Battlestar Galactica – S04E14 – Blood on the Scales

Tonight’s episode: Blood on the Scales

How awesome was last week’s episode? It was probably the best episode in the last two seasons. The have really upped the tension and things are breaking down quickly. With only a relative handful of episodes left I have the feeling that the fleet isn’t going to come out of this mutiny whole.

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. New York Comic Con and a new episode of Battlestar Galactica all rolled into one weekend? It’s a fanboy’s dream.

     10 o’clock can’t come fast enough! 

  2. You lucky bastards with your lack of children.  I will have to watch this in pieces over the next two days.  I don’t suppose any of you live in Georgia and are willing to babysit in an hour?

  3. @ stuclach – I hear you pal.  I just now caught up on last week when every1 was down 4 night

  4. So excited! Roslin’s gonna kill everyone.

  5. Exhausted after a long day at the con.. unfortunately can’t get on to BSG right now!

  6. I don’t know if I’ve ever been more excited for an episode of BSG!

  7. I’m quite convinced that the strategy is going to be to kill *all* of the show’s major characters…so they don’t have to deal with the question of Earth

  8. We need more second stringer who don’t know how to use the equipment.


  9. What’s with massaging leg shots?

  10. Tigh’s got the humor against the cylon hater.

  11. Gaeta is gonna get his this episode…and by "get his," I do not mean a a birthday present

  12. @CaptainPrimate: I don’t think Earth necessarily needs to be dealt with.  I’m far more interested in what happens to the people of the fleet.

  13. Does Athen look a bit different?

  14. @CaptainPrimate That’s a Pretty good speculation.

    Apparently Specialist rapist really can’t work those controls. Wow… amazing that Baltar is the level headed one. 

  15. @ psyguy411 – heavier?

  16. I’m also convinced that Rosselin is gonna go batshit insane this episode and induldge in some serious ass-kickery

  17. Adama could destroy all these traitors with the sound of his manly growl.

  18. @marcushill73 – in the face, I guess. I can’t quite place it. Hair’s straighter, too, I think.

  19. @ psyguy – no rationing going on in baseships.

  20. @conor Great line!

    I just can’t wait for Helo to get out of the brig and whoop some ass so I can congratulate Tahmoh on Sunday at the Con. 😉 

  21. "Prepare for Mr. Zarek’s arrival" sounded an awful lot like "Prepare for the Emperor’s arrival."

  22. @PraxJarvin I think we established last week that specialis rapist is a village idiot

  23. is it wrong that I find the Capital One commercials with the barbarians a little funny?

  24. I think everthing is gonna head south tonight…they’re getting to point in show where we have seen stand off’s before – but I do not supsecft tonight it will all go back together…

  25. @CaptainPrimate Very true, but I thought maybe last week it was plot convenience. Now it’s just the character is clearly stupid.

  26. Oh, the snuggie.

  27. How many episodes do we have left?

  28. 6 more left?

  29. There are some show off shots in this one…

  30. Roslyn trying to use the radio looked like my mom trying to use any piece of electronics I’ve ever bought her.


    (Sorry, mom)

  31. I think it was 6 in total…so, we’re probably looking at 3 left (after this one)…though, I may be mistaken

  32. Wow! Tigh is about the zingers, tonight.

  33. Whoa! Was not expecting Badger!

  34. crap…the Galactica looks really beat up

  35. Man, they’re even rounding up the charmingly rogueish lawyers?

  36. Ha! The lawyer guy. I always liked him.

  37. seriously, is that dude the only lawyer in the fleet?

  38. But he IS such a cool lawyer!

  39. I think Badger makes for interesting Dialogue in BSG episodes he’s in.

  40. @CaptainPrimate Well, apparently Gaeta is a lawyer.

  41. yeah, Gaeda…shove it up your ass!

  42. Okay, I looked it up – there are six more episodes after this one.  The last one airs March 20th.

  43. Cheif has been like MacGyver last two episodes…is there anything he isn’t capable of?

  44. I love the fact that the Cylons are just wearing casual street clothes (except for the 6, of course…she looks like she is always heading to a cocktail party)

  45. ooooh, snubbed by he Quorum

  46. @conor – Caprica premeires in April on DVD, soon after

  47. Looks like Zarek is going ot have to have the council killed.

  48. holy crap

  49. Jesus!

  50. Holy Crap!

  51. Well, shit.

  52. Woooa


  53. Jesus f’ing Christ! Zarek just eliminated the quorum!! :-0

  54. if there was ever any doubt that Zareck was a complete wackjob…

  55. Zarek is like The Emperor.

  56. Zarek is totally the Emperor and Gaeta is Vader.

  57. Damn, I guess Zarek is through even pretending about this being about anything other than his own powerplay.

  58. I dunno if he is a whackjob – I think he is just thinks he is a pretty important person (egocentric maybe?)

  59. Well, didn’t Zarek propose to do something like this in his "banned" book?

  60. Guess that make Gaeda like Anakin, haha, even losing his limbs and being whiny.

  61. Gaeda does not have the stones for this…

  62. @psyguy411 I believe I called that analogy last week! 

