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    jokingofcourse's Recent Comments
    June 19, 2017 8:41 pm Also RE: Twin Peaks comic First need to second Ron's pick of "Black Hole" by Charles Burns. That was always my go to book for arty comic snobs who I knew were Twin Peaks fans to lure them into comics. The tone and mood of suburban disillusionment in that book is very Lynch. And my next choice is of course "Stray Toasters" by Bill Sienkiewicz Crime. Check. Surreal. A big talking pink elephants check.
    June 19, 2017 8:29 pm Is this post your plan to endear yourself into my secret organization and bring it down from within... Because it worked. Shade the Changing Man was my favorite book when it came out. Everyone should not be indoctrinated into the iFanboy Preacher love cult and instead escape over to Shade and enjoy the testosterone free madness. Good book. Not a cult.
    March 29, 2017 9:22 pm Sounds like Josh just listened to This American Life. Sadly though in criminal law, mistake of the law is not a defense. Intent would only determine the degree to which you broke the law. As long as you intend your action, you broke some law. Killing someone without intending to is still manslaughter as long as you intended to juggle those chainsaws. And pretending to be a non profit to dupe an eccentric millionaire into avoiding taxes by donating to you is still fraud. You'll just have to earn your money the old fashion way...marrying the millionaire and kill them so it looks like an accident. Wait...unless your comment just a very very subtle #trypod month participation then nevermind.
    December 22, 2016 8:43 pm The Hell or Highwater themes/pitch sounds a lot like Emilio Esteves 80's movie "Wisdom" because of course we're all so nostalgic for the 80's we'll bring back Star Wars and bad economic policies.
    August 5, 2016 9:13 pm Your vision is still good. if my old memory hasn't failed, I believe these were lost during a server problem/change back lo' many years ago. I'm sure one of the boys has the real story they'll fill you in on. but you'll just have to enjoy my misinformation and the 400 plus other ones until one day you find them in a dusty quarter bin at some old con.
    July 4, 2016 3:18 am I thought (for about 1 billion nano seconds) that I was about to witness the birth of a new who's-on-first style comedy routine as Josh tried to explain how "very niche-y" the POTW was, but alas, unlike me you guys didn't think he was talking "Nietzsche" and the Ubermensch. So opportunity missed and podcast comedy was never the same.
    June 23, 2016 9:25 pm A challenger to Marvel & DC? Probably not in the periodical "floppy" market of Diamond distributed comic shops. But if you're just talking money, there is a case to be made that there are already companies in the graphic novel book market. Specific books have higher sales than any monthly floppy book and there are book publisher's that often approach or out perform the big two in just the graphic novel/book market as a percentage of sales. (Random House, Bloomsbury, Scholastic) Fans may dispute them as "real" comics but "Can’t We Talk About Something More Pleasant?" out performed the big two in the book market and "Fun Home" did the same the year before, by appealing to non Weds. warriors. and I don't even care enough to google search Manga numbers to see how those stack up in the boom or now. Since Book/graphic novel sales make up almost half of the total comic market, it's something. and that something is probably just the sign that the future of comics will be dispersed into ever thinner niche markets.
    May 28, 2016 6:41 pm you may try to read Peter Milligan's "Shade the Changing Man" run which covered some similar themes but with a different attitude. Conveniently Shade is about 3 people on a road trip across America with a weird power involved, commenting on American culture and history, with takes on violence and sexuality and religion, heavy on character interactions and development and constant weird stuff happening. oh. and it came out 5 years before Preacher. also have you read "War Stories" by Ennis that David Lloyd illustrated? If you don't like those there's little hope you'll ever read anything by Ennis.
    May 26, 2016 6:08 pm i spent all week thinking about commenting on this podcast. perhaps just a note relating to the personal nature of loss versus the public expectations of interaction. I weighed my past experiences with it, versus the unfillable hole that is the reality of it... but after much thought, a more important issue needed addressing... defending the honor of DItko's "Speedball"! Think back to the late 80's, to a time when you weren't tripping over new #1 issues as you are now. Think about how difficult it was to even see past issues from classic creators. Think about the post Miller-post Moore-post Byrne mature tidal wave that was beginning to crest. And then think about how exciting it was to see a new number 1 issue, that you could collect starting at the ground floor (not Amazing #288 or FF #332), and not by just anyone, but created by the very same legend you saw honored in your reprint adventures in Marvel Tales each month, and think about how Peter Parker at this time in comics history, was post college, living in sin with MJ, with over flowing adult problems and here comes a teenage Spider-Man analog drawn by the man who invented the character. Take the week and just think about it... Then of course the issues came out and that was an entirely different story. But, it was wack-a-crazy fun, insane characters, drawn like classic a Spider-Man issue, with teenage character with comic book teenage issues, and oh yeah, Speedball had a pet cat, who also had the same powers! Yes. His cat had his same powers. Just think about it. p.s: Ditko at this time got the series probably as a favor to keep him off the street, but because of his Objectivism beliefs he would only put forth the least amount of effort possible when creating them, since he could not use his full artistic vision. People saw it as him being old and a has been (which his fashion styles were dated) but you can see his personal work from around the same time is much more detailed (check out "Avenging World" amazing art)
    April 27, 2016 3:08 am Yes, Dept. H How these guys never spoke of Mind Mgmt is only due to memory erasure I am sure. Winchester Mystery House! Interest piqued for House of Penance. Since I'm lazy and poor, please post again when it's all done to let me know if it's trade worthy. below's a link for episode about Winchester Mystery House on 99% Invisible podcast. It's a nice overview for anyone interested: