A Comics No-Brainer: Why Hasn’t DC Got Marc Silvestri to do Batman?

It seems some of the biggest selling titles in comics are about dream teams on specific books – a writer and/or artist working on a character they seemed destined for after years of waiting. You saw that with Grant Morrison & Frank Quitely on Superman, Jim Lee on Batman, Mark Millar & Bryan Hitch on the Avengers. But there’s one dream team that I’ve been waiting for years to see – and all it takes is one man.

Marc Silvestri seems like an artist born to do Batman. He’s had brief dalliances with the character with a pin-up in Batman: Black & White and doing some art for the 1999 crossover one-shot Batman / The Darkness but for one reason or another he’s never been given a big chance on the book. Look at the impact David Finch is having on Batman, and think about how much Silvestri could have.

And I’m not the only one who wants it.

“I have a Batman story that I must tell before I die,” Silvestri told me back in 2008 during a Newsarama.com interview. “I’ll write it and draw it, even if I’m eighty years old.”

Although Silvestri keeps busy as CEO of Top Cow, he's done special issues of comics for others before — think back to his recent Marvel work. WIth his fellow Image founder Jim Lee (and former Homage Studios partner) as co-publisher of DC, a simple phone call between the two could all it takes to get this killer project going.

What do you think — could an extended run on Batman by Marc Silvestri be something you'd read? And would other comics fans flock to it as well?


  1. I’d buy it. But I sadly don’t see Silvestri draw an “extended run” on anything ever again.

  2. I’ll preorder it right now.

  3. Sold…will complete before Finch’s 3rd issue is out

  4. i would buy any DC book the man drew or any MArvel book for that matter. he is great with classic characters

  5. Amen. Although I’d hope his Batman story was contained in 12 issues or less. I don’t think I could stick with an ongoing. Cheers to Silvestri.

  6. I don’t know if this is something that I would want.

  7. Pass.

  8. Maybe on something else? But I don’t see him on a Batman book.

  9. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I think you can scratch the same itch with David Finch’s The Dark Knight. The issue he’s drawing anyway. 

  10. @PaulMontgomery  Is that still a thing?

  11. Paul Montgomery Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    @josh  If I recall correctly, it’s been taken over by another artist. 

  12. I’d buy it not even so much that it’s Silvestri but because apparently he’s dying to tell it.  I’ll support a guy that works as hard as he does doing his dream project, sure.

  13. Jeff Reid Jeff Reid (@JeffRReid) says:

    @PaulMontgomery  Fear not! Batman: The Dark Knight #4 which was originally solicted as having a different artist has been removed from DC’s website, seemingly never to return. Unfortunately, nothing replaced that solicitation. So I hope you like three issue series without any resolution.

  14. I’d rather see him back on an X book. Like throw him in the mix with remender, ribic, and ope

  15. Silvestri and Finch do not seem to be able to put out enough content to even do a bi-monthly book.  I would love to see each of them do a mini-series with a good script.  If it was a mini, I would not even notice the delays.  And it would be beautiful.

  16. If hes making this a “bucket list” wish to write a story then he must have some sort of amazing story in his sleeves.

  17. I don’t know if this is unfair to DC or not. But they seem to waste a lot of talent. Bagley was very popular after leaving USM on marvel and faded when DC used him on Trinity until the contract ended and now he’s sounding again with brilliant and the death of Spider-man. Now Finch, a lot of buzz when he came to DC after Messiah Complex and now just two issues of Batman and a bunch of covers, but nothing really memorable. I’m surely overlooking cases of success, but these two stick out to me as a cases of bad PR. 

  18. @JimmyF1982  – Finch is getting a new artist actually

  19. Maybe if he was only drawing it, but hell no, if he was also writing it.

  20. I reeeeeeeeeeeeally dislike Silvestri.

  21. I actually don’t really like that pic of Batman very much. He looks HUGE. Like his legs are each bigger than my entire body. it freaks me out.

  22. Do you know what book I would buy the HELL out of? Peter David writing Slapstick. come on marvel, make that happen!

  23. Perfectly happy with Jock!

  24. I want to see DNA and Leonard Kirk doing Green Lantern first.

  25. No thank you, I would drop the title if this happened.

  26. I don’t know about an extended run but 6-12 issues would be cool. Now isn’t a good time for it becasue there is just too much going on in all the bat books.

  27. I would love to see EVERY artist and writer do their take on Batman, that’s what comics is all about.

    Hell, I’ve always wondered what a Garth Ennis Batman story might be like.

    Except Kevin Smith.  I would never, ever buy any Batman stories by Kevin Smith.  I’d rather they let Frank Miller take another crack at Batman before Kevin Smith.

  28. I would definitely give this a shot.  Marc Silvestri’s art on the cover of Uncanny X-Men 243 is the first comic that grabbed my eye and he is completely responsible for my getting into the medium.  I’ll always have a soft spot for his work.