A Taste of Comics #4 – San Francisco

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March 30, 2010 – The boys are back after surviving Seattle and the Emerald City Comic Con, C.B. Cebulski, Filip Sablik and Ron Richards return to the podcast to discuss their meals in Seattle.  On the comics side it's a Marvel episode as Ron is loving revisiting Avengers Forever while C.B. was surprised to have enjoyed Lockjaw and the Pet Avengers as much as he did, while Filip is loving the art on Avengers: Initative.  And now with WonderCon and San Francisco on the horizon, Ron shares some of his favorite restaurant spots while Filip and C.B. are already plotting their meals.


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Come Back from San Francisco

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  1. Cassidy in "Preacher" went to Stinking Rose in SF.

  2. Oh nice, I have to go to La Mar. My favorite pruvian place in San Francisco is Limon.

  3. I like the lounge at Limon.  I used to live a block from there, but that was before the hood got all gentrified.  Then I did and moved to Potrero!

  4. I’ve been hearing a lot about Avengers Forever lately. I’m gonna add it to my list on Amazon. Glad to have another episode of this so soon. Thanks Guys!

  5. #3 of taste of comics sneaked by me but I’m so glad this is back, LOVE this podcast

  6. Ron,

    A few reactions from this serious foodie (in SF).

    1. There ARE a ton of great food options around the Moscone, you just have to know how to avoid the massive number of bad options. Here are a few:

    a) ‘witchcraft – yes, a "chain" – but a very very very good one from a serious chef (Mission btw 4th & 5th)

    b) Samovar – amazing tea & great food, right above the Moscone in Yerba Beuna Gardens. Not "fast" – but deliberately so

    c) Millions Thai – 5th between Mission & Market. Formerly a King of Thai Noodles, this massive Thai restaurant has amazing Thai food (very authentic spices if you ask for it), a Kareoke bar and most notably they serve food until 2am – a late night dining option almost unheard of in San Francisco

    d) Epicenter Cafe – Harrison between 3rd & 4th. Phenomenal coffee, amazing selection of micro brews & local wines, fantastic food at all times (lunch & dinner). Try the empenadas (esp the vegetarian) but everything is well done. And seriously get the coffee – amazing.

    e) Blue Bottle Cafe – 60 Mint (between Mission & Market just off of 5th). Astonishing coffee prepared more ways than you probably knew it was possible to prepare plus a small but great selection of food. One of the hidden gems and my go to recommendation for breakfast in Soma (try their poached eggs over thick cut Acme toast). Really really serious coffee. I once watched a Japanese film crew spend an entire day filming every coffee drink they make for a Japanese Coffee magazine. 

    f) Straits (inside of the Westfield Center Mall – off of Market between 4th & 5th) great Singaporan food – fantastic lunch or dinner option. A small local Bay Area chain.

    g) the food court at the Westfield Center + Out the Door. Not the side w/the Panda Express etc (the side close to 5th) but the side close to 4th with a wide range of really excellent restaurants preparing food unlike nearly any food court you have ever seen before. I personally love the Korean & the Thai take out places but Out the Door offers really amazing Vietnamese (from the same group that owns Slanted Door at the Ferry Building)

    h) Osha Thai (multiple locations – 3rd & Folsom, 2nd & Minna, Embarcadero & Market). High end & amazing Thai food for reasonable prices – not cheap but really really good. 

    i) Chaat Cafe – 3rd & Folsom. Cheap but very good Indian wraps and other dishes. Daily $5 wrap is among the best lunch deals in SOMA.

    j) Fang. New restaurant from the owners of House of Nanking. Howard between 3rd & Montgomery. I am, however, NOT a fan of Fang or of House of Nanking – there are MANY far better, cheaper & more authentic & less touristy Chinese options in SF. Such as my next suggestion.

    k) Canton Dim Sum & Seafood – Folsom & Hawthorne (just past 3rd). Astonishing dim sum & amazing Chinese. My go-to restaurant for large groups near the Moscone – they have two floors of seating with a capacity of something north of 500 people. I usually organize dinners family style – a 7+ course feast w/Peking Duck, a whole fish, salt & pepper crabs and much more for about $25/person – pretty impossible to beat – plus family style around a large circular table is the ideal dining experience for a large group to get to know each other. Their dim sum for lunch during the week and brunch over the weekend is reasonably priced (less than 1/2 the price of the over priced & over hyped Yang Sing) and is also a great experience for a group to share (expect to pay less than $20/person for a lot of great food)

