Art in the Big City

If you happen to be in the New York City area (otherwise known as the epicenter of comics), from April 5-26, you want to be sure to check out From Panel to Panel, an art show featuring lots of original art pages, sketches, and more from private collections.

The lineup of artists is really what makes this special.  Just check out some of the names: Art Adams, Brian Bolland, John Byrne, Gilbert and Xaime Hernandez, Michael Lark, John Romita Jr., Darwyn Cooke, and even a little Jack Kirby, which is gorgeous in person.

For more information, download the pdf here. The show is located at the Medialia Gallery, at 335 West 38th Street, on the 4th Floor.

If you’re feeling really mingle-y, you can attend the opening reception this Saturday April 5, from 3-6pm. Rumor has it that there will be some industry luminaries in attendance, but don’t quote me on that.


  1. ill defintly be going to this. im not sure about the opening though.

  2. Excellent!  I’ve been looking for something to do on my next day off.  I only wish the exhibit at the Jewish museum last winter had stuck around longer.  One day wasn’t nearly enough to pore over all those original pages and sketches.

  3. Add that to the things to do when i’m there.. 🙂

  4. That exhibit at the Jewish Museum was amazing.  That’s where I saw the old Kirby pages.  They were amazing.

  5. Hell, I may ride the Chinatown express from Boston for this one!

  6. I went to the Jewish Museum exhibit too. It was fantastic! Much agreed Josh, the Kirby stuff was magnificent! The second part of the show, of comic strips was great too (it was in Newark). There was a show in Montclair, NJ last summer, that had some of the Kuberts’ (Joe, Adam, and, Andy) work.

    I’ll definitely check out this as well. It’s great that comics are getting more recognition as art. Will Eisner would be proud.

  7. Is good. I like. I will go to this show you speak of.

  8. This is why I love NYC. I just wish we would have this in Los Angeles. I know I saw some old kirby pages sometime back and all I can say is WOW there are so beautiful.