Bad Dog #4 Review


Written by Joe Kelly

Art by Diego Greco

Publisher: Image


This week marked the return of one of my favorite new comics from last year – Joe Kelly and Diego Greco's Bad Dog. Picking up with issue number four, the book is back and just as strong as the first three publications, and here is why:

Before I go into the review of the actually issue, I am sure most of you are wondering what took so long? Well… things happen! There is no need to go into the details of the situation any further than Joe Kelly's introduction, and story re-cap, for this issue in which he states, "Bad Dog… doesn't feel like 'work,' and all too often it doesn't get the attention it deserves because I'm busy 'putting out fires' on other stuff. So my honest and sincere apologies that the book is late…" He also states that he intends to let some of these 'fires' burn a little longer allowing for some more Bad Dog time. Well, it's good enough for me, it should be good enough for you and we should all be thankful the book is back!

Even with so much time between this and the last issue, this read is like riding a bike on the road of revelry and dark existential humor making it easy to dive back in, especially as Diego Greco's art is still amazing and works in perfect harmony with the words penned by Kelly bringing this book to life. Last we read, Lou and Wendell kicked some vampire butt and then got drunk, and with the start of this issue some time has passed and they are still drunk and/or hung over for the new arc "What Happens… Stays"

***spoilers ahead***

Still infatuated with the girl on the milk carton, Lou decides it's time for another bender of epic proportions via a trip to the city of sin – Las Vegas. If you've ever read Hunter S. Thompson, or Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas, you were probably influenced by his words and outlook on living a free life – that or actually under the influence of something. Either way, one person (werewolf) that was truly inspired by the words of Thompson is Lou, as he has a two-page monolog which gives the reader some insight as to why Lou, and Wendell, live the (free) life they live. While this issue wasn't big big on strong narrative content, this issue has our band of revelrous renegades doing what they do best and letting trouble find them as the issue concludes with Lou, on the bathroom floor covered in his bloody vomit, meeting a red-headed escort name Ruby (who has some dark and questionable acquaintances) making for a good lead-in for issue five. 

Either way, it's awesome to have Bad Dog back! I raise my glass to Mr. Kelly, Mr. Greco, the folks at Image Comics and to my favorite foul-mouthed and drunken werewolf – Lou. 


STORY: 3 (5 after a couple glasses of bourbon) / ART: 5 / OVERALL: 4 (5 while imbibed)

(Out of 5)