A teaser image from INVINCIBLE IRON MAN #21

I feel like this procedure isn’t approved by the American Medical Association.


  1. crap. I was hoping Rescue would taske over for a while.

    I’m intrigued nonetheless.

  2. $10 says his nipples will be sore for a few days. 

  3. Huh, that’s Steve not Bucky; is he back so soon?

    Also shocking the shield is supposed to do what exactly? Make him love America more?

  4. So basically they are jump starting Tony Stark?  Looks awesome!

  5. Looks like they’re at Guantanemo.

  6. I’m guessing tony designed some sort of fail safe where he would need the shield to make it work. awesome

  7. LOL So what’s Cap’s shield made out of?

  8. Vibranium and such, yeah?

  9. That’s just ridiculous.

  10. ridiculous… ly awesome!

  11. vibranium I think, unless you were being sarcastic

  12. hmm…

     is that suppose to be steve rogers or bucky? 

  13. Steve’s costume at least. 

  14. It’s a Vibranium/Adamantium alloy. My guess is the shield is an excellent conductor.

  15. vibranium mixed with adimantium if I remember correctly.  I also cho-cho-coose to believe that Tony planned Thor and Cap into his ‘reboot’.  Genius.

  16. So the new Loki of the 21st Century is heart disease?

  17. Did it ever occur to you guys that Thor is just laying the smack down on Tony for trying to steal Cap’s shield?  Stupid Tony.

  18. CLEAR!

  19. I have a feeling Invicible Iron Man will be THE place to be in the Marvel U until Seige hits

  20. I’ve not been following Iron man for years, but didn’t Stark already have his heart problems fixed a long time ago? He doesn’t still have to wear the armor to keep his heart beating does he?

  21. no, he doesn’t

  22. Yeah, Tony’s heart problems were solved years and years ago. These days his only weakness is Mark Millar, whose presence turns Tony into a supervillain.

  23. Ha! You’re all hilarious today!

  24. Is the Shield supposed to have some mystical properties?  I thought it was just a hunk of REALLY hard (imaginary) metal. 

  25. "Dude. We could SO do this! Look. Just get the jumper cables outta my old SHIELD car, and then all you have to do is just ZAP my shield. C’mon! Just trust me! Now go ahead and just zap my shield. DUDE! Look at him twitching! That’s so freaking cool! Do it again! Check it out! He’s smoking around the edges! THAT ROCKS! Clint! Get in here! Put an arrow in him somewhere! I bet that’s what we need!"

  26. I think they got Marvel Comics mixed up with Die Hard…

  27. Uh…ouch.

  28. "How you like that Superhuman Registration Act now? Beyotch!"

    "And didst you think I forgot about that clone?"

  29. what some people will do to get

     free PPV

  30. Hey, you know what? This looks like Thor and Cap "boosting " Tony but it could be Tony blasting Steve and Thor.

  31. Tony’s just really hung over. They’re trying to get him up

  32. Wow, now if only every US hospital had their own Thor and Cap for restarting hearts! 

    Unfortunately I think the Thor/Cap proposal was removed from the health care bill. Instead we all get Junior Mints in the waiting room!!  They’re a FAT FREE FOOD!! (Of course, you’re body is pretty good at turning that sugar into body fat very easily.)

  33. "Thanks for reviving me guys. Could you restart my car? I gotta date in a couple of hours…"

  34. "Wait. What do you mean it’s not his heart that’s the problem this time? Oh! It’s his brain? Really? You sure? This is Tony Stark. It’s always his heart. He deleted his brain?! Really? Um… OK. If anyone asks, you didnt see us here. Here’s an official Avengers quarter. It may looke like a regular quarter, but that’s what makes it so special. Remember. You didnt see us. The fate of, um, well, Earth depends on it citizen! Wait. Check that. The Fate of All The Universe depends on it. Got it? Good."

  35. How did this turn into a "write the caption" contest?

  36. that isnt how you play operation is it?

  37. Thats a funny drawing:~)