‘Young Justice’ – S01E20 – “Coldhearted”

Kid Flash takes he spotlight this week when Wally’s birthday wish to go on a mission with the Justice League doesn’t pan out and he’s sent on errand duty instead. Oh Wally. You can’t win in any medium.


I look forward to your thoughts, opinions, praise, gripes, live-blogging, etc.


  1. Another great episode! Watched it with my daughter this morning. I love the little glimpses of the JLA here and there. I also thought the little mini cartoon with Robin was pretty funny. Keep it up DC!

  2. Young Justice may be the best cartoon of all time. LOVE IT!!!!

  3. This is why I love Wally West.

  4. Whoa. They adapted The Flash #1 (1987). Great obscure story.

  5. A ton of fun but I found it weird that there was never a seen between Wally and Barry. I mean surely if anyone is going to acknowledge Wally’s birthday it would be him.

    • I found that odd, too. I guess they didn’t want to pay the voice of The Flash for what would’ve been just a couple lines, or maybe the show timed out too long to squeeze in another scene?

    • @ L[lightning?] Bolt: I think it’s more a matter of holding off of the interaction between ANY members of either team until the ‘Super Tipping Point’. And I’m looking at YOU Clark and Conner Kent. With the other side of the coin being the Aquas. I think the new Aqualad and Aquaman dynamic on this show needs to be replicated in the comics.

  6. great animation in this episode.
    best team book going.

  7. Did everyone catch that this puts Young Justice in the same continuity as the Green Arrow short that came on one of the DC Direct animated features? Count Vertigo was after the little girl in that too, and the goon who took the heart from Wally has a pretty extended fist fight on the baggage carrier with Green Arrow in that short.

    Cool little easter eggs keep this show on the top of my “most anticipated” list. So good!

  8. This is so much better than most of the comics.

    • Welcome to the future of your favorite comics.
      TV & download.
      It’s OK though, every comic you ever wanted will be there. On Demand. Real Soon.
      It’s a New World.

  9. I love the feel and tone of this series is really great. I would love being able see more of this iteration of the JLA.

  10. I’m re-watching the episode and I noticed that Batman says both Green Lanterns are off world but we’ve seen that Guy’s a GL meaning that there’s at least three. That’s weird. Is he just not a part of the League or what?

    • Hal’s a GL. Guy’s a GL. Is John a GL at this point? Do we get to see Kyle become ‘The One,’ Ion? Will he become the next member of YJ, or will the mysterious Jade? A great time for the new DCU/E all around.

    • Hal Jordan and John Stewart appear as members of the JLA in the Young Justice. Guy Gardner is a reserve member of the Justice League.