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    How could something so right go so wrong so quickly?  When Duane Swierczynski took over this book I had some…

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    Moon Knight has had some ups and downs since it’s initial launch, but with this latest arc it is most…

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    VegasK's Recent Comments
    May 21, 2008 10:40 pm

    I wanted to thank iFanboy for setting this up to help Dave.  I've been getting all my comics at Dave's shop for years and he runs a great store.  When Captain America #25 came out and he had already sold out because of the media hype, Dave and his staff made sure I got a copy at cover price even though it wasn't on my pull list - he said he just wanted to make sure the real fans got to read the story too .  That is the type of shop he runs and it is great to see he is getting this kind of support.