And now for something completely different… THE GREEN HORNET trailer

I can't say that I was excted to check out this trailer, but I was interested. The Green Hornet is a chaacter with a long history but one that not many people are familiar with. Will it be served by the Seth Rogan action/comedy treatment? We'll find out in early 2011. I have to say that I enjoyed this trailer much more than I expected to.



Chistoph Waltz!


  1. This doesn’t look as terrible as I expected, but I’m still not sure I’ll shell out the money to see it in theaters, especially in 3D.

  2. I really dug this trailer. It Michel Gondry film with a Seth Rogen script. And the two styles seem very present in the film which is great. All I can hope for is a good time at the theater, and this trailer looks like I may get just that. A superhero film that perhaps doesn’t take itself to seriously. I’m down. 

  3. This looks like its going to be a good movie, guess im glad kevin smith got the knock back!

  4. Hrrrrmmm… didn’t expect to want to see this even slightly.  The trailer has done its job.

  5. i want that car.

    the trailer looks decent. I’ve loved almost everything Seth Rogan is in, so i’m hoping this could be really good.  

  6. Well, color me shocked. This might be awesome.

  7. I’m in.

  8. Hmmm, not sure yet.

  9. That does look far better then I thought it was going to be–now I really want to see this. 😀

  10. I’m surprised by the positive reaction.  Looks pretty much like I expected, but it’s still hard to tell if it will be any good based on the trailer.

  11. lol. that looks pretty sweet

  12. Oh boy. Several laugh out loud moments in this. I’m interested.

  13. Really – in 3D?  Is that necessary?

  14. Not too shabby. Didn’t expect to like it but I did.

  15. This looks actually pretty good so far. With so many delays I wasn’t expecting to see a good trailer out of this. (Let alone a good film). I love Michel Gondry, he’s one of my all time favorite directors. You see little touches of his style (like when Kato kicks that dude in slo-mo) but this does look completely different from his earlier work.

    All I know is that Dynamite probably has 8 more Green Hornet comics to come out before this sees the light of day. 

  16. is the green hornet suppose to be funny or serious?

  17. This has shades of "The Spirit" bomb all over it….not buying Rogen in this role at all.

  18. yay!

  19. I like the trailer. I only read the first two issues of Kevin Smith’s current story, but the premise seems to be the same in that it is the Green Hornet’s son discovering his dad’s identity after his death. I like the Year One comic a great deal, but this movie looks good.

  20. nice

  21. Maybe it’s because I don’t know the character well, but I wasn’t hyped up about this at all.  Seems like a generic action flick to me when you break it down.  I’ll keep an open mind though.

  22. Looks fun.   January seems a long time away for a full trailer to come out.

  23. I was skeptical before, but this trailer has me convinced to go see it in the theater instead of waiting to Netflix/RedBox.

  24. I’m sure this will not please the long time fans of the character, but I gotta say…this movie looks like a ton of fun.

  25. It is funny that I have seen this trailer posted a few places now and when the author presents the trailer by saying that it looks good, all the comments follow suit, is it did here. When the author says it looks terrible, the comments then also follow suit. Same thing happens here for the Pick of the Week (It Seems).

     Either way, you guys need to higher your standards for films. This looks pretty bad, had it’s release date pushed back numerous times, and changed director twice. These are signs of a problem. I hope it is great and the person making the trailer just wanted some very standard looking crap, but I have major doubts.

  26. @thinwhiteduke: Believe me when I tell you that what you say happens does not actually happen.

    As for the movie itself, you can only judge the trailer on the trailer and the final product on the final product. Pushed back twice? Okay. Changed director twice? Okay. So what? None of that is relevant to the trailer.

