Avengers #7 Trailer: Red Hulk Changes Everything!

Avengers #7, coming out on November 17 promises to be a big issue, as Brian Michael Bendis weaves in the ever popular Red Hulk in to the current Avengers storyline.  Below is a trailer for the upcoming issue, one that was premiered at the New York Comic Con this past weekend and honestly works as a good recap for the past 6 issues of Avengers, and could put you in a good spot to jump on with Avengers #7, if you wanted.  Why not? Everyone loves the Red Hulk and seeing him drawn by John Romita, Jr.? Not too shabby.



Marvel provided the following description for this trailer:

The Red Hulk smashes into the world of the Avengers. But is he friend or foe? And just what does he want? Find out in Avengers #7, from the chart-topping team of Brian Bendis, John Romita Jr, Klaus Janson and Dean White, arriving in stores November 17! 


  1. okay… that seemed cool

  2. I’ll have to check that out. Red Hulk entrance got me excited! Good trailer.

  3. I always new the Red Hulk was bad news.

  4. i love the same gleaming light graphic for everything hahaha.

  5. Nothing has been able to get me excited for this book. i tried to like it i really did, but i stuggled to read the first three issues, and i don’t see the Red Hulk getting me back in it.

    that was a nice trailer though!


  7. I’m really surprised I haven’t picked this up yet.  I had no idea Janson was inking Romita JR.  I think he and Williamson are the best to ink over JRJR.

    Add Red Hulk.. win/win. 

  8. who the hell is " The strongest one there is " nowadays?

  9. Hulk.  Always.  😉

  10. great trailer…but i dropped this book a while back. Red hulk use to be cool!

  11. God, I hate the Red Hulk.

  12. Red Hulk Changiest One There Is!

  13. (Interesting…apparently one site states it should be spelled "changest". http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/changest And I thought I was making this word up. 🙂 Hey, however you spell it, the Red Hulk is it!)

  14. That JRJR art in this looks really really rough. I was going to trade wait for this, but that art is moving it toward a pass for me.

  15. Rulk is a bad guy.  Likely he will put the smackdown on Iron Man, but Wolverine and Thor will bring the pain!

  16. never read red hulk but i’m interested in seeing this happen 

  17. Well now I dont need to buy the first Avengers trade

  18. The whores that will visiti upon the ones they love, the whores that are all his fault.

  19. The grey and green hulk are ok…. But the red hulk is awsome!