ANGEL Makes the Move from IDW, Joins BUFFY at Dark Horse

Dark Horse and IDW have announced the beginning of the end for Joss Whedon's Angel at IDW. The series' final story line begins in November, but this will serve as more of a bridge than a finale. In 2011, Angel and crew move to Dark Horse, joining other Whedon properties like Firefly/Serenity and Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season Eight

Earlier this year, both publishers and titles made headlines when Dark Horse leaked the news that Angel would appear in Buffy season eight as the series' Big Bad, Twilight. For one thing, it was a major spoiler that irked a number of readers who'd been tracking the mystery since season eight's inception, but it was also a bit of a head-scratcher for legal reasons. Wasn't Angel under contract at IDW? Didn't he already have a fairly visible ongoing title there, and hadn't there been a lot of hemming and hawing about that situation since the Buffy comics garnered increased popularity? Longtime Whedon fans have looked at the legal separation of the star-crossed lovers as something of a sore spot. So this recent tryst has likely been a bit confusing to the kids. "Mommy? Is Daddy going to be staying this time? His shirt's in the hamper…"

Well, there's going to be a transitional period where clothes and books and furniture will need to be moved, but Angel is moving. And the Whedonverse will once again become a nuclear family at Dark Horse. 

In DH's press release, editor Scott Allie laments on letting Angel go in the force place all those years ago. Having them back together is right, and apparently quite crucial to Whedon's vision for Buffy season nine. 

Me, I'm so used to these characters being on either side of a chasm that the reunion feels a little strange. It wasn't just the legal divide in comics. Remember now, they were even on different television networks at the time. Angel, as a character, became much more interesting on his own. He attracted a pretty compelling ensemble. And let's not forget that pitch perfect finale. I've enjoyed a handful of the IDW Angel comics, but I never followed it regularly. The television finale is maybe my ideal stop point. I guess I feel the same way about the Buffy comics series, though it's an often fascinating and nostalgic getaway. So, I don't know if this feels natural, per se. I'm curious. And maybe that's enough. 

And hey, if this means getting to see the occasional Mignola cover of Angel (like the 2000 cover above)? Sold. 


  1. As someone who has read both series through thick and thin I’m glad. I’m also glad that the two companies have been or will be coordinating storylines for the last little while. Maybe it will make sense that Angel is Twilight finally.

  2. I’m both excited and scared for this.  I like Buffy (both TV and comics) a fair bit, but I loved Angel on TV HARD.  After the Fall was a middling story, and it kind of went off the rails after that, and I dropped the book.  The Angel who showed up in Buffy this season wasn’t the same as Angel on his own, which I guess makes sense in that whole "getting back with your ex" way.  I worry that cross-pollinating the two worlds will somehow make them each less.  But on the other hand, given the way the bad guys have ramped up their evil-doings to a world-wide scale, the story kind of demands all hands on deck.

     I guess I’m saying I don’t know what to think, but I’d love to hear other people’s thoughts, too! 

  3. Well this explains why Willingham is going to Marvel.  I have read both lines as well as watched both series and SOME crossover work from time to time would be great.  I just hope it’s not an every issue thing.  I love Buffy…I love Angel…but put them together and it annoys me. 

  4. I find Buffy and Angel together annoying too, but since the dark horse Buffy series has been of a much higher quality than the IDW Angel series I am optimistic about this.

  5. Very excited for this. I love me a shared universe.

  6. I’m interested. Maybe the two series will blend better than they have. And maybe the Angel series won’t suck. I want a much more cohesive universe, much like the series had during the last few seasons.

  7. Well, I’m really happy about the move. IDW’s Angel books were kind of pricey that I had to drop it at some point. At least I won’t feel weird paying for the two books if they’re going to be priced the same by Dark Horse.