Battlestar Galactica – S04E15 – No Exit

Tonight’s episode: No Exit

The Final Cylon is back and I bet she’s piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiissed. Wouldn’t you be if your husband, who was secretly also a Cylon, murdered you for being a Cylon collaborator? See? You’d be pissed too.

It’s funny, the mutiny action has been so intense for the last few episodes that I totally forgot that that there was another Cylon and that whole aspect of the story hadn’t been dealt with yet. That is how crazy the last few weeks of Battlestar Galactica have been!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. From what I saw of her work with Cavil, Ellen is quite good with twists.  I hope she does the same for this episode.

  2. Ellen being the final cylon seems like an odd choice. Can’t wait to see what they do with it.

  3. I dunno Ellen makes an odd bit of sense to me.  I mean we’ve been told that the Cylons have a plan and Ellen sure as hell had nothing but plans.  I will say that it was helle disappointing (I was rooting for Gaeta as the final).

  4. This looks to be my first "live" BSG Friday.  I have always DVRed and caught the IFanboy transcripts Saturday.  2 minutes to go…

  5. When did Scott Stapp get a sci-fi channel series?

  6. tigh + new caprica = grizzled

  7. That’s generally how I wake up after one of the iFanboy/Isotope parties at Wonder Con.

  8. No……. Frakkin’….. Way…..  This is boss.

  9. I really hope that Doc Cottle is smoking during surgery.  That would rule.

  10. @conor – That would be Mad Men

  11. @conor – indeed

  12. Look who gives a shit about Sam again.

  13. In… her father’s image… ick!

  14. I want to replay Sam’s ramblings for clues

  15. Ick ick ick

  16. He’s Chief again…YES!!!!

  17. Wow.  I love where this show has gone.  I want another season.


  18. I believe he has turned into Starman from JUSTICE SOCIETY.

  19. Wait, this isn’t Wednesday.

  20. @Conor – "One more thing, Kara.  A sloppy joe."

  21. I missed last week’s episode and just watched it on Hulu.  I’m still reeling from Tom and Felix…

    Ellen Tigh…I’d hit that.

  22. @ultimatehoratio…me, not so much.  A bit too aged.

  23. Well, I’m 37.  Not much of a stretch for me.

  24. She was such a B!+ch in ‘Pretty In Pink"!

  25. fair enough

  26. So she’s the creator of the other cylons?  Or the five are the creators of the others?  I can’t remember.

  27. I’m not sure we’re supposed to know yet.

  28. She created him.  He created them….. Wait, what?

  29. Heh.  The Swirl.

  30. It sounds like she created the other cylons.

  31. "What, like roommates?" made me laugh.

  32. everybody shut up and give him a legal pad so he can write this shit down!

  33. Good thing the bullets didn’t mess up those swank ass chairs.

  34. It sounds like Lee is redrawing the district lines!

  35. It’d be funny if she put her glasses on his face.  

  36. God I’m going to miss this show.

  37. @Sam: The quorum can be replaced – but swanky chairs are hard to come by!

  38. I miss those goofy recliner chairs they used to have.  

  39. It would be really funny if the show ended with the shops just cracking apart from wear and tear.  A totally mundane death.

    "We were killed by corner cutting and low bidding!"

  40. Sub-luminal speed? Someone get Grant Morrison and Barry Allen!

  41. "Everybody’s glowing."  Bwahahahaha

  42. Whoa… is Starbuck the OTHER missing cylon model we haven’t seen???

  43. Okay this is making sense now.  Stop!  Download time!

  44. Eight?  Sigh.  So by the end of the show there’s going to be one character that’s going to find out that he or she is the only one who’s not a Cylon.

  45. @conor – I was also thinking that Sam’s explanation was sounding like a Grant Morrison comic. They sure are cramming a lot of info into these scenes…I’m going to have to go back and re-listen to what he’s saying.

  46. What if one of the existing Cylons is just twins?  

  47. People always wondered why there wasn’t a number seven. I’m guessing we are going to find out why.

  48. @ultimatehoratio: We’ve always known about eight models, I believe.  We just never saw the last one.  And then that got shunted aside for the Final Five mystery.

  49. I hate math!

  50. Geez… someone’s an ungrateful bastard.

  51. Seven had that whole spontaneous combustion thing against it. 

  52. He wants all of that? He should just eat peyote

  53. We’re gonna call this an "anti-Pinocchio complex"

  54. WHA– HODGMAN?!?

  55. I thought Hodgman was kidding on Twitter….

  56. I suddenly want to buy a PC.

  57. Hodgeman.  Frakkin’ eh.

  58. The actor playing Anders is doing really well this episode..better than usual

  59. Funniest scene on BSG ever?  Hodgman plus aphaisia.  

  60. "I’m gonna cut open your head."


     That just made me laugh.   

  61. Quick!  Consult Ziggy.

  62. @Paul: Totally.

    Starbuck: "We have to take out the bullet."
    Hodgman: "Yeees!"
    Me: LOL

  63. Ha! John Hodgman is the brain guy! Awesome…

  64. The final five also know KFCs secret chicken recipe.

  65. We knew that there was a number eight model but there have only ever been 12 models. The ones with the Cylons were numbers 1-6 and 8. Then there was the final five who never had numbers. 7 has always been missing.

