A Taste of Comics #3 – Seattle

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March 16, 2010 – After a long break, A Taste of Comics is back!  Join C.B. Cebulski, Russ Cundiff, Filip Sablik and Ron Richards as they discuss their most recent meals and restaurants, the comics that are really working for them (including 20th Century Boys, Joe the Barbarian, and Afrodisiac) as well as take a look at the emerald jewel of the northwest, Seattle and all the food that can be had while attending Emerald City Comic Con (Here's a tip: try the salmon!). 


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Running Time: 00:31:39


Alice in Chains


  1. The Cheesecake factory is one of the more expensive areas to dine out. I only eat there once a year so it doesn’t feel old hack. I’m actually taking a break from the Pacific Place & Pike Place food for a while so it’s only Salaama Restaurant Rice for me. Can’t get enough of that stuff and they always do something new to make it taste different.

  2. @Ron I think you’re referring to Tup Tim Thai, hands down one of the best thai restaurants here

  3. @RandoCalrissian -Actually that’s not the place – I did get to have an early dinner at my fave thai place and it’s called Phuket right by Easy Street Records. 

  4. @Ron – Oh, so out in Ballard. I live right down the street from there. Phuket is great. You ever try their cocktails? Supposedly some funky extract in them that makes it so you can only order one. But I’ve gotten a waitress to make an exception.  Ballard Ave has a lot of great bars on it as well. Def one of the cooler neighborhoods in Seattle to hang.

  5. Oohhh, that thai restaurant right by Easy Street

  6. trendy tourist spot, but there is a great chowder place in Post Alley at the Pike Market Place….

  7. I got a Scott Pilgrim design on a custom gel skin!

  8. @j206: hurm… I dunno if I’d agree with that. I can name a few other places to go before that area. Chalk it up to preference.

  9. What great timing! This past Monday I was wondering whatever happened to this podcast. Fantastic concept. I hope you find the time to do more.

  10. This was a fun episode to listen to. This past weekend after the Emerald City Comic Con I took the family to the Cheesecake Factory, and I have to say it was pretty good… I’m still having dreams about their cheesecake… Good stuff!

  11. good and yet so damned expensive. I had to reserve eating there for my birthday.

  12. In Seattle this past weekend, the Taste of Comics crew had a great dinner at Anchovies & Olives. Some really great crudo, homemade pasta, and other Northern Italian delicacies. I made it out to the Metropolitan Grill for steak and gotta say it ranked in my top five steakhouses. 

    Plus a dozen Top Pot donuts rounded out the weekend.


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