It's the next DC Universe Animated film from producer Bruce Timm!

This trailer was showing on a loop in the DC booth at C2E2 this past weekend. I've been super excited for this one ever since seeing the "Making of…" featurette that was attached to JLA: Crisis on Two Earths. It looks really good.



Batman: Under the Red Hood is set to hit on DVD and Blu Ray on July 27, 2010. It's written by Judd Winick and stars Bruce Greenwood as Batman (although that doesn't sound like him in the voiceover), Neil Patrick Harris as Nightwing, and Jensen Ackles as The Red Hood.


  1. Aww man i was hoping to see more nightwing in the trailer..:( either way im buying it regardless!

  2. Ra’s Al Ghul, the Red Hood, Joker and AMAZO?


  3. Yes, please.

  4. Very excited for this movie just because of the voice cast. A bit confused though. That def doesn’t sound like Greenwood and that is Hamill’s joker laugh. I was really interested to hear DiMaggio’s joker. Can’t wait to hear NPH as Nightwing.

  5. Dude!  I was already jazzed to know my favorite writer was adapting one of his stories for the next DC Animated feature, and I love how they do not skimp on the voice talent!  This is going to be the best yet.

  6. Crisis on Two Earths was very good, I liked the "Under the Hood" story, so this can’t go wrong for me.

  7. @Anson17

    John DiMaggio, who plays Joker, is a voice acting pro.  For all we know he could be doing a Mark Hamill homage/impression. A lot of his work (Bender and Elzar the Chef from Futurama, and Wakka from Final Fantasy X, specifically) Sound not too far from Hamill’s Joker if you add the right inflection and dialect.

    I have no doubt that he can take those rolls and add the crazy. The dude has played Steve Ballmer for crying out loud. 

  8. I always forget he was Wakka. It’d be nuts if he was able to get the laugh that close.

  9. I’m pretty sure the voice over is Red Hood, Jensen Ackles.  When Batman actually talks, you can definitely tell that is Greenwood.  This looks Great!

  10. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Definitely doesn’t sound like Greenwood in the narration, but it’s definitely him when Batman speaks on screen. Either he was using a very different voice or that’s someone else doing the VO for the trailer. 

  11. oh wow…

  12. What is this?  A cartoon made out of those funnybooks you read?

  13. I wonder if we’ll finally get the comic version of Tim Drake in this.

  14. @Connor:  Don’t feel bad about getting excited.  I liked Judd’s initial story when he brought Jason back, and even wished they had done it in Hush.  But I thought he would be more of a villain.  Then came Countdown, and they just haven’t done much with the character since Under the Hood.  If the movie is a success, maybe that will change.

  15. This looks very promising.

  16. The animation looks great.  I will definite watch this, although I don’t know if I’ll purchase.  God bless Netflix (oh, the reviews that you guys do!).

  17. Oh my sweet lord, that looks awesome!

  18. Very cool. I wonder – since there’s two voices in the trailer – if there’s a "young Batman" voice for the "A Death in the Family" segment?

  19. NPH and Jensen Ackles??  Sold!

  20. It looks like it’s set in post-earthquake Gotham…. which is awesome.

    also this looks like one of the only pieces of media other than the comics where the complicated relastionship between Batman and the Robins is even considered…. which is awesome

    On the other hand is a cartoon

  21. How come they don’t use the voices of the people from "Batman: The Animated Series". I grew up on that show; it is probally the reason the I am so into comics now. Does anyone know?

  22. @RazorEdge757: Because they want to have different interpretations of the characters.

  23. @RazorEdge757 : 

    It’s the same reason why you don’t only two creators creating every book.  You need the variety and different people have, like Connor said, different interpretations, which I think is pretty healthy.

    Can’t wait to check this out.  That Batman voice is pretty okay, and I’m an addict for anything NPH. 

  24. im excited because as much as i hate the red hood i didnt hate him as much as winick wrote him

  25. @RazorEdge757: Also because those people are actors and don’t necessarily want to be locked into one role for the rest of their carreers

  26. Call me crazy, but I like Jason Todd as the Red Hood and can not wait for this.

  27. Either Greenwood sounds like a kid when he lowers his voice….Or I’m going to assume that is a younger Bruce Wayne talking….Or neither of those things.

    Animation wise this looks great as ever. But nothing really….wowed me about it. Just an average trailer as far as I’m concerned. More trailers/clips will change that opinion though. 

  28. Animation looks great, but I do with that this had Kevin Conroy and Mark Hamill

  29. Really looking forward to this. I’ve really liked all the DC Animation we’ve had recently.

  30. Thank you DC for Overhauling your animated movies.  This one looks like a great addition. Great voice actors!

  31. Another addition to my large DVD collection, oh yes, yes indeed.

  32. @Cedric I just notice you!!!! Yes. I’m the same MoniBolis

    I’ve never read this storyline, but the movie looks really cool

  33. Christopher Pike.  Barney Stinson.  One of those dudes from Supernatural.  DC Comics brings you… "AWESOME CASTING – AND ONE OF THOSE DUDES FROM SUPERNATURAL."

    Seriously though, looks good.


  34. Jensen Ackles? Hell yes! Hate the Batman voice, but man this looks amazing regardless! Definitely a buy!

  35. wait, jason todd is the red hood! damn, and i had thought it was going to be alfred.

  36. okay, so I’m not a big DC fan (though I do love Timm’s original Batman: Animated Series), and a quick look at Wikipedia reveals the Red Hood to be a long time Bat-nemesis, but boy does the mask look a little too Deadpool-esque for me. Sorry, mean no offense.

  37. LMAO!!! Greenwood’s narrative interpretation had me laughing out of my seat. Maybe he should have played it a little close to the vest. In the actual cut scene he was much better. Hope it’s more like that than the narrative voiceover. Blech!

  38. That’s not Greenwood in the VO.

  39. Redhood is a great character.

    He is at once Batman’s greatest failure both in failing to save him and failing to fully turn his moral compass. 

    And yet he is maybe more that side of Batman that makes Batman a "dark knight" do what it takes to win- ruthless to a point and past it with Jason Todd in ways the other robins aren’t.

    I get really tired of that- Robin pat line "I’ll never be like you Bruce!"  Well Jason said you know what I want to- and maybe then some.

    Trained by Batman – skilled- ruthless and just enough of a "hero" to walk the line.

    I would have been surprised if he wasn’t a compelling character coming back from all he’s been through.