Name: Mike Griffith


The Lone Ranger_15

Great pacing, art that is reminiscent of George Perez, action in the old west, and a look at John Reid’s…

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Legion of Super-Heroes_17_Full

INCREDIBLE!! Levitz needed an artist with Giffen’s chops at pacing and layout to bring this book to life! This is…

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Injustice_Gods Among Us_1_Full

(The first part of this review is spoiler-free.) This book was a surprise for me – well, a few surprises,…

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mgriffith's Recent Comments
November 10, 2013 7:31 pm Agreed on the PotW. A very fun comic. I'm pleasantly surprised how good the Zero Year tie-ins are this week. I also REALLY miss the pull list feature.
October 4, 2013 7:55 pm My wife and I are loving the show for what it is - light fare. LOVED the last segment of episode 2!
September 10, 2013 8:47 pm THANK YOU!!!!! I LOVE that site!
September 8, 2013 6:05 pm I forgot this in my post below: At Penn State in about 2004 or so, one 200 or 300-level English class - the title of which I forget - assigned reading was Watchmen, Understanding Comics, and a book on the history of comics, whose name escapes me now. I was teaching part-time there, but my schedule never synched-up with the instructor of he English class. I would have loved to meet with him or even get my mitts on the course syllabus.
September 8, 2013 5:57 pm Agreed on the POtW. I'm so glad I decided to get the soft copies of Batman Black and White and not trade-wait. Quality comic all around. I am enjoying non-New 52 DC books a lot more than most of the New 52 stuff. I thought some of the villains issues were fine, but not all that great. (Grodd, Ventriloquist.) The 3D covers have been hit-or-miss for me. Still, a nice month-long contained event on DC's part. Sales are great at my LCS, with every single copy of the villains books selling out by Friday morning. Forever Evil 1 was a wild ride, but the art was a bit rough in some spots. Good week for comics, and while the podcast is enjoyable, I really miss the old IFanboy. 'til next Sunday, folks.
September 5, 2013 12:10 am Besides Ghostmann's site ( ), are there other sites that offer the Pull List feature? (Ideally with a layout similar to IFanboy's.) I'd hop on the $3/month fee for the Pull List and comments section to be active. Heck, I often enjoyed reading things on the Pull List/comments/reviews section here more than some of the comics I'd bought and read on any given week, so the price of a comic book is well worth it to me keep the features going.
September 4, 2013 1:32 am Good luck to all. I'll miss this site a great deal.
August 31, 2013 1:56 pm ... sold out ... ;-( gotta go try another LCS.
August 31, 2013 1:53 pm Thank God for Adventures of Superman!