Arkham Asylum 2 Teaser Trailer

The teaser trailer for the sequel to the seemingly omnipresent Arkham Asylum video game has hit. Behold:



It would appear that all of you people who played the first game did a pretty poor job of protecting Gotham City!


  1. Can’t wait. Here’s hoping the rogue’s gallery is better represented in that classical sense with the likes of Two-Face, Penguin and an in-game Riddler.


  2. In the third installment, Joker takes over Gotham’s new Ikea store. 

    Still need to grab the first one (enjoyed the demo), but glad that this is now a franchise after decades of failed superhero games.

  3. I’m a little worried that it’s coming so soon after the last one came out. But if it’s the same quality as the first one and more of the same, then I’ll be gettin’ it fo’ sho’.

  4. Anyone else notice The Question posters at the beginning?

  5. @Slockhart Those aren’t Question posters, their modified Uncle Sam posters, you can see them clearer on the game’s website

  6. I thought the first one was mediocre at best. It didn’t add anything new and other than boss fights became repetitive rather quickly. I know it was reviewed well and lots of people liked it, but for me to buy this one there will need to be major changes to the fundamental gameplay and combat system.

  7. Seeing this yesterday, I was so shocked at the state of The Joker in this trailer.

    Is he sick? Is he dying? Does this take place in the future? If that’s the case why is Harley Quinn still looking young? Where the hell is Batman?

    It has no gameplay footage or anything else, but that reveal of Joker totally makes me want to get the sequel. Just to see what the hell is going on. Then again the first game was absolutely amazing and one of the best games I’ve played this year. Probably played the challenges over a billion times to get the perfect score.

  8. @TheNextChampion It probably has to do with the drugs he dosed himself up with at the end of the first game.

  9. @USPUNX-Seeing as how those aspects of the game were universally praised by critics and fans, I doubt they will change much.

  10. @zombox: Actually that makes sense, he did that a lot of the Toxin in the game.

    Does anyone else get goosebumps when Mark Hamill does the laugh? It is so damn good when he does it every time.

  11. @drake-I know they were praised…I’m just still trying to figure out why. I enjoyed the game I just think it had some flaws. It was slow paced and, as is a common flaw in this generation of games, was more like watching a movie than playing a video game. I’ll give credit where its due, the challenges were fun and often boss battle were challenging and interesting, but the overall game play needs some help in my opinion.

  12. love the fact that they drop refences two the The Penguin two face and the black mask if you look closely

  13. @TheNextChampion I’ve always loved how Hamill can change from that wackity-schmackity Joker type tone, to that really sadistic anger and have it all work. It’s amazing in this trailer how he’s added that raggity quality to it…

    I recently revisited him as the Trickster on the Flash and it’s weird seeing the performance that goes along with that voice. IT’s really awesome actually.   

  14. HAHAHAHAHHAHAAAA <cough> Mark Hamill is The Joker in my mind.

  15. I just hope i don’t have to fight the Scarecrow every 10 minutes in this one.

  16. @josh: Wow, seriously? Those sections were the best part in the entire game.

  17. The first time…

  18. @josh: So the moment you relive the murder of Bruce’s parents or reenacting the beginning of the game did nothing for you?

    Wow, that is a first.

  19. Right, because I haven’t heard Batman’s story 9000 times over the last 3 decades.

  20. @josh: But the point is that YOU are experiencing this in the eyes of Bruce. The moment where he kneels next to his parents and then suddenly turns into his kid self….That was just pure gold right there.

    I’m going to judge from this little conversation that you did not like the game.

  21. I liked the game plenty, but I hate cut-scenes, and I hate being slowed down while working my way through a game.

    And I made a joke that I’ve now been explaining for too long.

  22. I could have done without seeing Batman’s origin story again. It was a great looking scene, no doubt, but could have been left out and I wouldn’t have missed it.

  23. say what you will about the scarecrow bits you have to admit it was cool how for a split second it looked like the game had broke

  24. I said it was cool.  But the third time it happened, I just wanted to get on with it. I game like I’m doing chores. I want to be done with the game as soon as possible. I’ve got shit to do.

  25. Sign me up.  I loved the first one, and I’m sure this one will be just as good.

  26. Loved Arkham Asylum and I like that we’re moving into Gotham.  So I’m guessing a batmobile level in this one.

  27. I just had a geekgasm.  Loved the first one, now I want a Open world (ala Grand Theft Auto) Batman saves Gotham game . . . from the looks of this, that may be what we are getting.

