Are New Comics for 02/18/09 dying? Mayhap.

Get to pulling this Wednesday’s books, and then let us know what you’re looking forward to most, what you’re dropping, what others should be buying and anything you’re thinking. Be heard, because we need you, iFanbase!

What are the iFanboys buying? Check it out here: Conor, Ron, Josh, and Gordon the Intern. And what about the rest of the staff? What are they buying? Dave, Jim, Paul, Mike, and Sonia.

Last week there as hardly anything of note out of Marvel. The week before it was DC. This week, both companies have sort of a lackluster week. Things to look froward to: Dark Avengers #2, the final issues of Robin and Birds of Prey, Spider-Man: Noir #3, Peter J. Tomasi’s first regular issue of The Outsiders, and Invincible #59.

This week Josh has the Pick of the Week!

Bonus Question: Are you paranoid or are they really out to get you?




     psyched about dark avengers and the new ASM


    BQ: probably both. I know I must be on a list somewhere for the amount of strange books i have bought or checked out of the library out of morbid curiousity.

  2. I was lukewarm on the first Dark Avengers, so really hoping for more with this one…

    BQ: Out to get me. Always have been.

  3. There’s your Captain Britain MI13 trade for the folks who were waiting or on the fence.  Get it!

  4. FOUR EYES #2!  Yaaaaaay!


  5. @Josh: Also, the NIGHT WITCHES trade! Already!

  6. Captain Britain is a very good book. I highly recommend it.

    Looking forward to: Dark Avengers, Invincible, Spider-Man Noir, ASM

    I’m especially excited for X-Factor #40 as I was totally floored by issue #39. It’s a good X-week all round with Uncanny and Kingbreaker and Legacy.



  7. 5 Marvel books this week: Dark Avengers, Punisher Max, GotG, Amazing Spider Man, and Hulk Vs. Wolv. No DC and 5 Marvel books is quite surprising.

    Most excited for Four Eyes #2.

  8. Don’t forget Dynamo 5 #11!!!  Only a buck and a perfect jumping on point with a full recap.  I guarantee you will like it!!!  Support one of the best superhero books out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Can’t wait to see whats in store for Invincible, and G.I.Joe Origins has me excited cuz its Hama writing it.  Anyone know if its an ongoing or a mini?  I can’t seem to find a straight answer.

    Small week but should still be fun.  I might pick up All Star Sups vol.2 this week too

    BQ: Well I couldn’t have dreamed up that death threat…could I?

  9. Looking forward to all my books, especially the Solomon Kane and Ghost Rider.

    Thought the Solomon Kane was an ongoing . . .

    Also that Ultimate Spider-Man Hardcover volume 10.

  10. Ooo, forgot the BQ.

    *as shadowy government agents stand behind me* No one is out to get anyone. There is no secret conspiracy.

    *turns to shadowy figures* Can i have my cat back now?

  11. Dark Avengers #2 – meh

    Four Eyes #2 – i’m excited but pissed off about the wait. it’s the second issue for heck’s sake

    Invincible #59 cool-

    Ultimate Wolverine Vs Hulk New Ptg #2 – i just feel like a should buy four books at the store

    BQ: Neither really. These bonus questions are a bit like a lepsius test for Conor. Who’s out to get you mate?

  12. Don’t hold the Four Eyes delay on them too much.  The book pays on the backend, and the art is stupendous, so it’s my understanding that doing Four Eyes doesn’t pay the bills, so the artist has to do other work as well.  The final product though…

  13. I recommend Captain Britain as well.

    I’m looking forward to ASM and I am going to try to pick up Four Eyes and Shrapnel, hopefully they don’t sell out before I get to the shop next week sometime.  I am going to be dropping Dark Avengers I think because while I liked the first one I need to make some room for other books I want to read more.  That’s pretty much it for me.

    BQ: I AM paranoid and they ARE out to get me.

  14. no DC for me this week, which is unusual… 
    only Godland and Rex Mundi…  i keep telling myself I will hold out for the trade, but they are too good to wait…

    BQ: probably just paranoid, but you never know…

  15. Taking a stand and dropping Dark Avengers.  The first one did nothing for me.  

  16. Robin #183, Outsiders #15, Birds of Prey #127, Captain Britain and Night Witches trade.

    I might drop Uncanny X-Men.  I’ll see how I feel when I get to the store.

    Invincible is officially dropped.

  17. @Kory: Everytime someone drops Uncanny, Ron cries. Don’t do it to him, man.

  18. I must’ve been too hasty at dropping books as I’ve only got four this week: Amazin’ Spidey; Uncanny X-Men; Tiny Titans (aw, yeah!); Robin.

    I’ve already got the Captain Britain trade, it came out in the UK just before Christmas. Please buy it everyone. That scene with the flags still gets to me every time.. 

    BQ: such a retro question, so 70s!

  19. Two books only for me but excited for them. Amazing Spidey’s been on a roll and X-Factor is back to the good old days. 

