Battlestar Galactica – S04E07 – Guess What’s Coming to Dinner

Tonight’s episode – Guess What’s Coming to Dinner

iFanboy is still on the road so we’re all a week behind on watching Battlestar Galactica. I guess now this means we’re going to be two weeks behind. Believe me, we’re bummed about it.

That doesn’t have to stop you from watching and giving us all your thoughts, though!


  1. Am I still the only one who likes Dualla?

  2. I freaking love the Galactica Marines.

    Also, the Hub is a great addition, now there’s a goal to move for! 

  3. Sucks for Gaeta

  4. Yeah…. Theyre taking his frakking leg… Damn, Gaeta…

  5. Damn… Galactica got good out of NOWHERE….

  6. He doesn’t want to wake up with his leg gone, he wants to watch as it’s chopped of his body.

  7. @Sixgun Yeah, dude… The hub is awesome… Of course there’s a master hub…

  8. @darminion He’s got a point… I would hate to wake up with my leg missing.

  9. I suppose it would help with the whole coming to grips with it.

  10. That Gaeta song is pretty… and or beautiful…

  11. There are always so many different point of views when it comes to this show.  I rarely feel like I’m on one person’s side.

  12. How many more episodes do we get before the break?

  13. @SixGun This is number seven? So.. Three or four more?

  14. should be three more

  15. I love how she brought Marines with her to the Quorum meeting

  16. Actually now I’m looking I think we might get four more…. There isn’t one next week, but there might be a two hour one on June 13…. I’ll keep y’all posted on the thread at Revision3 if you want…

  17. That speech was awesome….

  18. I frakking love the Opera House….

  19. Oh that’s frakking creepy….

  20. I think Roslin is a Cylon

  21. @SixGun Much as I might have agreed with you about seven or eight episodes ago, I don’t think so…

  22. Eh, it’s too obvious I think

  23. That’s part of my reasoning…. I think the two main couples (The Adamas, Roslin, and Kara) contain no Cylons…

  24. What’s that book?

  25. Oh that flash of Opera House was frakkin sw33t… 

    Oh snap… Think Roslin and Baltar are gonna be among the hostages? 

  26. I am convinced now that Galactica is the Opera House

  27. Something’s gonna happen with Dee.. I just know it… That’s the second small appearance she’s made in this episode….

  28. @SixGun Like… metaphorically?

  29. Wow, what a cliffhanger

  30. Well… That ending just kicked my ass…

  31. I’m kinda angry at Sharon right now


  32. @darminion Me too… But I don’t blame her…

    That episode kicked ass on ice… Freakin awesome… 

  33. I must’ve seen about 20 Viagra commercials during BSG.  What are you trying to tell me, Space Channel?

  34. Wow.  What an ending.

    I was blown away when Athena shot 6… that totally took me by surprise.  And then to trump that, the hybrid jumps away with Roslin and Baltar… 

    This whole song bit got carried away for me… unless they’re setting Gaeta up for something.  Bear McCreary posted a bit about Gaeta’s song on his blog.

    2 frakking weeks?!@?!

  35. Dee is probably the last cylon.

  36. Since Tyrol is now a Cylon, I’m going to go ahead and guess that Helo is the final Cylon, because there’s no point in having two half cylon/human babies floating around. However, one completely Cylon baby opens up ALL NEW possibilities.

  37. @Daflash00 By that logic, Callie could be the final Cylon… Just dead.

  38. spoiler push.  Great ep this week!

  39. Are the iFanboys behind because of the cons? That explains the lack of a Smallville finale thread, but hope we get it soon… LOTS to talk about!

    This ep of BSG was awesome, by the way! 

  40. The last two weeks of BSG were fan-freaking-tastic!

    Dualla has been my favorite to be the final Cylon for a while now.  But I could be wrong, I usually am.

    @Eyun – We’ll have a season 8 wrap up SMALLVILLE thread on Thursday. 

  41. WOW! This show just keeps getting better & better, and that’s saying alot since it’s been awesome since day one.

    No one is guessing Laura Roslin as the final cylon, when she is sharing thier dreams … is it just too obvious or something?

  42. word up, wade.


    in my opinion, this is the best thing on tv right now. i wish my friends watched it.