  63. holy christ

  64. …see, he is already wigging out!

  65. Well, that’s one way to end a meeting.

  66. Gaeda is starting to have second thoughts….wonder if Zareck is simply going to have him killed

  67. I’ve certainly had meetings in the past I’ve thought about ending that way.

  68. go MacGyver Chief!

  69. the Chief is my hero

  70. "No! It’s not true!" "I’ll never join you!"

    And whoever claimed said Tyrol is MacGuyver, you’re right. 

  71. @PraxJarvin – Sorry, I guess it’s def. been affirmed. You have your credit, sir.

  72. Oh Gaeta, only now realizing the deal with the devil he made. Also never take over a ship without having the chief engineer guy on your side.

  73. He has really pulled his shit together recently.

  74. oh yeah….the chief is gonna kill specialist rapist! 

  75. so, specialist rapist isn’t all bad

  76. @psyugy411 Just kidding, no credit needed! But the similarity is even greater now.

    @CaptainPrimate I guess not, but I really want him to get bolted.

  77. Kara is awesom!

  78. Starbuck is kicking ass!  Back in fine form I might add!

  79. so, who is the new cute #6?

  80. christ…finally Lee shows some balls

  81. I love how Lee is dressed up in shirt and trousers all this time!  Your president for the new era!

  82. Well, now they’ve got a fighting force.

  83. You know what’s not funny? Ill-placed humor.

  84. I think Anders is gonna get it

  85. holy shit…called it seconds before it happened!

  86. Poor Sam…he deserves better…

  87. Whoa!

  88. Was that a six with Baltar? And it looked like Anders eyes were going weird. Maybe he’s downloading or something?

  89. Man… Poor Anders.

  90. I think Anders is about to control the weather.

  91. @Devastron – don’t they need a resurrection ship for that?

  92. I predict that Anders dies and that Gaeta kills himself before the end of this episode.

  93. Devastron – he makes that face a lot…it’s his hurt/distressed face, basically.

  94. @ Conor – FX has had X3 on all throughtout this week – Haley Barry in that (all three films)…what a waste of time

  95. @CaptainPrimate – Yeah but he is one of the special final five, maybe they do something different.

  96. I feel like someone’s not getting a fair trial here, what with the judge being the man who wants you dead and all the armed guards around…

  97. Is it be I know, or is Zarek just a bad liar?

  98. Jesus!

  99. "I thought this would do the trick"  What?  a ca. 1985 laser disc player?

  100. Leoben will never not be creepy.

    And THAT was awesome.

  101. I love hearing those drums, then you know something badass will happen!

  102. Maybe its from the viper they found on Earth? Also the lawyer is awesome.

  103. maybe specialist rapist will save Adama

  104. At what point does Gaeta pull his sidearm and shoot Zarek in the forehead? I mean, he can’t be that naive, can he?

  105. Maybe it’s just me, but the time display doesn’t mean jack.

  106. No, he’s too busy having a pity party.

  107. @conor one of them is bound to kill the other

  108. No, no – someone shoot Specialist Rapist.  I can’t be rooting for him.

  109. That dream sequence was unnecessary.

  110. ooop, Baltar is back to his old tricks

  111. Baltar, with a conscience?

  112. I love Baltar up to his old tricks…

  113. oh yeah…here it comes….wrathful Roselin

  114. Tigh kicks ass

  115. Adama’s got the scary face on.

  116. The leg sure looked infected.

  117. damn, I thought Tigh was gonna pop lieutennant traitor pants

  118. Just with a whisper, Adama can set these people straight.

  119. holy crap, that was the wrong thing to say to her

  120. I think i would be funny of the Chief was stuck in the tunnels for the remainder of the show.

  121. And to think, she was the Secretary of Education.

  122. So far he has been…kinda like Flashes throughout Final Crisis

  123. Holy crap that speech was awesome!

  124. @conor Yeah… it sure seems that way. He’s like the TMNT of Galactica.

  125. @conor – he’ll fall on Zarek from a vent at a crucial moment, haha.

  126. @conor they cut back to him ocasioanlly, just sitting there saying "fuck, fuck, fuck…I shoulda gone to the gym more often"

  127. That was a good speech, no "This is our Independence Day!" but pretty close!

  128. Hmm….not sure I buy Roslin as a bad ass. As a batshit-crazy vengeful bitch with nothing to lose, I sure do!

  129. jesus….do we really need another Journey to the Center of the Earth?

  130. Chief is totally gonna sabotage the FTL.

  131. oh yeah….you know the chief is gonna save the day

  132. Tyrol = DENIED!

  133. FTL offline FTW!

  134. here it comes

  135. "Um… we totally forgot to recruit any engineers into the mutiny."