  28. I am really looking forward to this as I loved the first game.  I thought the combat was great, as it could be a button masher if that’s what you wanted or get deeper if that’s what you wanted as well.  The stealth was great (if a bit "gamey") and I thought the Scarecrow parts were top-notch (the way the hallway slowly became the alleyway was spectacular and that alone justified having the origin in the game, for me).  A larger open world would be alright, but I don’t want any driving or flying or any of that.  Focus and expand on what made the first game so great, the atmosphere, storytelling, combat and stealth.

  29. Maybe the objective is to get from one side of the city to the other. You could still have the same gameplay elements from the first game if they somehow get rid of the vehicles and planes Batman has.

  30. HECK YES

  31. Huge fan of the first game and can’t wait for this one.

    The Joker looked really old to me. I’m assuming the game will be set in the future. Does Batman have any time travelling rogues that I don’t know about. I know we saw Harley being all slinky and sexy but we never saw her face. Could be a case of 40-20 there.

    Either that or the toxin from the first game really fucked him up

  32. It sure looks perty — the demo of the first one, however, seemed to portray a game where the action was overchoreographed.

  33. Looking at the demo again it’s possible they’ve turned Arkham into some kind of "Escape from New York" style place where they just dump criminals and let them do whatever.

    Did anyone else notice the Sionis name written on the building just before we see the Joker? That’s Black Mask, right?

  34. I thought the first game was pretty cool so i’ll definitely check this one out. My biggest problem though was that I absolutely HATE the character models and I wasnt surprised when I heard Wildstorm was responsible for that. All the males look like they are pumping ultra steroids and some of females are wearing very raunchy clothing…. hell, Poison Ivy was barely wearing anything at all. Also, while I loved the Joker in Dark Knight, it looks like they’re taking him one step further in mirroring Ledgers appearance(now with the black eyes).

  35. Im waiting for the first one to become a greatest hit before I buy it :/

  36. geez, this seems so soon. has the original really been out that long? this game’s puttin out more sequels than Guitar Hero!

  37. @FACE – I don’t know…is it really that soon?  I mean, there is no release date set as far as I can tell, so if it comes out later 2010 that will be 1 year between games, much like many other series as well. 

  38. i have to agree with josh; the first time i experienced the scarecrow section when it bled from the reenactment of his parents death, that  was cool. the next tree times were annoying! i believe the majority of this game will take place in an amusement park? and the uncle sam posters are actually posters of two-face. i adored the first game and can’t wait for the sequel! all i ask…NO MORE BANE! NO MORE TITANS! i’m sick of throwing bat-a-rangs! lol

  39. @ DarkKnightDetective i hated the character models! but that’s the unreal engine for ya! jacked up monsters!

  40. @ reg5000 did you finish the game yet? the ending explains why joker is in that state.

  41. @josh Any chance we’ll get an Arkham Asylum review from you once you’re done? everytime i see you playing a game on Xbox Live, it’s that one so you must be almost done by now

  42. @WilliamKScurryJr I had the same fears after playing the demo, but the combat stuff was really well balanced with stealth and exploration so it never felt too choreographed and never had to carry the game.  i was hoping that the sequel wouldn’t be more of the same, but an open-world Gotham is probably overambitious at this point.  The teaser website is so the compromise is to do the same game in a new asylum, I guess.  So in summary, buy the game 🙂

  43. I really liked the first opne, but I worry that the speed which they are hurrying out this new one will mean it will be more of the same, more like an expansion pack than a new game.

  44. I really need to finish the first one.  I’m at the Poison Ivy boss battle but MW2 is eating up my time.  Can’t wait the first one was a great game. I thought it was what Assassin’s Creed should have been like.

  45. Gametrailers breaks down the trailer here :

    it gives all the hidden gems and clues of what is to come.

  46. @RahUniQue I have finished it and aside from being bashed up the Joker didn’t look that bad. Look at the trailer, he looks and sounds old. It could be the serum degrading his body or something but the whole post-apocalyptic Gotham thing feels futurey to me.

  47. @RahUniQue I can’t believe I didn’t pick up on the possibility of this being a post-Cataclysm Gotham. That’d be sweet for a video game. It had better be a sandbox game though. If I run into some stupid invisible wall or an alleyway blocked by some impenetrable flaming car then I’m gonna be pissed.

  48. First game was great, I am definitely in for more.