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    June 11, 2017 4:15 pm I thought he drew Airboy and was involved in some way, but I was wrong. However, it still doesn't excuse the portrayal of transgendered people and that essay doesn't mean anything to me. There's no justification for that and it just reinforces stupid laws being correct like the ones currently in North Carolina. Drawn & Quarterly cancelled the comic, Sadbøi, by Berliac early last week due to an essay he wrote in 2015 where he was being transphobic. I just think it's unacceptable for Image to publish that comic while having the rainbow background promoting Pride Month when that comic was the opposite of that. It sends the wrong message and doesn't respect a group of people. It would be like starting off a comic about Muslims committing terrorists actions where they brag about it. That would be completely wrong so it just shows that Howard Chaykin doesn't respect certain groups of people and doesn't care about how he portrays them.
    June 11, 2017 12:10 pm We all know that this possible marriage is not going to happen or last because it's comics. Now I want DC to do it and have the guts to go through with it since far too many comics tease a real status quo change, but then nothing happens or it ends fairly quickly making it pointless. The answer to the question won't happen until the next arc is over since The War of Jokes and Riddles is set in the past. If it does happen, we know it won't last too long which I would find annoying since it would actually be cool if DC stuck to it and had to use it in other books. Comics-wise, I see Bruce ending up with Selina and not Talia or Zatanna. I really liked the relationship with Wonder Woman in the Justice League animated series and the Injustice Year Three Issue 7 with the future Clark wanted to see if he didn't become a tyrant. The recent Telltale game was great with Bruce's and Selina's relationship along with the Injustice comics. It just makes more sense to me. Son of the Demon is a great story where you would want Bruce and Talia together, but with the more recent stories along with Talia in charge of Leviathan causing Damian's death, it doesn't work.
    June 11, 2017 11:48 am I'm sorry, but The Divided States of Hysteria is possibly the most transphobic comic I've ever read. Those opening few pages disgusted me and I understand it was supposed to come out earlier, but this should not have come out during Pride Month. Opening with the character bragging about his penis size and committing statuatory rape as a pediphile before then revealing he was then transgendered where she was having sex with three men was unacceptable to me. From Airboy and now this, it is pretty clear that Howard Chaykin's does not respect transgendered people and the LGBT community. Image Comics having the rainbow as its background right now is a joke. I had a student who is transgendered and have friends who are transgendered so it really makes me angry to see this interpretation and saying it's a dystopian society doesn't mean anything to me as well as saying he started writing it before the election cycle started. There's no defense of this for me and not even mentioning that aspect of the transphobia is pretty ridiculous honestly with just saying how raw it was without mentioning the content. That's a bad review in my opinion.