Animated ‘Battle Pope’ on Spike

When he’s not giving Mass, he’s out kicking ass.

The comic that introduced me to both Robert Kirkman and Tony Moore was Battle Pope. It appears that went and made some animated episodes based on the old indie comics, and you can watch them here.

These are probably not for the religiously sensitive among you, to be completely honest.
Battle Pope holds a special place in my heart. I heard the title, and immediately wanted to check the book out, and it turned out that it was one of the books that actually lived up to the promise of the premise, instead of being a one note joke. I’d never heard of this Kirkman guy, nor of Tony Moore, but I did see something in them back then that makes me glad to see them so successful today. We talked about the series a little, way back in episode #18, if you want to know more.

To be honest, what I’ve watched of these cartoons is only part of what I really enjoyed about the series. It’s not really as funny, and while the designs are clearly based on Moore’s work, they certainly don’t have the same kind of life about them. Still, it’s awesome to see those guys getting somewhere with the property, and getting a bit more exposure. It’s a fun, and utterly tasteless endeavor in comedy.

It just occurred to me that this is slightly inappropriate on a major Catholic holiday. But maybe, it’s just very appropriate. Either way.


  1. I LOVED Battle Pope – and I work for the Catholic church (No, I’m not a priest). I’ll definitely check out episode 18. According to their website, Kirkman and Moore had plans to return to the character after finishing up the trades. Any news on that front?

  2. I. It. But.

    AMAZING! so much fun; and the animation was pretty good for an internet series.

    I have yet to pick up any issues of Battle Pope, I love all of Kirkman’s stuff and to be completely honest….. I’ve yet to really read much of Mr Moore’s works, obviously other than The Walking Dead… which he was artist on for what? 6 issues? and now just throws covers out there till a year or so back? REALLY need to go back and get all the trades for Fear Agent and The Exterminators *shrug*

    Anyway, Battle Pope, YAY! T.P.B.’s HERE I COME!

    Anyone got some NZ cash I can… uh…. “borrow”?

  3. I saw this on Tony Moore’s Twitter earlier and immediately bookmarked it. I haven’t watched them yet, but based on the stills and knowing some of the source material, it should be pretty awesome.

  4. For shame Josh, on Ash Wednesday even… Heh.

  5. Never read the comic but if it is anything like this I might just have to pick this up. Sacrilicious!