Battlestar Galactica – S04E06 – Escape Velocity

Picking up on the cliffhanger of last week, it looks like Starbuck makes contact with the Cylons and she and President Roslin deal with accepting the terms of a relationship with the Cylons. Shocking!


  1. Well this picked up in a big frakkin way… And fast…

  2. Oh damn… Starbuck and Athena and Leoben and Anders onto the Basestar… This got awesome…

  3. My respect for Anders just rose like 500%. Stand up for your woman.

  4. Well got home in time to catch the credits… Why is it everytime I work on friday day I have to stay past.

  5. Oh snap… She’s totally smooth and everything…

  6. @Valo I’m sorry, bro. You missed some intense sh*t…

  7. I love that new chix0r… It’s awesome that not everyone thinks she’s crazy….

  8. Can anybody say "red shirt?"

  9. @Jeremi You’re probably right, dude…

  10. Damn… The Cylon fleet got frakked up…

  11. What happen to Gata (sp?)

  12. Everyone is wispering, did Olmos direct this one?

  13. @valo Gaeta got show in the leg… It was brutal…

  14. So much for Starbuck being a good pilot…

  15. This Aztec Rex movie looks like crap. Why does Sci-Fi keep making these things?

  16. @Jeremii Because there’s people interested…?

  17. Oh damn… Look at all the Eights… It’s like end of first season redux….

  18. Oh snap! It’s Major Kira Nerys from DS9!

  19. Sci-fi channel = Lifetime Movie network

  20. @valo Except with robots and aliens and dinosaurs…

  21. So far this has been the best episode of the season

  22. So Naalie… Easily one of the most awesome things so far this season… So freakin hott… More so than normal six… The platinum always threw me off….


  23. OMG, what a tease with Anders and the computer.

  24. @valo I had this feeling that it would just get good out of nowhere and all of a sudden… Blows my mind….

    And… redshirt’s dead…. 

  25. Um… okay that just… weird.

  26. What’s hotter than girl on girl action? Tricia Helfer on Tricia Helfer action…

    And another one down… 

  27. Oh… it’s Kira… Didn’t notice that before…

  28. Did you notice that commercials have gotten just more and more annoying? I can’t handle that fast talking "save minutes" one… Makes me wanna put a bullet through my brain…

  29. We should find a Grant Morrison reference in the last half of this show…. Just to tie off the rest of this week…

  30. Carie Underwood during American Idol: Hot:: Carie Underwood after American Idol: Not so much

  31. Roslin is going to convert to Baltar-anity

  32. I freakin love the language of characters like the Hybrid… Other people like the Hybrid include River and the victims of Glory in Buffy Season Five….

  33. I feel bad for the Metal Cylon

  34. OH SNAP…. That line just sounded super important… The three of the five come from the home of the thirteenth?

  35. This episode is spectacularly written….

  36. Isnt Earth the thirteenth colony?

  37. As much as I like this episodes, I miss seeing the Adama’s. I hope they show up after the commercial.

  38. @valo Exactly… So the final five come from Earth?

  39. "He got it at Jared" Okay I’m about to go balistic.

  40. @Jeremii I find it interesting because it doesn’t need the Adamas… Which is damn fascinating…

  41. I fuckin love this episode… Serialized storytelling: always paying off in the end…

  42. OH SNAP! Even though I hate when a show spells stuff out… that was good.

  43. I freakin love Roslin… This scene is awesome….

  44. Dude… Gaeta got frakked up…….

  45. Holy snap Roslin is going to convert… I wonder if this is some how the plan to acclemate the Colonies to Earth standards? And what the heck is Roslin GW Bushes sister because her mother looks a lot like Barbra Bush

  46. Come on… Come on….

  47. Bow-chica-bow-wow

  48. Mmmm… water sounds good right now…. Icy icy water….

  49. Kiss him!

  50. That episode was the best this season.

  51. That last scene was damn powerful….

  52. I agree, this episode was awesome.

  53. Well after the preview for the next Episode its on to catch last nights Lost

  54. This is the battlestar galactica I’ve been waiting for this season!!!!

  55. And the preview looked lame… But in all honesty I don’t give a frak because it’s just one scene… Better teased than spoiled…

  56. Wow. An actual good episode if nuBSG? I had begin to give up hope. This was like way back bofore the midseason break in Season 3.  Characterization. Plot movement. I liked pretty much the whole thing.


    But I think Cottle’s slipping some crazy juice into Roslin’s meds. Next thing she’ll be hanging out in Baltar’s haram. 

  57. My favorite part is how what would normally just be "We might be different but we have to work together" is thrown into a complete tail spin when the Six just kills the girl on the spot.  I thought she was more important than a "redshirt" though.  Anyone know who that chracter is?

  58. I think she might have been one of Ander’s people from the Caprica resistance.

  59. This week’s episode was Faith – not part one, just Faith – last week’s was The Road Less Traveled; next week’s is Guess What’s Coming to Dinner.   Ron’s teaser on the mainpage was a little "off" (tonite?).

    Ok… so the Final Five are originally from Earth. Does that mean we’re all Cylons?!?!

    I wonder the reaction from the fleet when a banged up base ship jumps in on them.

    Looks like D’Anna outs the final four… Sam looked a bit concerned. Barolay’s death seemed kinda pointless, but I imagine it was there to set up the whole "Cylons are trying to work with us" vibe.

    I liked this episode, I just think that last weeks and this weeks could have easily been one episode rather than two.

  60. @JD I dunno, I think this season has been jam packed with information… If they’d put this week’s and last week’s together, it’d have been too rushed… There hasn’t been a wasted ep, if you think abot it. It’s all just set up and exposition… This week had a lot of paying off… That’s what it’s going to start to do….