Battlestar Galactica – S04E16 – Islanded in a Stream of Stars

Tonight’s episode: Islanded in a Stream of Stars

It seems as if Galactica herself is coming apart at the seems. How incredibly poetic. I still say the final episode should have the ship just casually break apart. No big build-up, no swelling music — the ship just snaps in half and everyone dies. That would be a ballsy way to go out.

There are only three weeks left!!! Eeeeee!

Speculation, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. No the ship should snap as their indian verson of all along the watchtower plays. 

  2. Just got back from Watchmen. Totally amped for this episode.

  3. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:


  4. so the queston tonight should be who uses all along the watchtower better galactica or watchmen?

  5. I said on twitter earlier today, it was a "Two for One" day. I could get excited about two things using only one song!

  6. starting

  7. poor ship

  8. My Spider-Sense says the Opera House is all over this episode.

  9. they have a home?

  10. Wow… Lee’s acting got really bad right now.

  11. All hail the power of Dylan he has to be the one true god of this show,

  12. Maybe playing the "Hurricane" will shut off the Cylons?

  13. crap hull breach

  14. wait don’t tell me we’re the only two on here tonight?

  15. Apparently BSG is brought to you by the one "Parts Expert" in all off AutoZone.

  16. Wow, that’s a lot of casualties to Watchmen.

  17. not again with the foot long song

  18. I always feel dirty watching that commercial. Especially when the one girl pops up infront of the guy saying "Any foot long."

  19. Well shit it turns out size does matter.

  20. they all should have seen it at midnight like i did.  I can’t see the base ship as leader of the fleat


  21. mean human reps

  22. If only we could splice together scenes of naked Dr. Manhattan and that commercial.

    Oh, the cool Captain from the Tribunal. 

  23. BSG, I love you, but  "you got some ‘splainin’ to do." Can’t we just have someone go "Starbuck’s a Cylon, let’s move on we’ve got less than 4 hours of show left."

  24. Ha!  The accent will only get you so far Gaius!

  25. Oh no… the song’s spreading!

  26. I really don’t remember Boomer being psychopathic.

  27. OMG Boomer you are a T@@$!

  28. Well, we know the ship has to "sink" now. They’re out of booze!

  29. Oh man…. I didn’t need to see this.

  30. Fracking conection keeps going down on me but poor sanders

  31. Me thinks the KFC ads are getting to you Yamiangie, I believe you mean Anders. 😉

  32. Come on, let’s pick up the pace here!

  33. no I just don’t pay attention to him much

  34. frack what the heck he’s gone hybrid

  35. I know, I just couldn’t pass up a joke at KFC’s expense because of your fortunate Typo. :-p

  36. I did think his name was sanders

  37. ok im caught up to the live feed now.

  38. well come non watchmener

  39. ah shes sparking up.

  40. has that book ways been some sort of detective story?

  41. Wow… A Baltar we haven’t seen in 3 years.

  42. for a minute i though they were cooking heroine.

  43. Chief take a sick day or something?  Also, don’t we have a couple of worried parents that we should check in on?

  44. not good dear elisa there’s a hole in the bucket I’ve heard something like that before

  45. You know… if Kara asked, Adama would have done it in an instant. But Helo asks and he gets turned down.

  46. please don’t talk baltar

  47. Starbuck…slaps??

  48. I really want Lee to meet a terrible, painful, unloved end.

  49. god again with the igames and bou brother was complaining about Watchem ads on MTV2

  50. Whoa… Classic Raiders!

  51. boy friend just called that thing that clyon death star. Al

  52. classic darm I was typeing and not watching

  53. Adama Pollack?

  54. what did wall ever do to him?

  55. Jeez not another Adama breadown…

  56. que  watchtower again. you know they are going to do it. or jump

  57. Umm… did we have to use the Titanic music?

  58. Wow… I’m actually a little pissed off by this episode.

  59. Ha!  Adama pollack.  good one.

    I wonder where Anders is going to jump them?

  60. I hate that stupid movie and song

  61. So are they gonna use Galactica to throw a wicked big kegger and charge five bucks a head to raise funds for a new battlestar?

  62. is it bad i want them all to die?

  63. @yamiangie

    No it’s not wrong.  I think it’s the best way to end it honestly.  Or at least  its the only ending that I can think of that would not feel force.

  64. FANTASTIC episode.  These past view episode have been dripping with great character stuff.  I’m going to miss this show so much.

  65. @conor While I truly, truly enjoyed the character moments, I was frustrated by the fact that… virtually nothing happened. I realize this has been a "thing" with the show for a while, but there’s a certain point where with only X hours left in a show, you should start preping to explain things. I’m not asking for a neat little bow. But this seeming "misdirection" of what Kara truly is, the drawn out "Boomer has feelings other than KILL KILL KILL" could have been told, just as well, in a shorter form. Hell, they should’ve done something meaningful with Razor and Face of the Enemy…

    ::Sighs.:: Sorry, that’s ranty. But it’s how I feel about this episode. So good… and yet, do very disappointing. 

  66. This show has always been about character and that appears to be how it is going out.  This season has been about the figurative breakdown of the society within the fleet and the literal breakdown of Galactica.

  67. Yeh, this show went completely off the rails.  I’d never thought I’d say… thank god there are only a few more episodes left of this trainwreck.

  68. Dont forget that after the last episode they are wrapping the whole series up with a movie so they have time to explain things.

  69. @English: I wouldn’t count on the movies until they are actually filmed.  DEADWOOD was supposed to have three movies on HBO to wrap the story up and not a one ever happened.  I’m not going to go into the final episode expecting there to ever be more BSG,