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There’s probably not much that this book can do to salvage its reputation, unless by merely placing the final issue…

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Well, hello Mr. Zeb Wells my new favorite Spider-Man writer. I gotta admit, when they announced the creative teams with…

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If you’re at all into the DC Universe and are looking forward to Final Crisis then this is the most…

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November 25, 2015 8:02 pm "Or when a third publisher shared equal shelf space with the Big 2..." You don't have to go back *that* far -- since 1992 Image has been sharing equally prominent shelf space with DC and Marvel--in many, not all, stores. (Even now many stores are still straight up Big Two stores.) Image even challenged DC for the #2 spot at the beginning of their launch. "...(and even dominates them in the Trade Paperback section)." 2014 Bookscan Sales*: ------------------------------ DC Comics - $19.2M (Fifth year in a row of revenue growth) Image Comics - $17.5M (Continuing to trend down from a high of $20M in 2012) Marvel Comics - $8.3M (They have a shamefully terrible trade paperback program) *Source:
November 24, 2015 11:06 am 1986 might have been the last singular year of sea-change in comic books, but we spent a lot of time on this show talking about the last big comic renaissance occurring from the late 90s to the early 2000s. Actually, to tell the truth, I have no memory of talking about 1986 during that particular discussion. But to answer your question, while WATCHMEN and THE DARK KNIGHT RETURNS are the most important things about that year and would, without any help, be enough to make 1986 the most important year in comics because they completely reshaped the industry and continue to be imitated, 1986 also saw, among other things, the end of CRISIS ON INFINITE EARTHS and the (successful) reboot of the DC Universe with the premiere of MAN OF STEEL, the "Born Again" storyline in DAREDEVIL, the debut of Dark Horse Comics, the first collection of MAUS, and ELEKTRA: ASSASSIN.
November 16, 2015 5:29 pm "Maybe you didn’t discuss it because you’d just repeat what you’ve said in the past, about it being so great?" Pretty much. Wanted to give some other books some air time this week. But it was really excellent again.
November 16, 2015 12:19 pm EARTH 2! That was the book I couldn't think of that Tom Taylor wrote...
November 16, 2015 12:06 am The less said about that issue of SOUTHERN BASTARDS the better.
November 11, 2015 1:14 pm @randall4000: I'm not reading it anymore. I dropped a lot of my borderline books.
November 9, 2015 10:26 pm "Back and To The Left" is played before all of our milestone episodes, even when Ron was gone on walkabout.
November 9, 2015 1:24 am @Master Destructo: I've heard the same thing from several friends. Lots of regret for watching that one.
November 4, 2015 11:48 pm