  27. I could point you to plenty of Picks where that’s not the case.

  28. To judge the trailer, none of that in which I said is relevant, agreed. I point those things out to those who are now convinced to see the film. Those are bad signs that a trailer probably shouldn’t completely brush under the rug. Those signs are the same type of signs that Jonah Hex had and many other shitty films in the past. When the parent company is messing with the film as much as they have, it is unlikely you are going to get a great film. When a release date is pushed back twice in order to re-edit, that is a sign that the studio does not like the film that was delivered, which puts it in "Jonah Hex" territory.

     As for people being postive because the original post is positive, it does happen, obviously not always, and maybe only does because people do not want to rain on everyone parade or feels like they are missing something.

    I did not mean to offend anyone, but I clearly am missing something you guys are catching when watching this trailer, or all the bad films of late have lowered everyone’s standards. I would love for Micehl Gondry to make another wonderful film and hope, as the rest of you do, that this is it.

  29. The dreaded Scalped #30 pick over Blackest Night #1.  That’s a great example of where the pick was not quite so popular.

  30. Ah, @thinwhiteduke throws down the ‘ole "It doesn’t look good to me, so you all must have low standards" argument. Nice.

    Count me as one who is surprised that it doesn’t look as bad as I thought it would be. As for standards, I have different measures for different things. A movie like this I’m not looking for the same thing as I am in, say, Winter’s Bone, which is a film I can’t friggin’ wait to see because the book was fantastic. So unless something changes between now and then, I’ll be one to go see it and give it a shot.

  31. I didn’t see Conor heap all that much praise on it. It’s not like he said "THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE GREAT."

    The trailer didn’t do all that much for me.  But I thought Superbad was the business, and when correctly applied, Gondry has a stroke of genius about him. There is plenty of opportunity for misfire here though.  If I didn’t know the names associated with it, I probably wouldn’t be that interested.

  32. Cute.

  33. Not sure about Rogen but this may actually be OK. Who’da thunk it?

  34. Sigh.. how long before the 3D wave passes?  Faster or slower then ‘bullet time’? 

  35. Hopefully a little faster.

  36. I hate 3D

  37. @thinwhiteduke–all big budget movies have major production drama at some point. thats just Hollywood. Do you know how many A-list actors/directors/writers were attached to what became The Dark Knight for the almost decade that it took to get made? It was a lot of mindblowing talent…does any of that matter at the end of the day? nope. 

    just like sports, all that really matters is the final score.

  38. I do not know who was attached to what became "The Dark Knight", but it must have been before "Batman Begins". It seemed like they let Nolan have control over most of what became "The Dark Knight".

    I AGREE films can turn out fine or even great with production problems, but the chances are often more remote. I believe if you want to have Michel Gondry direct your film, you let him have the control. Let a creative mind do something creative. Do not as a not creative producer screw with his vision. (I do not know all that went on here as I haven’t followed "The Green Hornet" closely)

     Chrislatray, I also will not be looking for the same thing from this as "Winter’s Bone", but that doesn’t mean I will not hold it up to the same quality standards. I do not want to have to think of Comic Book movies as lesser films than "Real" Dramas. I think having a Michel Gondry or Christopher Nolan is a start to making a Comic Film that can be favorably compared to the Winter’s Bone’s of the world, but hope they let him be creative.

     Josh, I surely did not claim Conor said "THIS MOVIE IS GOING TO BE GREAT". I stated that he presented it by saying it looks good, which was pretty close to accurate. In reality he just said it looked better than he thought it would. I was really just making an observation about people’s tendencies to agree with those who have websites and post things. I think you guys underestimate the impact you have on people’s opinions. Maybe that is a good thing, as it shows humility.

  39. I haven’t seen a movie in 3D yet. Why is 3D bad?

  40. 3D isn’t bad. What is bad is when a film is conceived as a normal film and the 3D is retrofitted after the fact. 3D done right can be wonderful, especially with animation, but tons of fils are apparently using badly just trying to grab the extra cash (Clash of the Titans for example). If you able to pick out which one’s were conceived as 3D films and see those in 3D and the ones that were added later and see them in 2D, then I’m not sure that any of it matters.