bit strange for a show that gets the local details so right.

Regardless, congrats to Tom and Amy. If you're in New York City, you owe it to yourself to swing by Bergen Street Comics to check it out.


  1. This shop is on my "top 5 things I miss about not living in Park Slope anymore."

  2. Kate Micucci!

  3. It is a beautiful shop.  If only I had HBO…

  4. It’s really surreal to see Gilifranakis and Schwartzman standing there in the store I go to every week. Neat.

    Also, it looks like the production folks put up alternate signage on the windows, with bold fonts and colors, while Tom and Amy don’t normally have anything on the windows themselves — just a nice sign hangin out front. Interesting. I’ll definitely have to watch this episode at least, just to see if they did anythign else to change the place around…

  5. Man, that’s both awesome and so disappointing. It’s not like Jonathan Ames doesn’t work in the comic industry, and they kind of went for the cheap shot. Then again, without it, do they have anything in a scene like that?  Still…

    Anyway, good for Tom and Amy. I hope they got a good location fee.

  6. Oh wow, was this the first episode of the season?

  7. Nope, 4th I think?

  8. man i wish my shop was half the place that is… 

  9. It is, indeed, a fantastic shop.  And Tom and Amy are awesome.

  10. Slightly off-topic, but does anyone know when this show is gonna be on in the UK? I remember hearing about it ages ago and loving the idea.

  11. The one time i miss this show to watch Sunday Night Football….thank heavens for on demand!



  12. I just watched the scene.

    I hate to say it, but this is the kind of stuff that bugs me, and it’s exactly the sort of thing we’re trying to contradict all the time. 2 minutes in Bergen St. Comics, and you’d see the exact opposite of what is portrayed on that show.

    I get that people will tell me to lighten up, but its exactly this kind of joke, repeated over and over and over again that drills it into people’s heads that comics are still just for nerds.  Ugh.

  13. I was wondering if they had back issues in that store but it looks like it wasn’t just for the party that they weren’t there. Very interesting and unique 

  14. great looking shop! Could someone please explain to me the significance of the table though? Newly released trades? Sale items? Highly recommended from the staff? Or, just another way to display their wares?

  15. On that table: good stuff.

    New issues are on the racks, I believe.

  16. On the table: Very good stuff. Spent 15 mins there before the party, left with Parker and Starman. 

    Recently described this place as the "Apple Retail Store" of comics. Clean and select with very helpful staff and a great atmosphere. 

  17. Zack Galifianakis, Jason Schwartzman, AND Mike Myers? Well la de da to all you Bergen Street Comic costumers!!



    …..Seriously congrads to the store. 

  18. So which comic creator is Galifainakis’ character based on? Does anyone know? this is killing me 

  19. He’s loosely based on Dean Haspiel, who also does all the artwork for Zach’s character.

  20. hmm… ok 

  21. Not sure how it all came together in production, or if the two are good friends in real life, but Haspiel did illustrate Ames’ first graphic novel, The Alcoholic. I presume it was through that collaboration that Ames ended up developing the character for Bored to Death.

  22. hmm… ok

    I literally know nothing about Haspiel so i can’t comment on any similarity. 

  23. Not to get too off topic….then again it is about the show.

    But, is the show any good? I know it has a great cast but that never means great comedy. Plus it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of episode have been released. 

  24. I love the show. Every ep is good. Ames is really awesome and all characters are really cool, in the most manic way. Nice to see a comic store known to yous guys in there. Did I mention I love the show?

  25. @TheNextChampion: What do you mean by "it doesn’t sound like a whole lot of episodes have been released"? We are well into season two now.

  26. @conor: I just mean like, is it a case where 10-15 episodes are produced a season or one of those 5-6 per season?

    It just feels like this summer I just heard about the show debuting and now you’re telling me it’s in season two. 

  27. @TheNextChampion: It runs for 8 episode seasons. Season one premiered last November.

  28. @TNC: Sorry, season one premiered last September.

  29. @conor: Really? Wow….Where the hell has my year gone?

  30. And if I remember correctly it was mentioned on the iFanboy All media year end spectacular.

  31. Never been to New York City or Brooklyn, but its cool this is a real spot! 

    I love Bored to Death!  Especially the 2nd season so far..  I liked season 1 but didn’t particularly "need" to see it.  Season 2 has been solidly funny every episode!  Schwartzman, Galifinakis and Danson have great chemistry.  They also get alot of great guest stars too!  Anyone not watching should defintely check it out!

    PS. I agree with Josh and Conor about the portrayal of comicshop geeks, but while that store may not have them, we still exist.. 8)

  32. "what would a police duck say to a suicidal bear?"

    I’ve seen worse stereotypical portrayals of people who read comic books. Everything else about the scene looked normal to me. The shop pretty much looks like the shop (I live a block away), and a guy wearing a Captain America shirt is hardly flamboyant.

    Kate Miccuci in elfan ears was a bit much, but that offended me more on a comedic level than on one based on media stereotypes. And that shop is almost bulletproof from base portrayals just due to the fact it looks so great.

  33. Bored to Death episodes one and two bored me to goddamn death. This doesn’t help.