Becky Cloonan Joining DeConnick & Rios on OSBORN

It looks like Marvel is getting clued in to an artist right under their noses.

Announced earlier on series editor Alejandro Arbona's Twitter account and later confirmed on artist's own Tumblr blog, Cloonan will join series arist Emma Rios to conclude this five-issue series. The series follows the jail time of Norman Osborn after the events of Siege, and the penultimate issue showed him just moments away from a successful escape from the super-secret penitentiary where he was held.

Although Cloonan has previously worked for Marvel on with the alt-themed Strange Tales and Nation X series, this would be the artist's first official foray into the standard Marvel U. Cloonan, like her Osborn colleagues DeConnick and Rios, is one of the top talents in super-hero comics without an exclusive agreement.

But hopefully not for too much longer.


  1. I like that Marvel is spending cash on so many up and coming artists.

  2. This mini has been one of my favorites of the year, and Cloonan only sweetens the deal! Awesome!

  3. The covers and logo of this series always gave me the wrong impression and I dismissed it for its 90’s vibe. Shame on me when I found out it was Emma Rios on the interiors, the art is simply amazing. Now Becky Cloonan. Excelent.