Battlestar Galactica – S04E16 – Someone To Watch Over Me

Tonight’s episode: Someone To Watch Over Me

Last week’s episode was peculiar. It was really good and featured a lot of great character stuff, but you’d have never guessed that they were nearing the end of the series. No sense of urgency whatsoever. Tonight, maybe Starbuck will find out about who she really is.

Only four episodes after this one??? Could it be that there is only one more month of Battlestar Galactica?? Aaah!

Speculation, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Where my toasters at?

  2. Uh-oh, I smell artistic episode!

  3. oh i saw boobies!!!!!

  4. Helo’s not the CAG anymore either!?

  5. @Paul right here

  6. dont whack it to much?

  7. damn everyone just seems down and beaten

  8. Man, talk about trying to get your fanbase hot and bothered. Start the show with Katee Sackhoff in the shower and then have her use the words "whack" and "wank."

  9. Great start!

  10. Also, I’m guessing we have a significant time jump here, right?

  11. i promise to not piss on you unless you ask

  12. @prax it seems like weeks or months have passed

  13. I hope that toothpaste is Daniel!

  14. Doc Cottle = greatness

  15. whats with the masturbation references in this episode.

  16. Right now I’m wearing my iFanboy member t-shirt.

    And nothing else.

  17. So, if Anders is a synthetic cylon in a coma, does that make him animal, vegetable, and mineral? 

  18. @bigyanks Apparently we know what the writer was doing when he penned the script.

  19. Oh God if everybody starts boxing one another I’m turning this off.

  20. @paulmontgomery Mineral.

  21. Hypothesis: The Piano player exists in Kara’s head and it’s Daniel.

  22. Does Helo secretly love Kara? 

  23. I predict there will be at least seven close ups of someone pouring alcohol.

  24. "But, Kara, what am I supposed to do with all your underwear?"


  26. Chief is sort of like that blind black white supremecist Dave Chapelle played in that sketch. 

    "Damn Toasters!  I hate Toasters!  Wait….what?"

  27. whoa they can do mental projections?

  28. @bigyanks I thinking the exact thing

  29. Speaking of Watchmen I just watched episodes 4-6 of the webcomic.

  30. I love this new mastercard commercial with the product mascots. Though, I feel bad for poor Mr. Clean. You’d think they would show him and the Brawny man cleaning dishes. 

  31. im convinced the piano dude is daniel and is in her head.

  32. Is that David Cook playing piano?

  33. Colonel Tigh: Eternal Pessimist.

  34. Can’t the Chief get some form of happiness? His teen-aged wife dies, his child isn’t his… let’s give him Boomer!

  35. Grace Park is one lovely lady.

  36. wow… this is either really depressing or really touching. And I can’t figure out which.

  37. It won’t be long until Apple puts out an iPhone that can do that projection thing.

  38. Getting a Lucy/Schroeder vibe. 

  39. So is one of the final five Starbuck’s father?

  40. Great as this episode has been so far… There’s a frackin’ month left! I still have so many questions!

  41. @prax im feeling the same way. also wtf is up with the 3 KFC commercials during each break.

  42. @horatio I don’t think so… unless it’s Anders. Or she’s the daughter of Ellen and Sual which would be so weird.

  43. The Chief has had a fake kid… maybe Starbuck is his real one.

  44. For I second I thought I heard the opening notes of "Welcome to the Black Parade." 

  45. Oh, i get it. *She’s* Count Iblis!

  46. Ha!  So did I!  They even had Lukas Haas cameo as Starbuck’s burned corpse!

  47. @horatio Well played, sir.

    Also, apparently Roslin doesn’t have terminal cancer… she has terminal frigid bitch. 

  48. oh the old switcharooo

  49. "your just like my father" confirmation.

  50. So is Starbuck a Cylon and she’s projecting her father?

  51. Haha. The Chief has had enough of getting the short end of the stick.

  52. I think she’s a Cylon-Human Hybrid and she’s imagining her father like Head 6.

    Maybe Baltar is Tory and Tyrol’s son?  

  53. great more father-daughter incest.

  54. I really wish Dirk Benedict were here.

  55. chief is going to be regeting his decision soon

  56. Oh man… Boomer vs. Athena! Helo, get your ass in here!

  57. No, you don’t.  Dirk Benedict is an asshole and has some very lame opinions about this series. 

  58. Oh!  So Starbuck’s father was the "sensitive cylon" that was scrapped.  Good call Prax.

  59. @Paul I’m aware. But I’ve been re-watching Classic BSG lately.

    @Horatio Yeah, I think that’s the only logical out for how Kara came back. Other, than you know, her being Cylon-Jesus. 

  60. Chief:  "I immediately regret this decision!"

  61. Cylon Jesus.  I’d wear that t-shirt.

    @P money aka Paul aka Pizzle  I just read Benedict’s thoughts on hte new BG on wiki.  Wow.

  62. oh thats messed up

  63. thats some "single white female" type of shit right there.

  64. It’s the sheet music to "All Along the Watchtower!"

  65. bad boomer!

  66. Oh no, oh no, oh no!

  67. Oh I’m frakkin’ good!

  68. Whats in the box!!! Whats in the box!!

  69. Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn

  70. "damn what you got in there a  body?"

  71. @piscespaul I’m pretty sure that was Hera in the box.

  72. mind = blown

  73. DAMN!

  74. @prax – i figured – I was quoting Seven

  75. WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. so starbuck is cylon, or part cylon????

  77. I have to tell you, as corny as I thought the "All Along the Watchtower" thing was. That scene with piano gave me chills.

  78. Boomer needs a goatee.

  79. @horatio lol.

  80. Boomer you EVIL B****!

  81. well crap

  82. damn this was a slow episode that realllly picked up the last half

  83. Holy crap!

  84. oh noes the cancer is kicking in again.

  85. As if enough bad crap hasn’t happened to Chief. 

  86. Nice one Chief. 

  87. Oh shit! Boomer played Chief’s unconscious as well!

  88. He looked in the closet and she took his golf clubs too.

  89. Oh boy… I think Next week is going to be the "go for broke" episode.

    It’s been fun folks. See you in Seven.
  90. was the title screen for next on Galactica always showns as cracked and broken? or did i just notice that?

  91. I think that’s been on there since the Mutiny, actually.