Announcement: iFanboy Leaves Revision3

We've got some exciting news regarding the iFanboy video show. Last week’s episode of iFanboy, “Red Hulk” was our final episode on Revision3, the internet television network.

Our experience over the past 3 years of working with Revision3 in publishing our video show has been extremely rewarding in many ways.  But all good things must come to an end. As you've all seen this year, beginning with our partnership with, iFanboy has been growing in many areas, and the time has come to branch out on our own.  Before anyone jumps to any conclusions, we worked with Revision3 to come to this decision together and the timing is right for everyone involved. We have nothing but great things to say about everyone who works over at Revision3 (except Ron) and we can honestly say that our three years at Revision3 was fantastic.

Without Revision3 there would probably not be an iFanboy video show and for that we are all thankful. They saw the video we shot (on a lark) at San Diego Comic-Con 2006 and asked if we wanted to do a weekly comic book video show on their network. Thus, the regular video show was born and a great relationship began. We’d like to thank Jay Adelson, David Prager, Brad Murphy, Ryan Vance, Jim Louderback,and everyone at Revision3 for all of their hard work and for having us as a part of their family.

There will be a short hiatus for new episodes of iFanboy until we get up and running on our own. New shows will return with New York Comic Con coverage. You will be still be able to watch the video show here on or if you are an iTunes subscriber you will still be able to receive the show on your feed just as you always did. As for other avenues of distribution, we plan to provide the show everywhere it's currently being seen, as well as in some new places, so stay tuned for more details.

Thanks to everyone for your continued support and we don't plan on stopping the great original comic book content any time soon.

— Ron, Josh, & Conor


  1. Looks like things are going well for iFanboy then. Good luck guys!

  2. Doesn’t Ron work at Revision3? Isn’t that kind of weird then?

  3. roku?

  4. Aww 🙁

  5. Exciting times!

  6. @redlibertyx nah, it’s all good – business is business

  7. Best of luck to you guys. The wife and I love watching your show on our TV through the Plex Revision3 plugin. Hopefully your new distribution method will allow a similar experience.

  8. So no podcast for a while or is it just the video show which is supended?

  9. @JumpingJupiter: Revision3 has never had anything to do with our audio shows.

  10. Needless to say, Revision3 will be losing a damn good product.  I hope the transfer to the new technical model of distribution is as seemless as possible.  Yes, I am a tech geek, if the previous sentence make that obvious

  11. Will you guys be making the video show html5 friendly for use iPad/iPhone users?

  12. though I discovered iFanboy through Revision3 I can only imagine good things will come as both iFanboy and Rev3 grow. It will be interesting to see iFanboy will grow and change going forward. 🙂

  13. Are you guys going to move the forum’s to a new location?

  14. so the announcement is actually abt a delay.. other then that not much different lol you get to remove the skateboard trick from the show and thats a good thing

  15. Will I still be able to watch the video show on my Roku player?  Will the archive episodes still be on Rev3?  

     I think it’s great that you’re branching out on your own, I’m just selfish for the features I personally use.   

  16. Are the plans to continue weekly or will it be a more sporadic schedule? I too found this site from the show on Revision3.

  17. Okay just leaving rev 3. When I saw an announcement on twitter I got all types of nervous.

  18. Hey as long as I’m still getting the regular video goodness I’m Good. Glad you guys are still gonna be doing what you do well

  19. End of an era. Congratulations guys.

  20. Great news!… I think. I hope the transitition goes well and I can’t wait to see new episodes. Like others have mentioned, I hope I can still see the new episodes on my Roku box but if not, not a problem. You guys see to keep moving up and I congratulate you on your new found success.

  21. Will Ron still be doing the show?

  22. So there is soon not that much left on revision3 to watch. That place is going downhill fast. Sorry Ron.

  23. A iFanboy video show haitus ahh man.



  24. Wow for the first time in five years, I’m not regularly watching a Revision3 podcast.

    I just hope we don’t lose the episodes on Youtube as those were a lot better for checking out older episodes rather than redownloading from the feed. 

