Season 6 of ‘Angel’ Coming to IDW?

Thanks to the stunning financial success that is Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Season 8, it looks like Joss Whedon will be giving the same treatment to sister series Angel over at IDW.

Says IDW publisher Chris Ryall, “After “Shadow Puppets,” we will be doing some new Angel books, with Brian and Joss, picking up where the show left off. They will be post-show, and definitely canon, and co-written by Joss.”

Can Firefly be far behind?

I’m really happy about this. Just as I’m sure are all the people craving more Spike (not me). I loved Angel so, so much.

I’m not sure what the format is going to be, exactly. It is somewhat unclear. The post about this story on Whedonesque calls it Angel: Season 6. But the Newsarama story seems to imply it will be one-shot specials. I’ll take whatever I can get even though even if there is a part of me that loved the final scene of Angel so much that I don’t want anything to come after it but my imagination.


  1. This sounds good. I’d like to see some funny Spike/Angel scenes. I was surprised by how real Xander sounded in Buffy #1. It was really like watching the show. If he can do that again for Angel, it could be fantastic.

  2. I’d love for this book to be co-written by Steven S. DeKnight.

  3. Another Serenity series was already confirmed.

  4. I thought that the new Firefly book was just a one shot or a short issue miniseries. I think an ongoing would be great. We’ll see though. My fingers are definitely crossed.

  5. Funny thing about Angel, the first episode I saw was the two part last episode. At the end of the second part I was so blown away that I had to see how the characters came to that moment. Through the magic of DVD box sets and TNT’s Daytime Drama I was able to watch the entire series. Now this news has me very conflicted, apart of me wants that last moment to be how I remember these characters, however another part me must know what happened afterwards.

  6. Wait, is it POSSIBLE for IDW to publish something ANGEL-related WITHOUT a damned puppet on the cover?

    Color me surprised.

  7. I’ve realy been enjoying IDW’s Metal Gear Solid (when it comes out)

  8. I am too lazy to dig up the interview, but I doubt Firefly will receive the same treatment. Joss said that, as far as Firefly being continued on ala Buffy Season, it’s unlikely since he was happy where he left those characters. There’s a Firefly mini-series in the works, but it’s a prequel (so that means we get Preacher and Wash, hooray).

  9. When Fred died…holy hell….I have never been so emotionally wrecked by a television show.

    Thumbs up to more Spike. But only in moderation.

    *Hugs entire Buffy/Angel/Firefly/ Serenity DVD collection*