Archie Having Kids…?

In part 2, it was the marriage. With part 3 here comes the kids! I’m crossing my fingers that part 6 brings Mephisto.

(Twins! Didn’t anyone learn anything from The Flash??)


  1. Speaking from experience: Archie is making a series of incredibly bad decisions.  An intervention is warranted.  Where the hell is Jughead when you need him?

    (The image isn’t loading in Chrome.)

  2. I’m pretty sure this all must be some elaborate "imaginary story".

    Although on the other hand, I don’t really give a crap about Archie comics.

    However, if Cherry Poptart were to get married and settle down, then I will be pissed!

  3. Weird… it’s like they’re fast-forwarding the story.  Maybe it’s just a 6 issue what-if?

  4. It really seems like at the end of all this, Archie is going to wake up and it was all a dream.

  5. I’m pretty sure it’s a future what-if that’s going to involve a lot of different scenarios.  Not that I know anything about ‘Archie’ but was just chatting about it with a friend who is very up on the comics, and I’m going with her theory.

    Also, if you saw the article about the guy who sold his Archie #1 in protest to the storyline — I used to shop at that guy’s store. 

  6. I still think this could be a fun story. Hell it’s the first thing that made me look at an Archie comic in nearly 25 years.

  7. David was talking about Archie Double Digest #200 with Norm Breyfogle on art is the first thing to REALLY make me tempted to read it.  This Veronica marrying archie stuny hasn’t done a whole lot

  8. Part 3: Archie tries out crack

    Part 4: Divorce

    Part 5: Sadness

    Part 6: Hanging on a rope.

  9. They still make Archie Comics?

  10. I swear if one of those twins ends up growing crazy muscles and looking like a gorilla, I will lose it.

  11. So it should basically be like this, but with Veronica instead of MJ?


  12. @ CalebTheTimeTraveler:

    That’s exactly what I hear from so many people, only without the word "Archie"…

  13. @CalebTheTimeTraveler:

    Because of some sweetheart deal where they get prime real-estate on magazine racks, I think Archie comics are some of the highest selling comics in the industry.  That may be the Digests though, but either way, I think it sells pretty darn well.

  14. Advanced age Archie is really starting to look like Richie Cunningham right before Ron Howard left the show, and the plots focused on Ralph & Potsie living in a crappy appartment (which I suppose was better than the Teg McGinley years, but it’s hard to say).

  15. I’m waiting for Aln Moore to do his take on Archie next ala Marvelman.

  16. and why are we talking about exactly?

  17. *about this*

  18. Because it’s interesting to some people who might not be you.

  19. Archie has been a teenager for fifty years. It’s about time he gets some action.

  20. OH!

  21. @TNC – I’d wager that he’s been getting some action for a long time.  He’s just careful.  I hear he uses the rhythm method.

  22. @stuclach: Now when I see a customer buy an issue of Archie….I’m going to be thinking of that. Thank you

  23. @TNC – You’re welcome.  Let me know if you actually see anyone buy an issue of Archie.  I know it happens, but I’ve never seen it.

  24. @stuclach: Next to Sonic comics, Archie/Betty/Veronica is probably the most sold issues at my book store.

    Which is so sad….

  25. @TNC Where are you shopping that Archie sells that well? Fascinating. My shop doesn’t carry a single issue of any of those books.  Being located a block from a relatively large college campus plays a role in that decision.

  26. @stuclach: The Borders I work at in Deptford sells the issues reall well.

    We have: Archie, Archie’s Pals, Betty, Betty & Veronica, Jughead, Veronica; and a ton of Digest sized collections. They all sell really well every week.

  27. Good for Archie comics.  I had no idea.

  28. If what Wood said on the latest 11 O’Clock is accurate then the top two Archie books each sell more than the top selling books from Marvel and DC

  29. You know, I’ve never read Archie — I missed the phenomenon even when I was a kid — but I’m hard pressed to see how they’re inherently sillier than superhero comics.  Anybody rolling their eyes that these are popular should maybe take a step back and look at themselves.  I recall reading that the teen romance angle of early Spider-Man was written to compete with Archie comics.

  30. "If what Wood said on the latest 11 O’Clock is accurate then the top two Archie books each sell more than the top selling books from Marvel and D."


    That… CAN’T be right… It just can’t…

  31. DC*

  32. Tork: Archie Double Digest and Betty and Veronica Double Digest both averaged around 100,000 copies each month in 2008.

