Ask Ed Brubaker! What Should Word Balloon Ask?

We're going to try a new feature on some Word Balloon episodes. When I have enough advanced notice on certain guests, I will include 5 fan questions posted either here at iFanboy, or at the Word Balloon Message Board.

Rest assured, the Bendis Tapes, Loeb Report, and 50 questions with Gail Simone shows will continue as always.

Please limit yourself to one question per post. I will choose 5 questions only, and you have until Monday at 5pm CST to submit Q's. There will be plenty of competition, so make them good! Fire Away! 

Here's a look at Ed's upcoming Incognito: Bad Influences:


  1. Dear Ed,

    Can you list some of your favorite pulp, comic, cinema and noir influences, and would you name any specific creators or characters that really inspired you in your own work?

    As an aside: when choosing headgear, built for comfort or built for speed? 



  2. I’m afraid I don’t have a specific question, just wanna hear him talk about the guild thing. 🙂

  3. btw, Brubaker got me to start buying Captain America again after 25 years or so

    and I just read all of Sleeper in like three days

    one of my two favorite comic book writers currently

    Cheers, and Good Job, as always at Word Balloon.

    I really enjoy these podcasts. 

  4. After the next Criminal trade comes out, will there be another hard cover criminal deluxe edition to include trades 4-6 + extras?

  5. Whats a character you would love to write that would surprise a lot of people?

  6. Will there be a Captain America Omnibus volume 3 (if the Death of Captain America Omnibus was considered volume 2)?

  7. @rjspring – I actually can answer that one. It’s already been posted. It’s due out in January and it’s apparently called CAPTAIN AMERICA LIVES OMINBUS.

  8. What is your favorite project you have worked on, ed? 

  9. What will it take to get you to bring the magic to DC?

  10. How do you clear your head when you get frustrated with your work?

  11. Will we ever see any of the characters from Purgatory, USA or Lowlife appear in Criminal or Incognito… or perhaps even a peek into their lives in a different title? Surely Tommy could meet Leo or Tracy. Or is Tommy Booker from Lowlife actually Tommy Patterson from Criminal and thus Leo’s father/prototype? You don’t get enough credit for your early books, I tell you.

  12. Are there’s any plans for more Marvel’s Project type series? It felt like you left a lot of room for more stories and have expressed interest in doing more.

  13. I feel like I should check old Word Balloons for this answer, but here goes anyway, just in case it hasn’t been covered:


    Since you’ve had a couple notable runs with co-writers (Gotham Central and Iron Fist), how did your personal writing process change to accommodate the style/process of the other writer?

  14. Did you want to bring back Steve, and/or did you know he’d be brought back when you made Bucky Cap?

  15. What’s the best crime or noir film you’ve seen lately? Have you seen The Square? If so, what did you think?

  16. Are there any plans to work with Michael Lark again?

    I love his work but I dont think it clicks as well when he isn’t illustrating your writing

  17. When you are writing crime stories how do you go about researching them?

  18. Firstly, John I love the work you do on Word Balloon. Tahnks for all you do

    Question for Ed: If you were esked to adapt ANY existing film into a comic, what would it be.

    (Could be a one shot or a series or whatever you like, you get to pick your art team and you get paid to do it)

    Thanks, Greg Leclair, Toronto  

  19. Hey Ed,

    Your one of my favorite writers, and I only have one question. I love all your creator owned books, I think their some of the best comics anytime they come out so I was just wondering when you and Michael Lark are going to put a creator-owned book out?

  20. Ed,

    Have you had a chance to see Animal Kingdom or the latest series of Underbelly? 

    The Underbelly series was set in Sydney’s King’s Cross which is one of the seediest/scariest places on earth. It’s like a real life version of the hyper-realistic "City" from Criminal. I think you would like it. 

    Also what font is used in the Incognito banner? 



  21. Ed,

    Any chance of a Moon Knight centered arc for Secret Avengers? His fractured mind could be a great means for crafting a mystery for the team? Otherwise, why have him on the team? 

  22. Where do you see Criminal going for future stories and/or adaptation plans?

  23. Ed, would you and Rucka ever do a creator-owned book together?

  24. If the new regime of DC decided to make a Gotham Central TV show, would you be allowed to work on it (since it is of course a different medium)?


    the Tiki 

  25. Are you involved in anyway in the X-men First Class movie, as it appears to be lifting elments from your run on Uncanny?

  26. Ed Brubaker! My favorite comic book writer, when are you going to write a pulping crime novel so you can be favorite prose writer too?!

  27. Another one for Michael Lark? You guys really compliment each other.

  28. Any chance of any new creator owned series featuring a different artist than Sean Phillips?

    That’s no disrespect to Sean, he’s a fantastic artist

  29. Mr. Brubaker,

    Back during the Eye of the Storm era of Wildstorm, you and Joe Casey were doing some great, innovative work. Point Blank, The Authority: Revolution, and of course Sleeper are some of my favorite books of that time. Hypothetically,  if you had stayed atDC/Wildstorm and if Wildstorm had continued with its mature themed titles, what characters would you have wanted to work on and what would you have done with them? For example, a Gen13 book where the kids are in their mid-20s, a bit more mature, and taking the fight to Ivana and the whole I/O organization – or what was left of I/O after Lynch, Tao et al had their way with it. 


    Also, some bastard stole my Complete Lowlife. Please do another printing.

  30. Invaders. Cap, Namor, Torch. 1941 or thereabouts.

    When? Can Alex Ross NOT be involved?