An Early Glimpse at ‘Justice League: Crisis on Two Earths’

Here’s your first look at the next DC Universe Animated Movie:

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The movie is obviously in its early stages but so far so good. James Woods sounds great!


  1. This looks pretty interesting. I just watched Superman/Batman: Public Enemies and liked it a lot. I love me some Power Girl…

  2. Wow superman still sounds like tim daly.  THIS MOVIE LOOKS SWEET!

  3. I’m really enjoying all of these movies. Can’t wait for this one.

  4. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    Actually really, really excited about this one. 

  5. Yay! I love the Justice League.

  6. owlman is the TITS!!!!

  7. James Woods = Awesome.

    I think this is also written by Dwayne McDuffie, right? He did an excellent job with the Justice League animated series. This could be a great one.

    I watched Public Enemies. Honestly? Didn’t really love it all that much. Think I enjoyed GL better, and I also had some problems with that one.

  8. Public Enemies was easily one of the better ones from the line. My only complaint – 67 minutes? Really? Come on!

    The new teaser looks really good. The idea was already in place for story in season 3 of JLU. Of course, season 3 never happened. I’m glad they’re doing this.

  9. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @dave – Apparently this is a reworking of an unused script McDuffie had written for JLU. 

  10. There are some big names on this! I’m really excited!!

  11. I was more skeptical about this movie than any of the others, and so far it looks the most promising.  I still wish they’d cut back on the new stories and adapt a few more classics.

  12. Looks really good.  I’m trying to stave off excitement for fear of the let down.

  13. James Woods is amazing. That "because it’s the only action that one could take that would have any purpose" line is just chilling!

  14. Looks like it’s going to outshine every previous dc animated movie to date. And it looks like it’s taking from the G. Mo/Quitely earth 2 story moreso than anything else.

  15. This is probably going to set a new level for their animated movies.  At least I hope so.  Just in terms of voice acting alone, I’m totally excited for this flick.

    Harmon as Supes?  Brilliant.  Noth? WOODS?  Amazing.  I’ve been waiting for a Woods comeback, and I’m glad it’ll be with Owlman, my favorite character from the Syndicate!

  16. Did you know that The father of The EELS’ lead singer Mark Oliver Everett, Hugh Everett, was a mathematician and quantum theorist, notable for formulating the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics?


    look it up

  17. Yes I did know that. I watched a documentary on it.

  18. well, that is half the battle

  19. It looks interesting. As I’ve mentioned before, I’m always a sucker for alternate reality Lex Luthor.

    Did others get the rated "R" movie ad before the clip played? Wow, what a hardcore ad before a kid-ish movie preview. I’m glad it was just me watching this clip, and my kid wasn’t around.

  20. i got an ad telling me to join the army….

  21. Jethro Gibbs voicing Superman,never saw that coming!

  22. @powerdad: This movie, as with all these DCU animated films, is rated PG-13. A trailer for an R-Rated film isn’t so inappropriate.

  23. @conor, I don’t know if I agree here. The trailer looks built for a "R" audience, for a PG-13 clip. Either way they’re out of sync.

    I would encounter this in the theater when we would go to see a "G" movie, and they would show a "PG-13" trailer, with stuff that was actually pretty scary for a 4 year old. Or that damn Dan Rather show preview which would have blood and violence before a "G" movie.

    Or the time when we went to see "Curse of the Wererabbit" which is rated "G", and the short ahead of time (which we didn’t know about) was rated "PG".

    I’ll admit I’m a little sensitive to this, and now notice it, but in the end even a screwed up rating system needs to mean something.

  24. All trailers with a green band (the green screen with white letters) say that the preview is approved for ALL AUDIENCES. If it was a red screen it would be different. I still remember to this day seeing the trailer for "Friday the 13th Part VII: A New Blood" right before "The Land Before Time". I was 9. 

  25. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    My mom is THRILLED about Mark Harmon playing Superman. When I told her about it she immediately wanted to see the finished product. 

  26. @Nate, the trailer here was RED, that’s why I especially noticed it.

  27. Hey guys, never mind what I’m saying here. I realize I’m taking the spotlight away from Conor’s original topic of the new movie.

  28. @powerdad
    It was green, it had the "PREVIEW HAS BEEN APPROVED FOR ALL AUDIENCES" shtick, and besides, it’s a trailer from MTV’s site, the preview for the other movie is probably on any trailer on their site, indiscriminately. Further, it was just scary, it didn’t have any R-rated material.