  20. Attention everyone! Pleae give the new Duncan Rouleua book, Great Unknown a shot! If for anything the beautiful art.

    Other than that it’s a small week with Hellblazer, Guardians, and Spiderman Noir being the only things I am really exicited for. 

    BQ: Thank you for confirming your employment for them Conor. 

  21. God damnit, never trust other comic websites people. Cause when they say Captain America is gonna come out this week…’ll believe it like I did.

    Instead I got yet another slooooow week.

    Punisher: Frank Castle Max #67 and Ultimate Wolverine vs Hulk #2

    Ugh. Those are two good books but….ugh. Is there any number one’s/annuals/one-shots/or jumping on points anyone can recommend?

    BQ: SHHHHHHH!!!!!!! the walls have ears….

  22. Oh snap, I didn’t even notice Four Eyes #2!

  23. Everyone buy Four Eyes!  Then there won’t be delays!  It deserves to be an in-demand book!  

  24. @MeanOldPig – What’s this Great Unknown book we’re looking for?  I can’t seem to find any information.  

  25. @MeanOldPig – Very cool.  Pulled.  

  26. Mysterius the Unfathomable, everybody!  The first issue of this Wildstorm series by Jeff Parker & Tom Fowler was the freshest thing I’ve read all year.  (OK, it’s only February, but still — it’s good!)  Check out #2 (and you can probably still get 1, as well).

    And I listed ‘Four Eyes’ #2 in my pulls, though I was lucky enough to get a copy directly from Joe Kelly at NYCC.  Too bad it’s been delayed, but I went back and read both issues back to back and this is worth supporting! 

    I also want to mention the ‘Secret Invasion: Thunderbolts’ TPB — if you didn’t follow the series during SI, it’s really fun comics and if you’re into Dark Avengers/Dark Reign, it gives some good background on Osborn & his team.

    Also psyched for Uncanny X-Men.  The Terry Dodson art in the previews looks great, and this book has just been a ton of fun.

    BQ: Well, if they’re not out to get me, my toaster is lying!

  27. If you are still wondering about the Great Unknown there is also a five page preview up on Newsarama.

    Alright,  I am done pimping this book for now. 

  28. I can handle a couple more issues of Dark Avengers, considering it’s the only book I’m committed to this week. Then, lo and behold, The Warriors comic comes out this week! Unfortunately, it’s just a movie adaptation. If you do a search on it, the writers intend to flesh it out, so hopefully there’ll be more to come. DID YOU SEE, CHAMP?! 

    BQ: tell it to me. tell it to me. drink your corn liquor let the cocaine be! cocaine gonna kill my honey, yeah!

  29. Happy Presidents Day everyone!  By the way, does that mean comics are arriving on Thursday?

    My books include: Birds of Prey, Robin, Outsiders, Brave & Bold, JLA, Supergirl, Amber Atoms (it’s a #1 and it’s sci-fi – looks good), Dynamo 5, Godland, Invincible, ASM, Dark Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, Ultimate Fantastic Four (what can I say, I like Ultimatum), and Death Defying Devil.

    BQ: Paranoid????  Am I paranoid????  No, they really are out to get me!!!!  Even my dog looks at me strangely.

  30. dark avengers 2

    x-men lagacy

    and GI Joe origins #1


    BQ: no, I’M out to get THEM!

  31. Just to let everyone know, there is another SOLOMON KANE mini in the works.  This isn’t the end of the book. 

  32. Dynamo 5 #11, perfect jumping on point and only $1!!!

    Hey, if MeanOldPig can pimp, so can I 😛

  33. I’m only getting a manga called 20th century boys.  I hear it is pretty good. 

     bonus- both

  34. some trades that are the last runs of Fraction (punisher) and Dixon (outsiders).  will possibly get em.

  35. @MeanOldPig. Nice spot. i’m down too

  36. They already got me

  37. They seriously already have the Battlefields trade ready?  Man…further proof that DC needs to get its trade program up to speed.

    Under $15 worth of books for the week?!  Nice!  And that’s including picking up the 99 cent Dynamo 5.  I’m surprised that Ron hasn’t been promoting this more.

  38. Oooo!!!! I just saw something amazing on the list!

    An indie company is adapting the film ‘The Warriors’ in a five issue mini. Oh god I love that film, and I recommend it to anyone who hasnt seen it. I know for a fact my LCS isnt gonna get this though….gotta make sure the store gets it next time.

  39. Only four books this week.  I would pick up a trade, but my fiance and I just booked the honeymoon this week, so even spending an extra $12 looks like a bad idea.  We’ll see how I feel when I get to the store.  Maybe this will be a good time to get workin’ on small but formidable stack (both comics and prose).

    BQ: They’re not to get me per se…but you…you, I can’t speak for. 


    BQ: I think I’m less paranoid than I should be.

  41. Low key week. Nothing jumping off the shelves at me, except ASM. Though I’m still somehow spending 30 something, w-t-f.

