Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes Micro Episode 2

Marvel's newest cartoon, Avengers: Earth's MIghtiest Heroes, debuts on DisneyXD on Wednesday October 20th, and 8:30pm EST / 7:30pm CST. Leading up to the first episode, Marvel is putting out a series of "micro episodes" to whet the pallate.

Here's the second episode, "The Coming of The Hulk":

If you missed the first episode, "Iron Man is Born", you can check it out here.


  1. looks good.

  2. This show is going to be amazing.  Cant wait!

  3. Looks pretty good but if they change the origing of the Absorbing Man just to fit him in as a Hulk villian, I’m going to be bent!

  4. I haven’t seen dark thematic tones like this since Batman: The Animated Series. It’s promising.

  5. @k5blazer – You know, we’re not exactly talking about Spider-Man’s origin here…

    Looks very cool. 

  6. You know, that wouldn’t have happened if he had gotten his coffee faster…