Battlestar Galactica – S04E12 – A Disquiet Follows My Soul

Tonight’s episode: A Disquiet Follows My Soul

What happens when you spend a frantic many years running from killer robots of your own creation (or are they?) seeking salvation on a planet called Earth, losing a good portion of the remaining members of your race along the way, only to find that this mythical Earth is a little bit less than suitable for people? I can’t wait to find out!

Speculations, theories, reactions, live blogs, you know the drill.


  1. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Nearly Toaster Time!

  2. Man, doesn’t Planet Raptor look good? 


  3. Hmm, can’t imagine how this "Moonlight" show didn’t become an instant pop culture sensation. It’s got that woman, you know, from that Dr. Who episode with the mirrors and robots and fireplaces? And vampires. Everybody loves those.

  4. monlight = really bad

  5. do you do live blogging on here or use a different site?

  6. @English here

  7. ok well i cant do it since im on the west coast.

  8. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    What other sites are there?  

  9. usteam or something i dont know.

  10. holy christ….Moonlight is horrible

  11. wow….that is some fiercely bad greenscreen work

  12. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Oh, okay.  Yeah, we just use the threads on the site for liveblogging BSG, Smallville, Lost, and Heroes. Ustream is used for POW show recording, and only on occasion.  

  13. Hmm, so the vampire-dude’s sire(ess) is Shannnn Sossamon, who was really, really good in The Rules of Attraction.  So it’s got that going for it. Which is nice.

    And now there’s cheesy Six Million Dollar man effects as vimpire dude runs after the car.

    Yeah, this show kinda sucks.  

  14. just about time…huzzah!

  15. ooooh….emo vampire

  16. here we go

  17. Toaster Time!

  18. I just caught my cat drinking out of the toilet. I’m taking that as a good sign for tonight’s episode.

    I don’t know why, but I am. 

  19. god, I sorta forgot abot Callie….that sucked

  20. Damnit, the hotel I’m in doesn’t have scifi

  21. Doc Cottle is awesome

  22. They’re getting ever last use out of "frak" this season, huh?

  23. So if Tigh is a Cylon ..Why didn’t his eye grow back?

  24. uh oh…Gaeda just got crazy eyes

  25. Apollo is not very good with the reporters

  26. crazy ex-superspy/killer/badass Liam Neesam hunting down the people who kidnapped his daughter….I’m in

  27. Agreed, Taken looks great. 

  28. Who ever thought that Tigh would be the one to end up with Six? Honestly?

  29. Than Neesam  fellow, he was Rob Roy, y’know.

  30. Ha, how appropriate that Lee’s podium gaffe came just two days after Biden’s real-life podium gaffe.

  31. crap…is that an official sequel to the original Hallmark Merlin miniseries?

  32. "Maybe you’d like a chart to keep it all straight" – HA!

  33. Gaeda has gone all bitter-hardcore on us

  34. Felix quit freaking people out…

  35. man. the Chief’s kid is chubby

  36. oh shit

  37. wow…Callie was a hussy…who woulda thunk it

  38. who is the father?

  39. @ CaptainPrimate   Gaeda?

  40. Place your bets now, folks…before they die!

  41. You need to ingest the pills for them to do anything. 

  42. @piscespal that would be messed up

  43. @piscespaul or maybe Gaius

  44. I don’t understand how Planet Raptor wasn’t first released theatrically. 

  45. I repeat: Planet Raptor looks AWESOME.

  46. Hopefully the answer to the paternity puzzle is a reasonable one and not a sensational retcon.  I’m skeptical. 

  47. @RobAbsten if by awesome you really mean horrifying (and not in a good way)

  48. Planet Raptor? Who the HELL is greenlighting these godawful SciFi Original Movies? Why don’t they actually try to make a good one, for once?

  49. It’s okay to be scared.

  50. I believe in the interstellar raptor.  Have faith. 

  51. I really don’t need another Friday the 13th movie

  52. @PaulMontgomery Because they were too busy remaking Friday The 13th.

  53. Awesome as in "cheap, direct to DVD with a quick SciFi pitstop first." That kinda awesome. 

  54. She looks like a pirate at the gym. 

  55. You know how I know I’m old? The mom in those AT&T "old minutes" ads? The blonde? I find her very attractive. Hot, even. 

  56. @PaulMontgomery avast ya scallywags..

  57. I thinka Wii Fit would do her some good instead of those stretches.

  58. oooh….Gaeda is gonna get the crap kicked out of him

  59. "A pity frak"…epic

  60. Half-Kicks, haha!

  61. Apparently Gaeta’s sense of restraint was located in that foot. 

  62. so…are they still orbiting earth?

  63. Gaeda is having himself a gay old time. *rimshot*

  64. uh oh…Zareck has got his eyes on the presidency again.

  65. No gay jokes, please. 

  66. Some of my friends won’t go see Taken with because they claim Liam Neesan dies in all the films they watch.

  67. Uh, does Carl there have 4 seperate cell plans or something?


  68. I have seen Taken already. But I don’t know how or where… It’s bothering me. 

  69. @psyguy411 – They need to watch Love Actually. 

  70. tennis is silly

  71. So, odds Zarek makes it through the episode alive?

  72. Dear State Farm: You know that place where stupid-ass ad campaign meets frustrated, pissed-off consumer? 

    I’m there. I’m calling Geico tomorrow.  

  73. that is some fierce tooth brushing

  74. Odds that someone’s dead before the end of this episode

  75. @Paul I wanted to tell them that, but I dunno if they’d take my man card, haha.