  66. I physically need for Hodgman to be in the background of a really tense Adama scene.  He needs to take over for Felix or something.  They only have like 7 people left to push all those buttons.  

  67. Ronald D. Moore: So John, wanna be in one of the final Galactica episodes?

    Hodgeman:  Yeees.

  68. Daniel… Baldwin?

  69. Well see ya Sam.

  70. Daniel… Way?

  71. Daniel… Radcliffe?

  72. @Conor  Day Lewis?

  73. Saul Tigh: World’s Most Grizzled Dad

  74. Saul as a dad is just….


    "We’ll build a crib out of driftwood and…lobster traps…" 

  75. Who is Daniel?

  76. He sent Dan back in time to fix rifts in time, but only during his own lifetime!

  77. Nevermind Ellen answered me

  78. Daniel should be played by Scott Bakula.

  79. They’re gonna show this in Philosophy seminars….

  80. @Conor – Nerd high five.  

  81. I love the Blackberry butt-dialing commercial couple.  So deliciously passive aggressive.  

  82. Oh, boy!

  83. @Paul: I was going to make a joke about Ziggy being the Cylon Supreme but I let it go.

  84. Wait!  Daniel should be Daniel Faraday!!!!  Ultimate crossover!

  85. The ship is going to come apart!

  86. The ship has arthritis?  

  87. Adama: No!  I have to be really gruff and stubborn until I am brought around by a turn of events that helps me to see things from another angle.

  88. "I refer to the ship as a ‘she’, Chief, but I draw the line at turning her into an actual ‘she’.  That’s just icky."  

  89. @Sam: He’s not against the cylon tech so much as he’s against another mutiny.

  90. Daniel will be Galactica!

  91. And Doc lights up

  92. Nothing like a post-surgery cigarette.

  93. If Sam wakes up and calls Starbuck Daniel, *I* will light up.

  94. Waitaminute… the other docs said he was going to be fine…?

  95. Really great episode that laid a lot of groundwork for the final five (heh) episodes.

  96. Suspicious.  

  97. Maybe he ‘died’ during the operation and tried to download. When they resuscitated him his mind was gone.

  98. @Conor  I wasn’t thinking of him against Cylon tech so much as he tries to avoid radical ideas that ultimately make sense almost all the time.  Until someone or, some giant goddam cracks in this case show him its unavoidable.

  99. @conor agreed….and final five – ha!

  100. Oh no Moore and Eick broke the fourth wall!

  101. We need to liveblog SPLINTER.  

  102. Episode of complete exposition, but it was so awesome I didn’t care. W00t.

  103. Yes, but the exposition-fest was thematically reflected by Cylon re-birth and memory recovery. 

    I agree that Sam will likely download to Cavil’s ship, since he wants to be able to lord it over the final 5 whenever they happen to die.  Woah, I’m sensing a metaphor… Cavil represents the futility of hoping for a better existance in the after-life.

  104. Wait Wait…Wasnt Daniel the name of Lee’s dead brother?

    ?…i just blew my own mind

    ?…plus Daniels my name so, you know,  *win* 


  105. OoooooOOOOOoooooh…

  106. Yeah, Starbuck did look like she twigged at something when Sam said Daniel died.  But, wasn’t he talking about there being certain portents being sent to each of the 5 (plus the 7 makes 6), to warn them of the holocaust.  Like they saw certain figures, but the 7’s warning was that Daniel would die…. Ugh, I’m gonna have to pay close attention when my fiance watches it tomorrow. 

  107. Fantastic episode! Man… i’m gonna miss this show.

    Also, do you think Cavil’s name being revealed as John is an homage to John Colicos, whose villainous role Cavil has been fulfilling on the new series? 

  108. As always a great episode, Sam i think downloaded in some way or form. those quantum leap references you had Paul and Connor were great.

    Also i have a theory about Starbuck: she is said to be death, so what if she was created by the Final Five as a insurance policy in case thier creations. the 1-8 models, rebelled against them. now maybe starbuck was never "activated" in time b/c as we found out the 5 did get the shaft once already. i dont know i just think it would be cool to find out that Starbuck is a Cylon Terimator or something to that effect.

  109. @Selftitled Lee’s brother was named Zak.

    From what I’ve been hearing and figuring is that Daniel is Kara’s dad, because we don’t know his name, but we know he was an artist. That would explain why and how Kara died and uploaded on Earth, because she’s half cylon. 

    What I adore is the religious under/overtones of this episode. Calvill is so clearly a Judas character, whining about how he’s not in control of his behavior because "that’s how he was made" and Ellen being mellow and serene not unlike Jesus.  This show’s always been heavy with the  Judeo/Christian metaphors, and it’s just getting better.  The best part for me about this type of religious exploration is that there are no clear answers; No matter who is suppose to represent what or who, everyone’s decisions tend to suck more often than not. 

  110. I’ve seen this twice since Friday and my head is still spinning at these reveals.  Very awesome, I wonder how ‘Caprica’ will do.

  111. @CatEyedFox.


    Oops, my bad, sorry about that i was totally remembering wrong, you’re right.

  112. kara is definitely at least half cylon.  either she IS daniel (the male/female transformation mirroring the character being played by Dirk Benedict in the original), or her father was daniel.  We know kara is an artist because of her apartment back on caprica right?