Battlestar Galactica – S04E08 – Sine Qua Non

Tonight’s episode – Sine Qua Non

Battlestar Galactica has been on a huge roll these last four episodes or so. Any issues I had about the first few episodes have been cleared right away by the intensity and break-neck pace of the last month.

From the looks of the preview linked above Admiral Adama is finally done with Tigh and we see Lee Adama being sworn in, which is probably him taking the Presidency, which is something that they have clearly been heading towards since making him a politician. It will be an interesting dynamic between Lee and the Admiral now.

Speaking of Lee Adama, Jamie Bamber was one of the featured guests (who actually showed up) at Emerald City Con and — much like last year’s WonderCon and Rosario Dawson — the con was so laid back that Bamber was often seen just wandering around the floor, unbothered and unmolested by the crowd. Always walking with a purpose, though. He also had a look on his face like he expected to be bothered at any moment.

On a personal note I had completely forgotten that this final season was being broken up into two segments (like they all have been; I’m a dumbass) and that the second part isn’t airing until 2009. When I heard that last week I nearly cried (not really).

Thoughts, analysis, speculations, live blogging — go.



  1. On a personal note I had completely forgotten that this final season was being broken up into two segments (like they all have been, I’m a dumbass) and that the second part isn’t airing until 2009.  When I heard that last week I nearly cried (not really).

    I didn’t know about this! So, we only have two more episodes this year?? Man, I really am going to cry, lol. In a way it’s a good thing, because less episodes usually means higher quality episodes (recent episodes prove that!) but, man, …. this wait is gonna suck balls.

  2. "I had completely forgotten that this final season was being broken up into two segments"

    This is completely new information to me and, also, BULLSHIT. GIVE ME ENDING, MONKEY. 

  3. Good episode, but I’m more interested in ‘The Final Five’ than I am Lee’s political maneuverings but at least they’re doing something with him now.

  4. Loved it.  The show gets better and better.  Lotsa things I didn’t see coming… the whole Leland as President thing was was predictable… Husker stepping down took me by surprise. 

    Jake reappearing made some fanboy/girls squeal I’m sure.  Romo was fantastic… he brings out the best in Lee. 

    The Tigh fight with the whole boat thing was hilarious.

  5. Good episode last night. Not much to say. Good story beats. I loved seeing Romo Lampkin back and it was a really interesting series of events with him… But the Lee thing was SO predictable…

    Most interesting thing from last night? Tigh. Holy frak! Cylon got other Cylon pregnant? Jesus… And now he’s a Cylon in control of the fleet?

    Solid filler ep. That’s my response to last night…

    P.S. That fight was so intense. Damn. 

  6. This episode was a little all over the place for me.  I feel like the writers were given benchmarks that had to be met and they didn’t do a bad job, but a LOT happens.

    Meanwhile, next week’s episode looks amazing.  Lucy Lawless returns!

  7. You know how every week it says "all will be revealed"?

    They are liars.

    I don’t even know what I thought about this week, but I’ll take a Tigh/Adama fist fight any day of the week, but didn’t Bill let him off the hook pretty damned easy?

  8. Boy, some of you are real easy to please.  I thought this episode was crap… from the miraculous improvement that Starbuck shows (raving luncatic to back on the job order-taker is just weird) to the extreme cop out of Romo being mental. The Lee as President angle you could start to see about 500 miles away.  And how can Six be pregnant with Tigh’s seed… I though cylon/clyon reproduction was impossible?

    Just a bad, bad epiosde following up one of the best ever shows from last week.

  9. @Josh I think tehy’re just referring to the rest of the season, not a week to week basis.

    @OddsBodkins I don’t think it was crap. It was weaker than the previous couple of weeks, but it was still entertaining. I thought the Starbuck stuff was just stuff that was necessitous to the episode, like Adama only showing up in the last five minutes of the one where Roslin talks to the cancer patient. And they were telegraphing Lee as president. I think that was the point. They’ve been setting up something like this for quite some time.

    P.S. The Tigh getting Caprica Six pregrnant is part of the overarching show as a whole. From the beginning, we’ve known that Cylons couldn’t get other Cylons pregnant, but this… this changes everything. It could be that Tigh is part of the Final Five or it could be because of genuine love [assuming the other Cylons trying wasn’t and was just necessity]. We don’t know. That’s the point. 

  10. Man, I thought this episode was pretty good.  Not great, but *a lot* of important shit went down.

  11. I wouldn’t say this episode was bad, but it wasn’t on the super-high level of awesomeness as the last 3 or 4.

    I gotta admit, I’m gettin’ tired of the political boardroom argueing scenes, they really put the brakes on the drama/action. When the fate of the human species is at stake, people sitting around talking about who should be the boss seems kinda … petty.

  12. Any episode with a Tigh/Adama slugfest is fine by me. I was literally smiling during that scene. Overall, I thought this episode was pretty good. The political stuff isn’t as exciting as sci-fi action and Cylon drama, but crucial to the show, I think. Was also great to see Romo Lampkin again.

  13. hey guys–

    Wow, you know what? I really felt like this episode was really lame. I mean, I love seeing Romo Lampkin for obvious reasons, but I had no idea why he was in it.  We all knew, from the very beginning of the episode, that Apollo was going to be president (Romo kept rolling his eyes, he knew too) so it just seemed even less of a filler episode, I felt like the whole thing should have been about 15-20 minutes in another episode.

     It just seemed like an orphan, for some reason. It had important plot stuff, but I gotta ask, what was up with Starbuck?  She’s all fine and good now?  She’s just chilling and hanging out now?  Nothing else? No debriefing? Nothing?

     ah, well. let’s hope this is just a minor hiccup.

     – mike lampkin

  14. @OddsBodkins

    Props for the Evelyn Cream avatar.

    The Lee thing felt forced.  His character is ruined.