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The life of David Haller continues to plug along. Here we get a nice break from the insanity he has…

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I didn’t really want to write a review here, but I think I have enough to say to warrant it…

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With this second issue of Sheltered Brisson, Christmas, and company deliver an eerie, psychological thrill ride, that hearkens back to…

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May 22, 2017 3:51 pm King's best issue of Batman yet. Another cool bit of painting trivia from the issue: The painting in the museum to the right of the one the murderer is looking at is the one painting that the Joker doesn't vandalize in the original Tim Burton Batman movie. "I kinda like that one, leave it alone." Or something like that.
April 3, 2017 3:53 pm I REALLY liked his Uncanny/ All-New X-Men run. X-Men been downhill ever since.
December 13, 2015 5:05 pm Anyone read Replica 1 by Paul Jenkins and Andy Clarke(I know it came out last week but I didn't make it to my shop). Not sure where it's going but it was a great issue: laugh-out-loud funny, well-paced, cool setting, great art and writing. Not sure where it's headed but it was the best book in 2 week stack. It's from a new company called Aftershock (I think). They got some new books from some well-known, well-respected creators and they made a good impact on me with this book.
April 15, 2015 5:05 pm I could hear the jaws drop when you described the last page of Nameless 3. Wish I could have seen their faces! Haha. Im in for that ride though and have been enjoying the book. Its gor a lot to digest and is well worth the 2.99. Probably my POTW. Rebels #1 was close behind. Art is very nice and I love the concept. It just jumped around a little too much for me. Wood is a master though, so Im sure it'll gel better for me as we move forward. As for length, there is some discussion in the back matter. I think its going to follow the DMZ recipe: a large story told in 5-6 issue arcs, sprinkled with one-shots for reference and perspective. Im really looking forward to it. I
January 13, 2015 2:32 am Great show guys. I only had 2 books this week, and hands-down Deadly Class was the best. Its my pick of the month most months though, so go figure. I literally laughed out loud for all 3 pages of the diarrhea scene and I found it so fitting, first I laughed that he was going to fart in the kids face and then when he "didn't fart" it was just awful. That, and the end blew me away. Very much a karma issue. What about Carla-Speed Mc-Neil's "Finder" you guys read any of those. I really like them and would recommend them to a new reader, or DMZ? What about the first Grendel Omnibus that came out a couple years back? That can be read as one solid story about Hunter Rose, but its a little long. I did like the All-Star Superman suggestion (good choice Josh). I would also recommend King City by Brandon Graham or Day Tripper by the Moon brothers. All good reading. Have a great week!
November 17, 2014 2:38 pm I was thinking it was her too, and her name is left off the list in the letters page to which Aaron makes a little comment...only thing is, that she was on the moon. Could be the blue part of the moon where humans can breathe... As for Julia...what a great time that was for the Batman books. Wonderfully rich supporting cast and a great long-game.
November 17, 2014 12:58 am "Its Clint Barton! That'd be a helluva twist" (or something like that). That was gold, Conor! Thor #2 was my pick of the pick (despite its ugly logo). I just really like watching how Dauterman draws Thor fighting frost giants, and then I went back and re-read #25 and liked it that much more. Jason Aaron really does it for me. The book had a kinda "Big" (the movie) feel to it that made it fun and fresh. Its not Ribic and the AMAZING first 12 issue run, but its still superhero gold. Wytches was cool, and I'm in for at least another issue, but I think it falls in that "Copperhead" area for me. I just don't have the time to read everything that is "good". Nowadays, with kids and work, etc, each book I pull needs to be pull me to my LCS on Wednesday, and if I'm not looking forward to it, then it gets cut. That's part of the reason I liked your discussion on books you liked before you were born. I was born in '83 and love late 70's early 80's Batman. So much good stuff in there that my Wednesday pulls get pushed aside. Nice show as usual guys, always look forward to it. Have a great a week.
November 9, 2014 11:04 pm I knew Chew was gonna be one to watch, but YIKES! It was definitely my POTW. I thought it was really cool for Layman to include so many pages of script at the end. And i believe that Chew is slated for 60 issues. So, this arc will end next issue, and then we have 3 more arcs til completion. What a great comic it's been and we still don't know about the possible govt conspiracy with the bird flu. Lots for watch for in the next year plus. I didn't listen all the way til the end, but no Big Hero 6 talk?? I watched it with my kids and they loved it. I thought it was worth my money, and had a great time with it. Just wondering what you guys thought about it. Til next week guys!
October 15, 2014 8:14 pm I never got into Image United and. I think that whole thing got scrapped. But as far as "Spawn proper" goes I'd have to reread the issue where they explain it to tell you exactly what they said, but its something along the lines of "Al has been using Downing to disrupt the whole Heaven/ Hell/ Symbiote because he'd been to both Heaven and Hell, but is the first living being to be a Spawn. Basically Al knew what he was doing when he blew his head off in 185 and has been using Jim Downing from behind the scenes, like a weapon. We'll start to see the details in #250 I hope.
October 15, 2014 2:52 pm Are any of you Fanboys reading the current events of Batman and Robin? Kinda ruined this issue for me because a lot of the ideas in this issue were already touched on over there: Batman v Justice League and an awesome mech suit (actually a kinda cooler one, I think its called the Hellbat or something). Anyways, kinda felt like, "Didn't I just read this story? ". Batman #35 was a good issue though, see how it all plays out. My POTW was Spawn #247. Great art, lots of drama, creepy feel (and yes I read Wytches- it was better than I expected but not POTW). Al Simmons is coming back in 250, and it feels like its being set-up very well. Its gonna be sad to see the art team go, Kudranski and FCO are doing some of their best work right now.