$10 Modern Masters Sale at TwoMorrows

The fine people who brought you The Comic Book Podcast Companion are having a big sale on their Modern Masters series of books. These books take an in-depth look at the careers of some of the most talented people working in the modern age of comic books.

I have Modern Masters Vol. 10: Kevin Maguire and it’s pretty great.

Here are the details:


For the first time in its history, TwoMorrows Publishing, publisher of award-winning books and magazines about comics history and appreciation, is offering their acclaimed line of “Modern Masters” books for only $10 each, now through November 30, 2009. Normally retailing for $14.95, the sale represents a 33% savings.

Publisher John Morrow remarked, “Last July at Comic-Con, we put our Modern Masters on sale for $10 each for one day only, as a test. Most were gone in a few hours. Now, with the holidays drawing near and the economy starting to recover, editor Eric Nolen-Weathington and I felt it was the right time to try it again, on a larger scale.”

The “MODERN MASTERS Sale” includes 21 volumes on these top artists, each featuring a comprehensive career-spanning interview, and a gallery of rare and unseen artwork:

Alan Davis
George Pérez
Bruce Timm
Kevin Nowlan
José Luis Garciá-López
John Byrne
Mike Wieringo
Kevin Maguire
Charles Vess
Michael Golden
Jerry Ordway
Frank Cho
Mark Schultz
Mike Allred
Lee Weeks
John Romita Jr.
Mike Ploog
Kyle Baker
Chris Sprouse

This sale is only valid for orders placed at www.twomorrows.com through the end of November, and does not include shipping costs. A special “$10 MODERN MASTERS SALE” banner atop the TwoMorrows’ home page links to a listing of the books on sale.

Since 1994, TwoMorrows has been celebrating the art and history of comics through their magazine and book publications.


  1. I love this series!

    Thanks for letting us know the sale!

  2. Paul Montgomery (@fuzzytypewriter) says:

    I just picked up the Kevin Maguire volume in Baltimore last month. Really good stuff.  Looking forward to the Guy Davis and Darwyn Cooke volumes. 

  3. I think the Mike Wieringo and John Byrne volumes are calling my name.

    I recently discovered TwoMorrows "Jack Kirby Collector" and have been buying up back issues like crazy. If you are at the site and have any interest in Jack Kirby, I whole heartedly endorse taking a look.

  4. I picked up the Maguire book over the summer and thoroughly enjoyed it.

    Also, if you hunt around a little on their site, they have downloadable samples of all their mags. I lost an hour of work to the Kirby sample issue last night.

    While you’re there, I highly, highly recommend the Image and Flash books – they’re full price, but more than worth it. Some really quality stuff coming from these guys.

  5. The Kevin Maguire interview is absolutely fascinating and a little bit sad.

  6. That’s awesome.  Thanks for letting us know.

  7. Perhaps it’s wrong and dangerous for me to say outloud but, really, I’m just not interested in any of those artists to actually buy one of these. As a gift or something I’m sure I’d devour any of them but other than that, I don’t think so… D:

  8. The Bruce Timm and Mike Allred one was pretty good. Although I must admit I was enjoying the pictures more then the interview at times. It’s the anti-Playboy argument.

  9. I can very genuinely recommend the Alan Davis book.

  10. I do love the Maguire book, a truly great, original artist who’s far too underappreciated.  I’ve got several others but it’s the Sprouse volume I’m desperately trying find the time to read.