  136. Oh, this is slightly depressing. I just want someone to end Gaeta right here and now.

  137. would someone please shoot Zareck…for christ same!

  138. Zarek should be used to handcuffs by now.

  139. Poor Chief!

  140. if tyrol dies, I’m gonna be unhappy

  141. The Chief needs to cut down on fatty foods.

    What was that???

  142. who the hell will raise his kid?  Hotdog?  That guy is a wanker.

  143. Big ass crack in hull by the looks of it

  144. Garda has gone over the edge

  145. Baltar envy

  146. YES!

  147. Nice exchange b/w perps

  148. and irony

  149. Wow.

  150. "It stopped?"  Does that mean something?

  151. That whole episode was intense.

  152. great bloody episode

  153. His leg stopped itching. He was at peace.

  154. He’s at peace with himself it seems…

  155. Ellen returns!  Yes!

  156. I knew they were going to bring her back.

  157. well folks, it was fun…see ya’ll next week

  158. Holy frak, what an awesome episode. That last scene with Gaeta and Baltar was excellent.

  159. It looks like she’s back and not benevolent.

  160. …like something from of Civil War: The Confession

  161. Was there any doubt she’d be back in some form? This train’s on a roll!

  162. Glad to see they’re finally going to address the Cylon mythology and hopefully provide answers about Starbuck, the nature of the Final Five, the identity of the Leoben "entity" in "Maelstrom" towards the end of S3, etc.

  163. @ Paradiddle – THE part I am most curious about is Starbuck playing the role of "Death", as foreshadowed last season.  I have no idea how this is going to play out

  164. Oh yeah, I forgot about that.

  165. Great episode.


    But just for the record,  that wasn’t Specialist Rapist who flipped sides, it was Captain Kelly, former LSO of the Galactica.

  166. @MikeFarley: You know, I didn’t *think* it was him, but everyone else seemed to think so so I went with it.

  167. Damn good and intense episode. Going back to the Gaeta= Vader very good comparison which means that Adama is Obi Wan but more bad ass. As far as Ellen returning you know she is pissed and out to vengence.

  168. holy fucking shit

  169. You mean holy frakking felgercarb.

  170. Wow!  This was one of the best episodes of BSG in a while.  I just hate that we only are getting six more episodes.  I have no idea how the creators are going to wrap up everything, and I love it.  I just hate that I have to watch the show on iTunes because I’m in Europe.


  171. Just to clarify. Tyrel isnt Chief Engineer…he is just a Chief Petty Officer, which is the top-tier of the enlisted ranking. Also he works as part of the flight deck crew, so his knowledge of the FTL has more to do with him being on the ship for 9 + years than any specific training.

  172. Yes, but he’s "The Chief".

  173. technically tho he’s a specialist after being demoted.

     do we have any clue who the 7th cylon model is? from what i understand, the 5 earth cylons don’t count in the number system and we have seen all of the cylon’s except for 7. Could that be Starbuck?

  174. Right, but his rank is irrelevant.  He’ll always be "The Chief".

  175. i’m not disagreeing with you.

  176. There is no Model 7 Cylon. The gap in the numbering is a vestige of a time when there were no "Final 5", but rather simply 5 Cylons we haven’t indentified. When the writers came up with the idea that the unseen Cylons were special somehow they were left with a gap in the numbering that would originally have been filled with another Cylon.

  177. I think some people are confusing Captain Kelly with Specialist rapist. I don’t know what it is but people don’t seem to remember the actor who plays Captain Kelly (Ty Olsson). I wouldn’t have known who he was if he hadn’t been mentioned during a battlestar podcast =/. He’s been on the show since the mini-series. He was a part of the scene where Tigh chose to vent the compartments that were on fire, killing several of Tyrol’s men but saving the ship. Kelly also tried to kill Romo Lampkin and was sent to the brig for it (we hadn’t seen him since then). He was the one who chose to side with Adama in the end, not specialist rapist (who, I’m guessing, was in the CIC).

    Capt. Kelly:

    Specialist rapist:

  178. Great episode.  Was hoping that things wouldn’t be wrapped up so easily, but the do only have a few episodes left. 

  179. Awesome episode, only two small SMALL things, which I hope will be addressed later (one will for sure)

    1. What happened with Sam/Kara/Lawyer?

    2. In the last episode Balter talked about some papers he had on Gaeta. Do we know what those are and I missed it or…

  180. @Troyce

     you could watch it on…

  181. Heh, my favorite characters going into the last half of this season were Zarek and Anders.  I saw where the Zarek thing was going though I don’t really agree with the writers’ choices there — he had the potential to be a lot more ambiguous, and he has a history of defending democracy, so having him kill the quorum was a bit MUCH for me.  But I figured something like that was coming.  Shooting Anders in the same episode, though?  *sighs*  (I think he’ll live, though, I think the final however-many have to live until the end).