20th Century Fox vs. The Feds in ‘Rise of the Silver Surfer’ Viral Marketing

So, 20th Century Fox thought it was a good idea to make quarters with the Silver Surfer on them in an attempt to promote Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer. The problem is they didn’t get the governments approval… and these quarters are going into circulation.

So, the government thinks it is a good idea to make a stink about this… and we all know any publicity is good publicity.

Whose side are you on?

After discussing this with Ron, I have decided to be on Iron Man’s side. Seems to be the safest bet at this point.

As for the quarters — I am hoping to get one. They are releasing 800 per state. I think my chances are good.


  1. I want one.

  2. Sounds like they could be in trouble. Not real bright not to get the government’s approval ahead of time.

  3. I don’t really like the idea of using US currency for advertising, but I’m hoping I’ll be able to find one as well. I work in a grocery store, and I’ve already told the cashiers to be on the lookout for me.

    The studio/Mint may get in trouble and be forced to pay a fine, but look at all the publicity they’re getting. They probably think it’s worth it.

  4. This is a really inane promotion. People might want the coins, but is it it actually going to boost the audience? I don’t think anyone who hears about this is going to change their mind and see this movie. There’s a built in audience, and it’s a sequel.

    Coins? Really?

  5. I’m glad to hear that the government didn’t okay this. I’m with jessi, selling advertising space on US currency seems a little unsettling.

  6. You’d think Marvel had people hired to think of this ahead of time.. it’s not like they’re Adult Swim or something.

    On the other hand (side of the coin), how cool would it have been if they replaced George Washington’s face with Galactus’!

  7. (Not Marvel…Fox, I’m sorry)

  8. I’m with Cap!

    Er, wrong “pick a side.”

    Silly Fox. Making counterfeit money. Those goofballs.

  9. I want one.. I know its wrong but I want one..

  10. How do you circulate quarters without the government’s approval. Could I take the money from my Monopoly game and buy some comics with them or does it have to be money I printed up? It is the Marvel Monopoly game if that means anthing.

  11. Guess I’ll have to put mine in the drawer with all of my confederate dollars…

  12. I only want one if it gives me cosmic powers when I use it to a buy a moon pie.

  13. I’m against it.

    But, uh. How do i get one? Should I go to the bank and get a bunch of quarters and open them? Then return them for more quarters? How are they being “circulated”.

  14. My guess is that they’ll mostly be “circulated” on ebay. Though it is interesting to see that, as rare collector’s items, they look a lot like quarters with stickers on them.

  15. It’s a bit confusing. Is this article telling us that though the coin is altered, it’s legal tender? Seems that way. I think it’d be exciting to get one back with your change, next time you buy a coffee.

  16. I wouldnt be so excited to get one back as change, because it is my understanding they are not legal tender. You’d be getting ripped off. Unless I am wrong and they are legal tender at which point I have to ask… Why does Silver Surfer get a quarter and the rest of Galactus’ heralds get dissed? I want a Firelord penny, a Terrax dime, a Nova nickle and the big G-Man himself on the silver dollar.

  17. Here’s the clincher. Quarters serve one purpose in my life: laundry. If that quarter doesn’t work in the machine, it’s junk.

    But I can sell it to Kilpatrick for a tidy profit.