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    concolor22's Recent Comments
    November 8, 2012 4:59 pm Ya know what? I almost thought you were serious. Until: "Being at a convention and seeing a hot babe in a tight spandex body suit does not mean that all semblance of human decency and politeness goes out the window." I agree with all your rules of conduct. I abide by all of them. Know why? My wife is a "hot babe", or as I prefer to say when I want to be taken seriously, an attractive female who cosplays. My friend's wife and another friend who has a boyfriend also fall under that category. How many of your cosplays are because you love the character? If so, what percentage of the characters you happen to love just happen to wear skintight / skimpy outfits? Are there no characters for you to cosplay who do NOT dress provocatively? I have noted an, aheh, odd proportion of females who complain about this problem only cosplay 'sexy' characters. The "there is noone else for me to dress as" is BS. My wife has several trophies to prove this. Now if only some of your cosplays are 'sexy' cosplays, you have a leg to stand on. But if you ONLY cosplay the sexy angle, you argument holds no water whatsoever. You just like the attention, and you like complaining about it. Which is fine since this is America. But I won't shed a tear for you.