Battlestar Galactica – S04E04 – Escape Velocity

Tonight’s episode – Escape Velocity

Has it really been four weeks already? Time sure is flying when you’re being hunted to extinction by unrelenting, unfeeling (mostly) robots.

The promo for tonight’s show says “All will be revealed” — I’d personally be very shocked if that were actually the case. Promos by their very nature are designed to entice you into watching next week’s show and as such usually… well, let’s say they usually stretch the truth a bit. Or over-promise. That’s a good way of describing it. Over-promise.

As for last week’s episode, it was downright badass. It was so badass that I stayed up late to watch it after coming home from post-New York Comic Con drinks, knowing full well that I was going to have to get up early to go back. I didn’t care, though! It was fantastic. The ending had me on the edge of my seat. Totally made up for what I thought were two very average episodes that kicked off the season.

I’m sad to lose Callie. I’ve liked her since the beginning when she was just the unassuming mechanic who didn’t have a lot of lines.

Edward James Olmos directs tonight. Hopefully everyone will talk in forceful whispers.


  1. Weren’t they using "All will be revealed" last week too?  Maybe it’s just the slogan for the season.

    In which case my response is, "It damn well better be!" 

  2. I’m with Tad… That’s probably for the season… I can’t wait to see how the opening changes when they reveal the final Cylon…

    But I’m also sad about the loss of Callie… My mouth was on the floor the whole time… But they’re good about these things… here’s to more Cylon reveals!


  4. And here we are again. What other episodes have Olmos directed?

  5. "Hopefully everyone will talk in forceful whispers."


    And provided with pockmark prosthetics?

  6. Sorry, that one was a little below the belt.

  7. @HBD – Lt. Castillo is going to kck your ass for that one.

  8. Holy crap, not only do I have to close my eyes for the opening credits to avoid spoilers, now I have to close my eyes and mute the TV 10 seconds before the fracking show even starts!  Stop the spoileriffic teasers, stupid Space channel!

  9. Evil Tory is super hot.

  10. I miss Tigh’s old grizzled sailor’s cap that he had on New Caprica.

  11. I predict Tory and Tyrol will get it on briefly, before he finds out what she did.  And then he’ll go to work with that knife he’s holding in the last supper poster.

  12. Callandra?  Yipes.

    What’s up with The President’s hair…??

  13. Roslin’s hair is now… Insane and not as pretty…

  14. Oh, shit – does the Chief know???

  15. He got a feeling!

  16. @conor I miss Tigh’s gauze to cover up the socket of his eye….

  17. Wow, they really are playing up Lee’s politican look, his hair is just ugly.

  18. Tigh’s losing it…. Oh damn,,,

  19. Head wife!

  20. @Conor and Gungadin

    I think it’s a wig. 

  21. Baltar is the final Cylon!!!  Cylons see head people!!!

  22. Damn, Tory… Dark…

  23. Yeah, looks like a wig.  She was losing her hair last episode..

  24. And Troy is starting to turn to the Dark side.

  25. @valo That’s what I thought… I saw the hair and I did the "eugh" sound Ron makes when he sees art he considers ghastly….

  26. Tory is fully embracing the robot side of things.  She is going to go all the way over in no time.

  27. do you think the last cylon is tyes wife?


  28. @conor But that doesn’t surprise me… They’re each dealing with it in their own way… I always got the feeling that Tory had aspirations of power… And now she’s got them…. Or the ability to achieve them, rather… So fascinating how that plays into everything…

  29. @sennima – No, she’s long gone.  It wouldn’t make any sense.  They said the final cylon was in the fleet.

  30. I think its the opening that really drew me into BGS

  31. @sennima Elen or Callie? No on both is my thought….

  32. man i need to go back and watch last season again


  33. Also, it’s interesting to note that just because you see a "head" thing doesn’t make the "head" thing a Cylon… There’s one left and Baltar and Elen appeared… So that doesn’t mean anything that the head people are Cylons….

  34. @valo – It probably is a wig but the problem with that is she had all of her own hair last week and not that much time has passed on the show.  Unless she’s getting some kind of chemo therapy she wouldn’t be losing her hair and it wouldn’t be that quick.  Unless this is some kind of space cancer where the Earth cancer rules don’t apply, which is probably the case and I’ll just shut up now.

  35. @sennima Last season was the weakest of the seasons… But it still had some awesome moments… Remember when they jumped Galactica into atmo?

  36. Head people aren’t cylons, but people who see head people are!  Six, Tigh, and Baltar!

  37. I really don’t think Baltar is a cylon, it’s too obvious.

  38. @Conor in the scene with Lara and Adama last week, a clump of hair came out in her fingers.  She’s probably not completely bald yet, but it would be noticable, thus the wig.

  39. the atmo jump was by far the most awesome moment of last season


  40. Shit, I’m ten minutes back, and look at all I’ve missed.

    El Jefe is getting all serious.  Scary.

  41. cylons are catholic


  42. Tory is just going crazy…

  43. I’m just gonna say I don’t want Baltar to be a Cylon… That’d ruin his character for me because he’s the most human… Or that would solidify the Cylonness more…

    Actually, that’d be wicked cool…. The thing I’m wondering about the final Cylon is "Do they/will they know they were a Cylon" if that makes sense….

