BATMAN BEYOND Goes From Mini to Ongoing in January

Adam Beechen and Ryan Benjamin have been going above and beyond on Batman Beyond, bringing the animated series to the comic book page, and more importantly, doing it well.  Apparently, they were doing it so well that they're going to keep doing it.  A new Batman Beyond #1 his shelves in January, and now, there's no end in sight.

Adam Beechen will share details about the upcoming stories later on, but for now, check out the cover to the first issue.

For more, go to the DC Source.


  1. This is so awesome. I love the Batman Beyond universe. It’s great to see that the series is getting the recognition that it deserves.

  2. Awesome, can’t wait for the trade on the first mini which i will totally get as soon as it comes out

  3. i am NOT a Ryan Benjamin fan. i couldn’t keep reading it. hated the look of the book. really wanted to read it, because i am a big fan of the animated show. too bad. get Cameron Stewart or Darwyn Cooke to pencil it and I’ll be there!

  4. this is fantastic news!  i’ve been whining about wanting this to be an ongoing since issue 1 dropped…  awesome!

  5. Thanks for supporting this book and getting an on-going out of it everyone!

  6. -Somewhere in NYC Evie from Awesomed By Comics is Squealing.

  7. Yeah I’m Down

  8. Love that cover.  Awesome use of negative space.

  9. Yes, all kinds of awesome! I missed the 1st issue and was able to jump right in with the second. I’ll definitely be picking this up.

  10. I’ve liked the mini and think there’s loads more to tell in an ongoing.  I wonder if this is the start of DC’s version of Spider-Girl.

  11. this and the Lee/Azzarello thing have me jizzing all over my pants

  12. …and the series will not end until Conor does a little dance like the one done in the cartoon’s opener.

  13. I’m super excited by this. I just hope this doesn’t go down the drain like Spider-Girl…

  14. Spider-girl was a totally different animal. Its look and its reluctance to not create more of its own mythology kinda left it in a hole.

  15. Hate to be the dissenting voice, but this does nothing for me. Now if they did an ongoing set in DC continuity or something after Terry gets older and finds out Bruce is his father….THEN my interest will pick up. I find Beechens story to be unoriginal, very been there done that. Get Paul Dini on BB and that would also increase my interest.

  16. But..Bruce isn’t his father. If he was, I’d think that was lame, since Bruce already has Damain.

  17. But..Bruce actually kinda is Terry’s ‘genetic’ father.  And Terry has already found out.  Oddly enough, Bruce is still unaware.

  18. Well, yes, he’s more of a son to Bruce in terms of genetics than Dick, Jason and Tim.