AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD Looking for a Writing Staff After All

So, remember a few months back when we learned that Frank Darabont had…shown his Walking Dead writing staff the door? How he was looking to tackle season two with a series of freelance writers? Well, there may be some life left in that writers' room after all.

It might be stirring.

But it's not the same writing staff it was…before.

Oh, I love an extended metaphor.

Alright. So, word from Deadline is that Glen Mazzara (show runner for seasons one and two of Crash and Hawthorne respectively) succeeds Charles Eglee (now attached to FX's Powers series) as Riker to Darabont's Picard on the zombie survival drama. And they're looking to round out a new writers' room with five able-minded script monkeys.

I like this news. Why? Mazzara wrote one of those season one episodes. Which one? The best one, aside from Darabont's pilot. Mazzara penned "Wildfire", the season's penultimate episode, as a freelancer. So the two best writers will remain for the second batch of episodes.

Expect The Walking Dead to return to AMC around Halloween.

Thanks to reader Jeff Reid for the tip. 


  1. This seems like good news.

  2. Well with Darabont, Mazarra, and Kirkman, you pretty much have everyone who was involved on writing duties with the 5 out of 6 episodes. I think the weakest episode was the third one if I remember correctly, and Darabont is only credited as having worked on the teleplay with the other writers.

  3. I’m really hoping they can keep the quality of the second season on this show. Far too many times shows have a great first season, they take a nose dive (I’m looking at you, Heroes and Glee!). Fingers crossed this doesn’t happen with Walking Dead.

  4. Nice. Hopefully we get more eps like Wildfire.

  5. @JohnVFerrigno  – I think that’s a bigger problem with the big networks, because of the number of episodes ordered per season (24).  Cable shows seem to hold on longer because of only 13 eps per season.

  6. More zombies, Damnit!

  7. Good move here.

    Darabont needs a writing staff to keep the tone of the series consistant and also to improve continuity. The two major problems, at least I think, that the show had in it’s first season. 

  8. Would anyone else rather just keep it to six episodes and have Darabont do all of it British style? He would have to pause his film career but damn if it wouldn’t be awesome.

  9. i don’t care what they offer me, i’m not doing it!!