  44. This all seems excessive.

  45. Apparently bangs are all the rage among the women of the fleet these days.

    And Lee Adama is Jim Lee size I think.  At least the suit makes it look that way.

  46. Hey Josh, welcome to the show.

  47. Space walking… That’s new….

  48. @gungadin I don’t think he can be cylon because fo that fact that it would dismiss all the horrors he’s done

  49. Man, I forgot how horrific that scene was when Tyrol beat Callie.  Heart-wrenching now.

  50. Of frak Chief….

  51. I love Race Track. I wish they would flesh her out a bit more

  52. OH SHIT!!! That was frakkin nuts!

  53. Sorry, Valo.

  54. CRAP as soon as I say something.

  55. I give that landing a fail.

  56. @valo looks like they fleshed her all over the landing strip…

    Oh that was so bad and/or tasteless… 

  57. First Billy, now Race Track. Why must they kill everything that I love.

  58. Oh… they survived…. Man….

  59. whew

  60. chief is  a little stressed

  61. Ah, man – they should have been a lot more hurt than that!  They are barely scratched!

  62. Oh man… Tyrol’s losing it…

    "You’re only human…" Frak….

  63. @conor My sentiments exactly… They should have been smeared to shreds….

  64. Tory has pretty much accepted her Cylonity and now I think that the Chief will be the next to crossover.  If only to escape the pain.

  65. @conor So then who do you think would tip next? Tigh or Anders?

  66. Are these the punks that crashed the party in Weird Science?

    "I’m a school teacher…" 

  67. What, Baltar is making a stand?


  69. Oh damn… I like how they’re bringing things to a head… Yay open conflict!

  70. And Baltar gets arrested…. Again….

  71. Pilots we’ve never seen before are not long for this world.

  72. It’s so much harder doing a running commentary on a show this good, as compared to this week’s Smallville.

  73. i think anders will stay the most sane…if he tips at all


  74. @josh So are we updating the word Redshirt, or will we keep it retro?

  75. @GungaDin – Tigh and Anders are tough.  I would tend to think that Tigh would be last because his loathing of Cylons is so deep and because it would be the most dramatic, but I tend towards Anders because they barely show him and when they do they don’t dwell on the cylon thing.  Of course they could just have him up and decide to turn for that reason as well.  "Fuck this, I’m sick of Kara’s yelling.  Cylon."

  76. @conor I can just see that in a completely dark humor sort of way. "You don’t love me? DEFECT!"

  77. Oh man… That’s just a great line and testament for this show….

  78. when are the pres and admiral gonna get it on….not sure i want to see it, but it needs to happen

  79. @Josh – What are you talking about?  The fresh, new rookie Skippy is sure to be an important player!

  80. @sennima When she’s bald… There’ll be some crazy Roslin being bald sex…

  81. Old man Amadala is really taking the back seat this season. Its really all about the Final Five.

  82. I love how Roslin leans on Adama when she walks… Such a great, small touch that makes it good…

  83. "Those girly, groupie, sex-whatever-they-are…"  LoL.

  84. Tigh was almost begging to know if there was a switch in his head.  Man’s in pain.

  85. chief gonna turn into a sabetuer?


  86. Oh frak… What if… What if there’s only going to be one of each Cylon left? There’s one Six on Galactica, an eight on Brother Cavil’s ship, assumedly one model of the Final Five… Only one D’Anna is going to matter… Damn…

  87. I want someone to say to the Chief, "Working hard or hardly working?"  And then I want the Chief to jettison them out of an airlock.

  88. My heart goes out to Tigh… Poor man…

  89. ooohhhhhh, thats good. Real good, his wife.

  90. Oh man… Is he going to tell her? It sounds like he wants to tell her….

    Short hair Baltar… Bringing the story full circle… 

  91. Ha! It is a wig!

  92. Who called it? oh yea!

  93. I can’t believe this episode is half over already… Damn….

  94. She looks like ten year younger with that wig.

  95. this might be too hard for me to keep up with and actually watch this.

    I also can’t talk about this show without using the nicknames we use at home.

    Chief= el jefe

    Roslyn= Tatanka

    etc, etc. 

  96. lol


  97. Chief is fracking losing it!

  98. @Josh – Roslin was Stands with a Fist.  Tatanka were the buffalo.

  99. suicide chief—suicide


  100. That’s pretty rough Chief.

  101. Oh frak…. Chief… He’s snapped… Oh man… I’m with Adama… He’s saying exactly what I’m thinking…

  102. I wonder if their fears are a part of their programing. Like when Tigh’s dreams of shooting Olmos and the Chief hearing Olmos calling him out.

  103. And you may ask yourself

    How do I work this?

    And you may ask yourself

    Where is that large automobile?

    And you may tell yourself

    This is not my beautiful house!

    And you may tell yourself

    This is not my beautiful wife!

  104. And you may tell yourself


    This is not my fracking life!

