A Rundown of the Cast of X-MEN: FIRST CLASS – So Far

For the past few weeks its seemed like every time I turn around there has been another casting announcement for X-Men: First Class. And that’s good, I guess, because director Matthew Vaughn‘s next film is set to hit screens in June 2011. So they should probably get shooting soon, eh?

Here’s how the cast looks so far:

James McAvoy as Professor Charles Xavier

Michael Fassbender as Magneto

Kevin Bacon as A Mystery Villain

Jennifer Lawrence as Mystique

Nicholas Hoult as Beast

Alice Eve as Emma Frost
(In negotiations)

Caleb Landry Jones as Banshee

Lucas Till as Havok
(In final negotiations)

Still officially uncast is Ron Richard’s favorite stick-in-the-mud Scott Summers AKA Cyclops. Rumors have pointed to Aaron Johnson, who played the title role in Matthew Vaughn’s last film, Kick-Ass. He could be good in that role. We’ll see, though. You know how rumors can go.


  1. After seeing the update about Kevin Bacon a few hours ago I was wondering when you guys were going to put something up. Is it just me or are MacAvoy and Fassbender a little too young for their character roles?

  2. Goddamn muties

  3. Can we do a poll as to who Bacon will be playing?  I hope it’s Lucifer!  Or the Stranger!  Either way, Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon just got even easier.

  4. I am thinking(hoping) that kevin bacon will be playing my favorite x men villian….Mr. Sinister.

  5. Wow. Alive Eve looks like she was the reference for that drawing of White Queen.

  6. You know that now that you’ve posted this they’ll change everything, right?

  7. I think James McAvoy will perform brilliantly as Charles Xavier. … not worried about age … just take a look at X-Men #1.


    Nicholas Hoult doesn’t make any sense to me as the Beast … unless he is planning to bulk up (a lot) for the role. Even the earliest "Hank" McCoy was a beefcake. Hoult does have the ability to deliver highly souped up dialogue, so maybe that is why he’s in … 

  8. A lot of these matchups are spot on, this film has me excited.

  9. That seems like a pretty solid cast.  Plus Vaughan has become one of my favorite directors, I’m pretty excited for this.

  10. But will Xavier have hair in this, since he’s younger (and presumably not bald because he’s a telepath)?

    I’m just thrilled at the prospect of finally seeing Havok in action.  He’s one of the cooler mutants that, to my understanding, has never been onscreen before.  Those Summers brothers are all about raw power.  

    Hey, @Ron.  As the resident X-Men expert, has a story ever been written about any other "long-lost" Summers siblings appearing with other bad-ass power manifestations?

  11. I feel like there are some age matchups that are borderline ridiculous, and characters that seem too X-y for their own good on film.

  12. Hmmm. Not that I don’t like Aaron Johnson, but I’m not sure I’d want him as Cyke…

  13. I’m really not interested in this film, as I just thought looking at this cast. I don’t really know anyone on here and the film premise itself just seems boring.

    THAT IS…..until I learned Kevin Bacon is in this. Plus the rumor that Mr. Sinister is going to be the villain. If that all comes to pass then I will watch this film just to see how bad Bacon preforming as Mr. Sinister will be. 

  14. @Ghengis.  Here’s the wikipedia on the other summers brother, Vulcan



  15. James McAvoy was brilliant in the last king of Scotland. Read he was Mr Tumnus in the lion the witch and the wardrobe. Good credentials.

  16. I haven’t read First Class, but didn’t half these characters come much later in X-history? Why would Emma, Banshee, and Havok be present in a story about the original X-Men? Are we once again going to be subjected to an X-Men movie with a babillion characters too many?

  17. Every time i hear about this film, or see casting, the more i think it’s gonna be a fun film!

  18. @flakbait-Banshee was introduced really early in the x-men, I want to say issue 28 or so.  Havok was introduced around issue 56, so they’re both pretty early in the story.  I think in the Ultimate universe Emma was one of the first students in at Xaviers (and they had her and Cyclops both go out and meet the professor at the end of the Wolverine movie) so maybe they are combining elements of both the 616, ultimate, and movie universes.  I don’t know why Mystique would be there.  I assume that since we’re a few movie in there isn’t any way to avoid the mistake of too many characters.  I don’t know why producers and writers think it is a good idea to stuff a movie with characters when it almost never works out.

  19. @flakbait: This is the movie continuity, not the comics continuity.

  20. Oh, I see, I thought this was all about rebooting the movie franchise. That pretty much ends my interest.

  21. I think Bacon may end up being Mastermind.

  22. love the casting for the first 3 guys, fassbender was awesome in "hunger"

  23. is it bad that they idea of a x-men movie w/o wolverine makes me unspeakably happy? If it does well then I guess I’m a bad person.

  24. Jennifer Lawrence half naked throughout the entire movie in blue body paint? YES, PLEASE!