’27’ from Image Tries to Escape Death

Here's how the press release starts:

Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin, Morrison. All died at age 27. In 27, and all-new miniseries from Image Comics and Shadowline, a gifted rock musician fights to make it to his 28th birthday.

The next sound I made was one of deep wailing and sorrow.  WHY OH WHY DIDN'T I THINK OF THIS?!

Anyway, about the series.  The 4 issue mini series is written by Charles Soule (Strongman), with art by Renzo Podesta (Hard Drive, Howard Lovecraft and the Frozen Kingdom), with covers by W. Scott Forbes (Forgetless).

This is the story of Will Garland, a famous rock guitarist who can't play because of a neurological disorder.  He's 27, and there are plenty of obstacles in his way, like mad scientists and long dead rock legends, and they don't want him to make it to 28.  Because a good rock star doesn't.

The first issue is out November 10, in the big Golden Age format.

Plus, that is one lovely cover right there.


  1. !!!  AWESOME!

  2. Nice. Love the idea for it.

  3. and it is now on my pull list. Great cover.  Great concept.  I’m sold.

  4. Wow I love this idea! I’ll definitely be getting into this.

  5. I saw that cover and the first thought that came to my head was "I’m glad to see Scott Pilgrim made it big."

  6. consider this purchased!

  7. Wow! I actually realized that connection with Hendrix, Cobain, Joplin & Morrison after I watched The Doors movie a while back, but I never realized the potential it would have for a story! I really hope the artist does the rock legends justice & here’s to hopefully another great music comic from Image! (I bet Ron’s drooling with anticipation, lol)

  8. And we now have more proof as to how original and creative comics can be.  Absolutely going on my pull list…

  9. meh. All of those examples died because of a combination of drugs and psychoses. I imagine you could make a convincing graph that shows why 27 is probably a magic number for famous musician deaths.

    Or am I being really souless and missing the point? Doesn’t float my boat at all.

  10. And I’m the guy who hates fun. Sure.

  11. I hope that all the greats that died at 27 make an appearance.

  12. I’d rather read a series about a talented-yet-cursed keytarist, but this sounds pretty good, too.

    I hope Keith Richards makes an appearance.  He’s been undead since he was 27.

  13. Charles Soule is a fantastic writer. I can’t wait for this. And I hope everyone checks out "Strongman", too.

  14. I wrote a short like this at least two years ago, eager to see this.

  15. Cool concept. I’ll be checking this out.

    @balsalm: Except Jim Morrison. People need to stop acting like he was a "great" and start acting like he was a drunk asshole, mediocre to bad songwriter and terrible poet.

  16. @WinTheWonderboy Sorry man but I have to strongly disagre with you there, The Doors may have been the band you love to hate back in the 60s, but Morrison was a lyrical genius, he may not have had the greatest voice but it very much suited the band & his poetic lyrics. I guess you could say that if it weren;t for Jim Morrison, we would not have had Kurt Cobain, or many other great lyricists to gain attention.

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