  105. @valo It could be… I’m partial to believing they’re just really well written ways of the writers conveying what someone is thinking without giving us Superman The Movie esque "Can you read my mind" captions…

  106. @conor – It’s still our nickname for her.  Cuz she said it.  Literal bastard!

  107. Finally people are snapping!

  108. they need to throw in a good space battle every now and then

  109. @gungadin It might be left up to the viewer to decide what’s going on.

  110. Dictator Roslin

  111. Oh damn… Roslin using Baltar as a soapbox…. Frak…

  112. Poison her!  Poison her!

  113. Tigh’s gonna snap and do something nasty to Six.

  114. I miss Tigh’s grizzle….

  115. Tigh and Six have a Cylon Baby, I’m calling it here.

  116. Ack!

  117. The hole of the eye of Tigh…

  118. Now that’s what I call a pistol whipping.

  119. Okay they are being really ambiguos about if Six really knows who Tigh is. Using phrases like "Our minds were designed off of your’s" Weren’t the final five the first skin jobs built?

  120. @Gungadin – I totally started singing "It’s the eye of the Tigh-ger, is the cream of the fight!" in my head now.

  121. lol i thought cylons were like immortals and could feel echother

  122. @valo We don’t know anything about the Final Five, really… But it’s safe to assume they were built first because of the way the Significent Seven even remember them…

  123. @Valo – Yeh, but the other cylons don’t know who the five are.  Remember when Xena discovered the identities of the five?  They don’t know.

    That having been said, what sennima says is kinda correct – if the toasters can sense the other cylons then the skin jobs certainly should be able to as well. 

  124. @sennima The Raiders could sense the five, but the Seven have no idea who the Five are….

  125. What the frack?!  She’s lifting him!

  126. @gungadin thats what I was going on. How they talked in previous seasons about the final five it sounds like they were made before them


  127. YOU FRAKKIN FREAK MACHINE doesn’t quite have the eloquence of YOU DAMN DIRTY APES.

  128. The Seven only seem to be able to sense that the Five are with the fleet.

  129. @conor I don’t think the skin jobs are programmed to sense the final five… I think the five provided the Raiders the ability to sense them, but locked it out of the minds of the Seven…

  130. Get your damn dirty hands off of me you damn dirty ape… Cylon I mean…

  131. Head six holding up Baltar!! Holy Frak!!

  132. That is some AWESOME hair that Lee is sporting.

  133. Chapter 7, but the book is almost done?  Long chapters.

  134. Holly cow, Roslin is really driving the nail in the rift between Adama and son.

  135. I still love the inter-relationship between Roslin and Adama…

  136. Well, Tigh has broken.  And I think I’m a little bit ahead of the rest of you guys…..So don’t read this for a couple minutes.

  137. lee needs the fat suit again


  138. Look at that vampire blood kissage…

  139. Everyone is doing the whisper voice thing…

  140. Hi Starbuck!

  141. Gaius has fruit punch mouth.

  142. i wonder if baltar is playing the cathlocs for pawns….he is good

  143. Oh I forgot about Kara and crew… and they are going to end it there.

  144. Oh frak next week!

  145. @sennima I don’t think he’s playing them. I think he believes whats he’s preaching but watch for his self preservation to kick in and ruin it all.

  146. Well that was a freakin awesome episode… I can’t believe it’s over… And now for the next week’s preview…

  147. kara-sode


  148. And the Chief turns into Private Pyle next week.

  149. HA! They’re killing all but one of each model… I think… That’s my theory… So there’ll only be twelve Cylons before too long…

  150. later gang


  151. docotr who—best theme song on tv


  152. Pretty damn good ep, although sorry I missed the live chat! (it’s Saturday afternoon in California as I write this)

    Really hard to hear Tyrol go off on Bill like that. Ouch! He’s definitely losing it…Also feel really bad for Tigh – he’s one of my favorite characters on the show. Michael Hogan simply rocks every scene he’s given. Did any of you guys see him @ NYCC?

    Still sick of Roslin/Stands With a Fist and her self-righteousness. But…yes,the scenes between her and Bill are always good.

    Did anyone else catch how Lee got his tie stuck in Baltar’s coat after Baltar hugged him and somewhat disgustedly pulled it out? I thought that was a great touch, although I’m sure it just happened on set without any kind of planning.

    Next week, the return of Leoben! Let’s see how much he’ll frak with Kara’s head. Can’t wait! Man, I love this show!!

  153. @Paradiddle – Yeah, I saw Michael Hogan on the panel at NYCC.  He’s awesome.  Definitely one of my favorite con experiences.

  154. Just watched it. That was FREAKIN’ AMAZING! But then with the pedigree of Espenson writing and Olmos directing I shouldn’t have expected less. This season has got me more jazzed than any I can remember.

    I think James Callis and Michael Hogan might be the two best actors working in television, or anywhere, today. And that’s not taking away from any of the cast, who are all exceptional, it just speaks volumes of the quality we’re getting from Callis and Hogan.

    Seriously, as fanboys, we’ve been completely spoiled by this show. The writing, directing and cast involved? I doubt we’ll see it’s like again, so let’s just thanks the gods and enjoy what’s left.