  25. Congrats guys. I hope the transition goes well.

    Revision 3 has lost it’s two best shows in the past few months between you guys leaving and the Co-Op guys moving on. I’m more worried about Revision 3 than iFanboy after hearing this.

  26. @drakerivera OH MY GOD! 

  27. I too would like to know if the old episodes will be watchable through Rev3 or some other avenue

  28. I’m scared… 

  29. I discovered Revision3 through iFanboy, not the other way around. Other than Scam School, I really don’t watch any Revision3 shows…and I actually haven’t kept up with Scam School lately either…so good luck Rev3. 

  30. Not sure if congratulations is the right word…..but I guess it is if it’s for a new era for the site.

    No offense to revision3, because I do like some of their other shows, but I am fine not hearing ‘Oh my god’ at the end of every single freaking video on this site anymore.

  31. I watched Rev3 for iFanboy and AnimeTV. I sometimes watch other shows but it seems Rev3 is going through some type of transition itself.

  32. Hopefully the new distribution model for your video shows will be Tivo friendly – I first learned about your show on there and have downloaded it weekley ever since, so please don’t forget about your Tivo based friends!  🙂

  33. Rev3 has cancelled or lost iFanboy, DiggReel & Co-Op. Went daily with,and in my opinion ruined, The Totally Rad Show and soon Diggnation is going away (or at the very least losing Kevin Rose). What’s going on over there? It’s not a good sign when the founder leaves and takes his new show elsewhere!

    Too bad… I really liked Rev3 and what it was doing but it seems they are trying to appeal to the masses and as a result are losing the fans.

    So far TWiT is still around to give us the old TechTV feel and hopefully it won’t go the way of Rev3.

  34. Lots of questions out there – I’ll try to answer as many as I can here:

    @mypistola – we’re going to be looking to make the video show accessible to as many people as possible

    @rchapoteau – you can expect news about forums coming in the upcoming weeks

    @jonnyflash – you will still be able to watch on Roku – just in a different spot – stay tuned for more info, the episode archive will indeed live on at Revision3 as well here on

    @s1lentslayer – currently we’ll continue to release shows weekly but who knows what the future may bring

     @IRONMAN63 – I’m not going anywhere 🙂 I’ll still be doing the video shows as long as Josh and Conor let me

    @rjspring – you will still be able to watch us on TIVO

    thanks to everyone for the kind words – looking forward to making more great content for you all to enjoy and enhance your comics reading experiences with


  35. Please guys don’t go back to Daily shows.  Good luck guys im sad to see you guys leave Revision3 in that It seems like Rev3 is having a hard time right now with programming. 

  36. So, you guys are hiring then?

  37. Hiatus be damned, pretty sure this is all for the best. Congratulations!

  38. Good luck, can’t wait to see what’s next

  39. As a big Rev3 fan and a big iFanboy fan, I’m not sure how to feel.  I guess I can still enjoy both, but it’s going to be a bit strange for a while. (I will always fondly remember going to to Rev3 daily to enjoy my iFanboy minis during lunch.)

    The first thing I thought about when I saw this headline was "What about Ron?"  I’m glad to hear this won’t adversely affect him.  App Judgment just wouldn’t be the same without him. 

  40. Interesting stuff.

    To be honest, I look forward to a new location for the forums.  The change that happened (a while ago now) made it impossible for me to stay logged in at work (not sure why, probably something with our computers here) and so I basically stopped posting.  So, yeah, good stuff.

  41. I am really happy to hear you guys are doing so well. Your passion and enthusiasm for comic books clearly comes across and as I live in London, I routinely use your advice to decide which trades to buy. I highly recommend that you put ALL you episodes on youtube under an IFanboy banner so anyone who types in ‘The Flash’, for example, will get your Flash show. There are very few comic videos on youtube and you will get a lot more exposure this way. This was how I originally found out about you (Geoff Johns Flash:Rebirth interview) and now I am a proper addict and I guarantee it will hook more members! Also it streams much smoother than Revision3. So keep up the good work guys and don’t make us wait for any longer than a week for another show. I may have to go on a rampage otherwise.