  76. really?  should they be having that conversation in the hallway?

  77. Take your hands off me, Bill.



  78. "fraking blah blah" great line

  79. Did Roslin really just "blah blah" this whole trip to Earth?

  80. @psyguy – They’re gonna have to take Conor’s and my man cards first.  Love Actually rules. 

  81. live Adama…live!

  82. christ…Gaius is running Jonestown

  83. Baltar has turned into the radio philosopher from Northern Exposure. 

  84. Rev. Jim Jones? On Galactica? 

    Oh, sorry Dr. Baltar.

    And anyone else find it funny that they have FTL capability but still use reel to reel? 

  85. Or maybe Clancy Jones from Carnivale. 

  86. oh no way

  87. @Paul- Oh, I agree. I love that movie.
    Hotdog? The father?

  88. its hotdog?

  89. Okay, that I buy. 

  90. giggle 

  91. yeah. thats what church was like growing up….dude up front with the sermons…people in the back kicking the crap out of each other.

  92. Wow, its all falling apart really quick.

  93. Did she relish her time with Hotdog?  Tyrol didn’t cut the mustard. 

  94. wow…if the tilium ship jumps….they are screwed

  95. Zareck is a royal pain in the ass

  96. Hee hee, Bill’s a funny guy.

  97. I want to say "Son Of A Bitch" like Tigh…he’s got a knack for it.

  98. @Paul – *groan*

  99. Is it time for another military coup?

  100. Rise of the Lycans?  Yeah, not so much

  101. Btw Paul your jokes were too punny.

  102. @piscespaul –  You’re right.  That wasn’t kosher. 

  103. BSG is the Walking Dead of T.V.

  104. Is that Lifelock emcee Sigourney Weaver?

    mmmm, maybe not. But close. so close. 

  105. poor Tyrol

  106. seriously, is Tyroll gonna walk away from his boy that easily?

  107. I think it’s more of a My Two Dads situation. 

  108. Ot Two and a Half Men.  Or One and a Half Men and a Cylon. 

  109. Okay, so Adama’s going to be having a heart attack soon. 

  110. Oh Adama you magnificent bastard.

  111. laundry reports….that Adama…he’s one wiley guy

  112. And that’s how Adama makes you talk….reminds me…I need to call my father.

  113. uh oh…Gaeda and Zareck…this ain’t gonna end well

  114. oh crap….fracking Gaeda …smarmy lil SOB

  115. Felix, you opportunistic bastard. 

  116. uuuuuh…ok?

  117. unsee! unsee!

  118. ok that was a stratling scene cut

  119. This image could be used for evil.  And by evil, I mean Adama/Picard slash fiction. 

  120. i meant startling

  121. He prevents(Liam) bad movies or invents good roles in not-so-good movies.

  122. my prediction for the coming episodes…Starbuck is gonna finish what she started and toss Gaeda’s ass out of the nearest lock

  123.  OH YEAH!  Tigh and Adama kicking ass

  124. It’s ‘Gaeta’ with a ‘t.’  Otherwise I wouldn’t get to call him ‘Wally Gaeta."  And I need that pun in my life. 

  125. Next episode looks badass. 

  126. well, that was fun kids…see you next week

  127. I don’t think Felix is the guy you want leading a mutiny….kinda screwed up in the last one he was in. I think he’ll stumble in this one, too.

  128. Dear Scifi, ever hear of a thing called a spoiler? And no, no the one on the back of your Camaro.

  129. I think the writing staff of BSG has a pirate fettish.  There’s an eye patch.  A fake leg.  And a head scarf.  There is also booty. 

  130. @Paul. That was fucking funny.


  131. This wasn’t my favorite episode by any stretch of the imagination.  Still the reveal about the baby was pretty juicy and there were some good character moments, but both the dialogue and the situations felt forced.  The next one will probably be better. 

  132. @Paul-A man card for watching Love Actually? Is it next to the one you got for Bridget Jones Diary?

  133. Due to Roslin basically giving up and the ominous pill popping by Adama, do you think there is any way that Adama is the ‘dying leader’? Especially that he is now pushing them to their new home?

  134. @JonCrites   Do you think the prophecies are still going to come true?  I’d kind of like it if they turned out to be total BS.

    I really liked this episode, since I love the political aspect of the show the best.  And I was so happy to see Richard Hatch.  I hope Zarek has a substantial role in the rest of the season. 



  135. I finally got to watch this late last night.  This episode was fantastic, I enjoyed it way more than last week’s premiere which I liked a lot as it is.

    This mutiny is going to lead to some great stuff.

  136. Kind of disappointing to me, not much action at all. Pretty much a setup episode. They should spend more time on Earth excavating and trying to figure out what happened. Maybe they can find some old news footage or something that will explain what happened and why all the dead bodies they found are cylon skin-jobs buried with mechanical cylon helmets. I bet they won’t ever explain it.

  137. Absolutely fantastic.  I just gave this a watch while reading the comments so I could feel like I was ‘there’.

  138. So the whole fleet has to go back to the island or Gaeta is going to…

    oops  wrong show 

    Seriously, this was pretty much a perfect set-up episode for some seriously good tv over the next few weeks.

  139. Gaeta must go down, and he must go down hard.  Roslin needs to get off her ass.  Obama would never jog during a mutiny.  (Or if he did, he’d be on his cellphone.)  What happened to the balls Lee Adama grew last year?  I’d love to see him seize control of the military and the presidency.

    Great episode!