    BQ: I’ve already gotten them, with the candlestick, in the library. Tim Curry was there .. 

  42. Another solid week – looking forward to Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny, Dark Avengers, Hellblazer, Golly, Invincible, Noble Causes (only one issue left – waaaaaa), DYNAMO 5 (Buy this book!!!), Aaron’s Ghost Rider has been amazing. I’m also on board with Four Eyes, although I don’t seem to love it as much as some. I may try the G.I. Joe Origins book as well. Sad to see Birds of Prey go, although it hasn’t been the same since Simone left. I’m also digging the Ultimatium stuff in the Ultimate books, so UFF is on the list.

    I’m on the fence about Justice League – thought I’d never say that — but this isn’t my JLA. If this issue doesn’t deliver, I’m afraid for the first time since 2000, I may not be buying Justice League. And McDuffie is so much better than this.

    @TNC – if my shop gets it, I may check out that Warriors book. Love, Love, Love that flick.

    BQ: Why do you ask? You know something I don’t? 

  43. Wow, really only one book? I don’t think that has ever happened before. Watch out trades. Don’t know what I’m buying but I know I’m not leaving the LCS with only 3.99 spent.


    BQ: How did you know they were out to get me? 

  44. Who’s got the pick this week? I wanna place bets.

  45. @JJ: It’s always indicated in this post.

  46. It’s always listed in the original post, just above the Bonus Question.  Josh has the pick this week.  

  47. wait. so, who has the pick?

  48. Yeah……Does Sonia have the pick?

  49. is there a delay from presidents day??

  50.  Most excited for Kingbreaker, Uncanny and Dark Avengers!

    BQ: They really are out to get me.

  51. Only two books for me. Supergirl and Superman/Batman. I might give Great Unknown and Johnny Monster a try, though. and i’ll probably pick up either the Captian Britain and Mi13 or Battlefields: Night Witches trade, maybe both.

    BQ: I’ve always been paranoid……. but I’ve also always known they’ve been out to get me.   

  52. Amazing Spider-Man #587

    Bout to subscribe when i get my tax return…

    Robin #183

    It has to be better than Nightwing’s finale.


    Supergirl #38

    Yes, Supergirl is so sweet!

    Superman Batman #55

    I’ve been really impressed with this Superbat arc.  Silly, but fun.  And the art has been spectacular!  I would do anything if I could draw like that!

    Punisher Frank Castle Max #67

    I can’t see why nobody likes this one.

    Wow, that’s only five titles this week!  


  53.  Dark Avengers #2 I really liked the fist one and can’t wait to see how the big throw down will happen because you know it will.

    Kabuki relflections # 12 I gobble up David Mack’s art with a spoon can’t wait


    Uncanny Xmen # It’s getiing better but still wish i was more excite about this

     X men Kingbreaker # 3 meh


    BQ yes and they taste like chicken 

  54. My money’s on 4 eyes for Josh’s POW.

  55. Amazing Spider-Man #587

    Brave And The Bold #22

    Guardians Of Galaxy #10

    Justice League Of America #30

    Supergirl #38

    Tangent Supermans Reign #12 (OF 12)

    Trinity #38


    Small week. JLA is on the chopping block. I had high hopes for McDuffie’s run but so far it has been a big yawn.

    I was going to get the CAPTAIN BRITAIN AND MI13 trade, but I found the single issues last week. I would rather spend $12 on he singles than $17 on the trade. The 30 year-old reprints are of no interest to me.


    bq: I always feel like somebody’s watchin’ me (and I have no privacy)


  56. Light week for me and yeah that Cap Britain trade seems a bit light on content for the price

  57. This week is so light (3 books) that I’ll be picking up the battlefields tpb.  Nice coincidence for Dynamite, because I don’t think I’ll be alone in this. 

  58. Wow, very quiet week for DC readers … I’m most lookin’ forward to Outsiders, Robin & Birds Of Prey.

    BQ – I wasn’t paranoid, so they already got me.

  59. light week for me, looking forward to Dark Avengers.  Going to avoid reading until a bus trip up to Boston this weekend

  60. invincible, dark avengers, robin, spider-man noir #3

    bq: uh YES im scared

  61. Amazing Spider-Man #587

    Birds Of Prey #127

    Dark Avengers #2

    Gi Joe Origins #1

    Outsiders #15

    Robin #183

    Supergirl #38

    Trinity #38

    Uncanny X-Men #506

    X-Factor #40

    X-Men Legacy #221


    Really looking forward to Outsiders…which is laughable since I was ready to drop it just 2 weeks ago.  That dang Tomasi!


    BQ: They are always out to get me!

  62. This is the kind of week that is nice to my wallet. And I too am glad about Four Eyes #2.

  63. G.I. Joe origins will be awesome!!! How come Cap. Brit & MI13 isn’t getting the HC treatment??I’m a Hardcover whore, and I make no apologies!!!!