     P.s Do a Hellblazer show guys, rep London!

  42. So does this mean Revision3 is looking for another comic book video show of some sort? In an unrelated question, is Jim Louderback a box of chocolates or basket of fruit kind of guy?

  43. Glad to see "The Awesome Threesome", will be staying together!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Slightly sad not going to lie. I discovered iFanboy via Revsion3 sad to see you two part. It’s like a being a child in a divorce I still love both parents but now I have to go different houses to visit with them lol. Anyway wish you guys the best.

  45. Oh The Humanity!!!!!

  46. Does this mean I’m going to get new shows on my X-Box?

  47. @mypistola – In response to: "Will you guys be making the video show html5 friendly for use iPad/iPhone users?"

    iTunes and iTunes store doesn’t work well on your iPad/iPhone?  I play the audio and video iFancasts no problem on either device. 

  48. *flips skateboard* HOLY GOD!!

  49. No iFanboy, no bytejacker, no diggreel, diggnation will end soon and TRS went to this daily crap. No reason to watch Rev3 anymore.

  50. It never actually occurred to me to try to watch any of the other Rev3 shows. I discovered Rev3 through iFanboy, I was only interested in the iFanboy program. I never even looked at what the other shows were. 


    Best of luck to you all in the big move! 

  51. Is there any chance we will see some video shows or short video segments from other writers on the site. Maybe a video version of "Don’t Miss" or some more "Paul Walks to SDCC."

  52. but…

  53. A while back when iFanboy first asked for paying members I suggested selling shares along with the membership. Josh thought it was a little far-fetched since they were just a little start up website.

    But hey, little ol’ me was on to something wasn’t he?

    I have never wanted to buy a membership yet, but i’ve always wanted to buy shares.

  54. I really hope I will be able to watch you guys on my ROKU box. It was nice having you listed there via the Rev3 channel. I wish you guys the best.

  55. what’s a revision 3? 

  56. lol nevermind Ron answered my question. 


    @jonnyflash – you will still be able to watch on Roku – just in a different spot – stay tuned for more info, the episode archive will indeed live on at Revision3 as well here on 

  57. I’m glad the Itunes feed will be the same, means you won’t lose any people who watch but don’t use the website and other connections.

  58. Please add my voice to a chorus for putting Ifanboy on a delivery vehicle that is available on the ROKU Player. Perhaps YouTube?

     Love your show.

  59. @jabarryto: Read Ron’s comment.

  60. Congradulations Conor, Josh, and Ron.  Looking forward to the NYCC coverage in a few days.  I appreciate the hard work, dedication, and love you have for the Comic medium and culture.

  61. So if we subscribe we’ll get the video as usual – that’s awesome, one of the few video podcasts I keep up with and only very rarely fall even a couple of weeks behind. Good luck with the move and I look forward to your NYCC coverage – sorry I’m missing it this year!

  62. After praising the Red Hulk story, if this video podcast hadn’t been canceled I would’ve unsubscribed. Yes, I read it. I thought it was awful. It’s like seeing reviewers you respect praise the Star Wars prequels.

  63. First The Totally Rad show completely changes formats and now iFanyboy is moving away from Revision3.  Something’s going on over there.  Whatever it is, I’m glad to hear that iFanboy is still together and going strong.  Thanks for rekindling my love of comics, and I look forward to your new show and wish you guys all good luck with it!

  64. Gentlemen, please be certain to find another way of streaming through Roku. That is how my love and I discovered iFanboy. We love to sit down and watch an episode while we eat. A computer screen can’t compete with our LCD television. Let us know when you’ll be back up and running. Thanks for all the great episodes.

    Joe Grant

  65. @JGF  We’ve been back on the Roku box for a while now.