Ben McCool’s New Image Series: Memoir

Ben McCool's story is really a fascinating one in terms of rising to the ranks of professional comic book making. This is a guy I'd never heard of.  He pitched a book, cold, to Ben Templesmith, and they made Choker, which has not yet completed.  Yet in the meantime, due perhaps in no small part to the most marketable name since Rollie Fingers, as well as what must be a talent for both pitching and networking, McCool has become a fixture in the comics industry. He's got stuff coming out from the majors, and another creator owned book from Image on the way. It has a John Cassaday cover. I rest my case.

Check out Memoir, from Image Comics in January of 2011.  You might need to pre-order, depending on your shop, so if it sounds good, take action! 

How does McCool describe the book: "Memoir is a mysterious match up of Twin Peaks and the Twilight Zone, featuring a town devoid of memory, an eager journalist looking to exploit it, and a strange young girl watching over everything — a young girl who claims to be the daughter of God," and "There'll be plenty of twists and turns as the truth behind Lowesville's surreptitious past is revealed, and with Nikki Cook's exquisite art bringing it all to life, I think Memoir is a must-read mini-series for early 2011!"

It's a 6 issue mini-series, with art by Nikki Cook, and it'll be coming to you in oh so cool and slimming black and white.



  1. Image has had some very interesting new books come out as of late and have been doing a good job at releasing stuff digitally