  29. I just played it again, it does appear to be GREEN, so I stand corrected. Thanks, captbastrd.  (I could have swear it was RED. My bad!) 

  30. Okay, since I derailed the discussion here, how about I get it back on track.

    Did anyone notice an "Ultraman" in the trailer?  It showed Power Woman and Owlman, but Ultraman always rounded out the group for me.

    Not a biggie, but if you have good Lex, then it’s nice to have the evil Superman (Ultraman). 

  31. Um guys… would it be really meta of me to mention that I attended that "Paranormal Activity" promotional screening? It really feels meta even mentioning it…

  32. @Mangaman, LOL!

     Can you see yourself in the trailer?

  33. yes… I’m just glad I was in the back more so you can’t see me gasp like a yellow-belly.

    I call foul on the videos… I didn’t know THAT’S what the video cameras were for. Man, I feel dirty, this must be how it feels to be caught on tape going about everyday life.

  34. I’m pretty sure I saw Ultra Man as big as life in there…

  35. You know if Conor wrote an article on the "Paranormal Activity" trailer, then I’m pretty certain I would post comments about the Justice League preview to it.

    Yup, there’s an excellent chance I would. 

    @Hawkboy, Ultraman you say? Hmmm… that’s cool.

  36. I wasn’t a super big Public Enemies fanatic but I wish they carried the same voices over into their next projects.  I mean does Kevin Conroy actually have any other work to do other then do the voice of Batman?!

  37. Great preview.

    James Woods already sold me on this film with only a few seconds of actual dialogue spoken in this. Cast looks really great. You can’t beat a film that has the greatest actor ever, Mark Harmon.

  38. @powerdad
    I saw Ultraman a couple times; they just didn’t spotlight him or the voice actor for some reason.

  39. @powerdad
    I hate the feeling that I/we keep correcting you; feels very Comic Book Guy-esque of me. Sorry if it’s coming across that way. I’m sure halfway through the preview you’ve gotta go do the powerdad thing, take care of the powerchild, your brain’s probably fried from the changing of powerdiapers, etc.

  40. @Paul: is that a joke? your mum watches this stuff?

  41. James Woods delivery is amazing. It’s so weird that I always associate his voice work with that really James Woodsy kind of fast talking, ramble, that I would never think he could take it to that level of intensity. It’s awesome.  And it’s always nice when a Baldwin gets some work. 


    two men my mom always gushes about being the most handsome men on the planet: Mark Harmon and Sam Elliot

    two men that look nothing like my father: Mark Harmon and Sam Elliot.   

  42. Looks like it’ll be on par with the rest of the animated movies. 

  43. @captbastrd, hey that’s nice of you to say. Thanks!  Don’t worry about correcting me. 

    I watched the preview a second time last night and I didn’t notice him (false alarms always turnned out to be Superman), but I’ll try a third time shortly and see what I see, and see if I finally spot him. No biggie either way, since I do plan watching the DVD when it comes out no matter what. 

    I did notice on the second viewing "Johnny Quick" running by, and they don’t have a voice credit for him either. 

  44. Looks like another great release from DC.  Won’t it soon be time for them to step up to the next level?  Bigger investment, bigger payoff….

  45. Wow, it looks like they really busted out the talent for this movie.  I wasn’t interested in Public Enemies but I’m definitely picking this one up.

  46. This looks fucking brilliant!!! Most excited I’ve been for a DCU animated movie since Batman Gotham Knight.

  47. Is spiderman or wolverine gonna be in these cartoons?  I hope it will be like the spider man cartoon on saturdays, because it’s really cool.  I thought I saw wolverine in they’re fightening.

  48. @Preacher: No Spider-Man; no Wolverine — that’s Marvel.

  49. @Preacher and Conor: I made a justice league reference in a meeting at work and a co-worker said "who?" and another co-worker said "y’know- superman, batman, captain america…" and I blew up and I will never ever ever live it down.

    perspective is a funny thing. the most obvious thing to us is oblivious to most. 

  50. Yes, I know….I was just playing idiot.  Does anyone know if these DC Animated properties are going to shift to the new DC Entertainment lablel? 

  51. Looking forward to hearing James Woods as Owlman.  I know better than to get excited about this, because none of these original films have lived up to my expectations.  It’s weird that they’re doing this story because they’ve already done something similar during the Justice League series.