    A bit farther from the Moscone here are just a few of my other go-to places:

     Heaven’s Dog – Chinese food & amazing bar from the owners of Slanted Door

     Town Hall, Salthouse, Anchor & Hope – three restaurants from the same set of owners all different but all among the best restaurants in San Francisco. Town Hall is probably my favorite though Salt House is a close (very very very close) second. ~$40-50/person most likely (though you can spend more)


     Oola (near the Moscone but I usually suggest other spots first)

    and of course all of the options at the Ferry Building (end of market st at the waterfront). Especially Thursday for lunch at the Farmers Market and Saturday mornings for the Farmers Market (Saturdays try Primevera for the best Mexican food available in San Francisco). Every day try Bocalone (salted pig parts from the owner of Incanto), Blue Bottle’s kiosk, and definitely try il Cane Rosso for amazing food (from the owner of Coi – which is possibly the best restaurant in San Francisco). Delica – a Japanese take on a deli has recently (last month or so) started offering a great sushi bar. The Wine Merchant has a great wine bar (where you can bring food from elsewhere in the building). Cowgirl Creamery for one of the best cheesemongers in CA (and get bread from Acme Bakery next door) and far, far more. 

    And in Hayes Valley my suggestion for sushi would be what I think is the best sushi in SF, Sebo (though definitely not the cheapest – expect to easily pay $75-100/person or more – well worth it but definitely not cheap). Lots of other great dining options in Hayes Valley as well – across from Isotope I really like the Cuban place – friendly, cheap & tasty. 

    I’ll be at Wondercon all weekend – looking forward to meeting people & to the Isotope party on Saturday (not sure I’ll make it to the Tiki Crawl on Friday). I’ll be late to the Isotope party – have to catch the Doctor Who screening first….



  7. @rycaut – I’m a Bay Area native and have lived in SF for 18 years. I can personally vouch for all of your recommendations. Fantastic post! Hats off to you. Well done.

     I also might add…

    The Sentinel on New Mongomery (btwn Market and Mission) for muffins that will change. your. life. As well as sandwiches that will inspire you to greatness. But only on Friday for the Con. They aren’t open on weekends, sadly.


  8. Thanks – I haven’t tried The Sentinal… but will definitely do so the next time I’m nearby.

    A few other places I forgot to mention:

     multiple locations in SOMA & the Financial district is a great local chain, Mixt Greens – fantastic fresh salads either selected from their designed salads or composed yourself – fresh organic ingredients + great variety for fair (but not super cheap) prices

    Incanto in Noe Valley (blocks from my apartment actually) is well worth the trip – great food – enjoy your meal there!

    For drinks (and only a few small dishes to share) – The Press Club (off of Market btw Market & Mission & Montgomery & 3rd) is worth a visit – a variety of different vineyards offering tastings (or whole bottles) in one of the nicest (and largest) spaces in San Francisco.

    and across the way from The Press Club, Amber offers very good Indian food (they have other locations in Silicon Valley) – upscale Indian so expect to pay $30+ a person – well worth it and great to share with a small group. 

    I’ve heard good things about the Mexican restaurant also in that stretch but haven’t yet personally tried them.

  9. @rycaut – great response! And it’s really cool to see listeners responding with their own suggestions! That’s half the reason we all do the show, to get recommendations. I’ll definitely be on the lookout this weekend.

    @jonnjonz – muffins that will change my life, huh? Guess I know where I’m going on Friday…

    Keep listening and keep the recommendations coming. Hope to see some of you at WonderCon. I’ll be at the Top Cow table that will be part of the Image Pavilion. Stop by and introduce yourself.

    Take care,

    Filip Sablik

    Publisher, Top Cow Productions

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  10. @rycaut – awesome meeting you yesterday! Sorry if I seemed disoriented, I was still getting my "con" bearings. Thanks for stopping by the booth and checking out our stuff. The wife and I are going to try Blue Bottle Cafe this morning and Canton Dim Sum & Seafood for lunch.

    Take care, 

    Filip Sablik

    Publisher, Top Cow Productions

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