Artist Tyler Kirkham exclusive with DC, joins GREEN LANTERN CORPS

Hey, DC's got more news over on their blog and at least this time it's not about Batman!

Artist Tyler Kirkham, who has been known, primarily, for his work at Top Cow (StrykeForce) and Marvel Comics (Ultimate Fantastic Four) has signed an exclusive deal with DC Comics. His first assignment? He'll be handling the pencilling duties on Green Lantern Corps with writer Tony Bedard.

Here's some of his upcoming work. The image on the left is the cover to Untold Tales of The Black Lanterns #1 and the middle image is the cover to Green Lantern Corps #53, both of which hit stores in October.


And here's what Tyler has to say:

"I am absolutely ecstatic to be working at DC and on Green Lantern Corps. It's great to be involved in the DC universe right now. They are doing such big things. Its also cool to be on a Green Lantern title. Not only are there tons of great characters, but they are all fun to draw, because they are so diverse. Also with the movie coming out soon it makes things even more exciting. I am having so much fun already and I'm only an issue in. The direction Tony [Bedard] is taking the story fits my art style very well. Also to be working with Batt again is a true pleasure. After all he is the best inker in the biz in my opinion. Plus to have Nei Ruffino coloring my work is amazing. I have worked with her on a couple small things in the past, but have always wanted to work with her on a bigger scale."

I'm not entirely familiar with Tyler Kirkham's work but I guess I'll be learning more about it come October.


  1. Is that a White Lantern Animal Man I see? This is awesome news I was a big fan of the Ultimate FF and his work in it was really good. I wonder what title(s) Ardian Syaf will move onto? I love his art as well and hope he gets something great to showcase his talents.

  2. that looks good

  3. more imporntly isnt that the black lantren book

  4. Very ugly 90’s style art. His art ruined the Ult FF and the second Phoenix: Endsong story for me. Paired with Tony Bedard it looks like I’ll be dropping GL Corps.

  5. @davidtobin100 Pretty sure Phoenix: Endsong was Greg Land art.

    Plus Tony Bedard=Awesome.

  6. Yup, I just checked, you mean Phoenix: WARsong, which is probably an easy mistake to make.

  7. @davidtobin100

    I agree about the art, but i might give them one or two issues to hook me because i really like Bedard’s REBELS book and I think he’s great at the cosmic stuff.

  8. @CAM: Yea you’re right it’s Warsong. I knew it was the second one alright. 

    @Ehssan: Other than his Vril Dox (who was written excellently to be fair) I wasn’t really buying into the other characters. That paired with a substantial drop in art quality after Andy Clarke left on issue 3 meant I lost interest very quickly. 

    Most times I’ve read Bedard stuff it’s when he came onto a book I loved and he just wasn’t good enough to keep up the quality. Exiles and Birds of Prey are two examples. The last big thing I saw him on was Countdown with Dini and the less said about that the better. 

  9. Why? Why is DC getting rid of Syaf for GLC? Makes no sense at all. This Kirkham guy doesn’t impress me what so ever. Looks like a guy stuck in the year 1996.

    I might now have a reason to drop GLC… 

  10. I wondered how long before DC starts killing the GL franchise. Just in time for the movie it seems…

  11. Seriously, those images made by Kirkham look straight out of the 90s.

    Huge muscles, weird anatomy, huge boobs…..okay maybe that last part is ANY decade. Still, there is nothing impressive about his work at all.