    In June 2009 only 2 books sold over 100,000 copies, Batman & Robin #1 and Cap #600 which were both likely unnaturally high because of the teams and content.

  33. Never underestimate the Riverdale gang.

  34. @gobo: That’s just ridiculous. I mean it sells well at my work, but I didn’t think it sold that well.

    Maybe I should jump into the Archie-verse. I only have fifty years of the same story to swim threw.

  35. Apparently the new realistic looking Archie has actual story and progression and everything.

  36. The timing of this story is interesting…I’m thinking this’ll roll into a "It’s A Wonderful Life" storyline.

    Just a thought.

  37. @ohcaroline: what if you roll your eyes at both?

  38. @edward-Then I would say that you should seriously re-evaluate why you spend time on this website

  39. Words I never EVER thought I’d utter:

    "Could you please put Archie into my sub box?"

    lol WHOA

  40. OH!

  41. Interesting, though I’m pretty sure this is just an imaginary story for sure

  42. I can’t see the picture, do the twins have red hair? 

  43. @Crippler the boy has red hair, the girl black. Funny how that worked out, huh? 😛

    I could definitely see this being some sort of dream or something. Or at the very least soon down the line Archie comics will undergo an interesting ret-con, ala Amazing Spider-Man.

  44. WoW

  45. LMAO!!! I’m with Rayclark and Hunte-ermImean Conor on this one… Mephisto please.

    They crossed over Punisher into Riverdale… how much of a stretch is it to make a Mephisto appearance?

  46. Some extra responses (because I have no life)

    TheNextChampion wrote: @stuclach: Next to Sonic comics, Archie/Betty/Veronica is probably the most sold issues at my book store.

    Which is so sad….
    @TNC: *Nods* Very… I remember actually buying a sonic comic when I was 10 and immediately returning it to my LCS claiming I "already had it" when I realized it was a terrible terrible mistake… but that’s my confession there.

    Stulach wrote: @TNC – You’re welcome.  Let me know if you actually see anyone buy an issue of Archie.  I know it happens, but I’ve never seen it.
    @Stulach: I once worked in a grocery store during highschool some years back… and let me tell you… when I saw old folks buy it… it’s AWKWARD. I slide that badboy over the scanner and bag that shit like there is no tomorrow all the while trying to suppress all giggling… it’s tougher than it sounds.

  47. Is there any way we can find out the newstand sales (Non Direct) sales on Archie?  I’ve always wondered that they might heavily outsell Superhero comics.   Ohcaroline said it perfectly above… I really don’t think any comic fan should be poo pooing Archie.

  48. Every year, periodicals legally have to publish their circulation numbers within the book itself. Some intrepid soul would just have to get a year of Archies and scour them for the… wait, someone did it last year:

  49. Those digests sell like hotcakes! That was my prefer method of reading Archie comics when I was a kid. I was a trade reader even back before I knew what that meant!

  50. ….Is it sad that Archie sells more then popular indie books?

  51. Sells more than popular indie books.

  52. @conor: Sorry let me re-phrase that.

    Is it sad that the issues of Archie and others sell better then other indie issues (ala Scalped and the like) Also sad that the digest books sell better then mainstream books.

  53. Its not sad, those books are enjoyed by a wide margin of people are often many people’s first introduction to comics.  Archie is something that’s viewed with some gilded nostaglia and detached respect because its been around for decades and is as constant as any of the caped-gods and hardnosed pulp characters that populate the world of comics.

  54. I guess it’s not sad. @Heroville is right; it’s enjoyed by a far wider majority then regular comic book fans. Although I doubt the Archie fans were in line waiting for ‘Archie Meets the Punisher’.

  55. @Hawkboy : You totally misunderstand the context. I’m not downing on archie, I’m merely reflecting upon. Ohcaroline has a point but is slightly irrelevant as she’s inferring about purchases in a comic shop. Try buying an archie comic at an urban downtown safeway at night, with those long lines someone’s definetly bound to say something to you.

    @TNC: Lol, I actually found that at the emerald con 09 in (what used to be considered the quarter bin) short box. It was labeled $2.50, I thought to myself: Self, you like punisher… you like to see some new and interesting positions he could be placed in…

    Then I realized that the comic was falling apart and swiftly placed the comic back… and moved on.

  56. @Mangaman No, I’m not misunderstanding anything actually…. Nor do I think is Ohcaroline (nor is anything she says ‘irrelevant’).